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  1. El Toro would be the best vuisness decision. A Eurofighter would be really cool also.
  2. If you read RCDB, you will find out that is a steel coaster. So I think we can rule out a GCI.
  3. I think SFKK is SF's weakest link and they shouldn't have to deal with it any more, just get rid of the parks and sell of the better rides. I was never a big fan of the park, myself.
  4. If I was CEO, I would deffenently see which parks are profitable and ones that aren't and sell the ones that aren't. Then once I got the parks that are bringing in the money and let that happen for a few years. Then, once I got a good amount of it. I would focus on one park at a time, basically give the park a big make over with food, rides, entertainment, and family attraction. Then, over the span of years that it took to get around to all of the parks that have been given the make-over, go from their. Maybe start working my way back up to where I was, but this time with a lot of money behind it.
  5. Well, remember...the park doesn't have much room to expand. So, they really have to fit the coasters in any way they can.
  6. I'm so glad that SFSt.l is getting the improvments it deserves. EK is gooing to be one heck of a ride.
  7. I am straight. I have a beautiful girlfriend named Ally, long sandy blonde hair, beautiful eyes, the whole package.
  8. At least the ending wasn't to sweet and over done like in I AM LEGEND.
  9. So here's a thread to talk about close relationships you have with someone, give advice and everything in between. For me, I got my new girlfriend in one of my classes. She is really sweet and I love being around her.
  10. Great find! I really loved how the SF parks used to look.
  11. I could barely read that, it's so tragic. I couldn't imagine how the parents felt about this. Thank god she is still alive.
  12. I really hope not. The new trains (personally) look more innovative and sleeker than the old ones. I wouldn't mind a body to cars, but if they don't and that makes the ride better, than I would not care in the least about the body.
  13. It's fine. Asnyways, I was saying that for the people who aren't big fans of the trains will probably change there mind when they get on and the ride is much smoother and more enjoyable.
  14. Wow, this thread has gotten so repetative. Just let cedar Fair do their job. The names at the other parks are Flight Deck, deal with it.
  15. When I was reading the Dominator article on Screamscape, they said that KD may be getting another coaster from Geauga Lake, Head Spin to replace Hypersonic. But that is just a rumor.
  16. I think that SFA is a good choice. They haven't added a new ride in awhile (aside from the halfpipe waterslide). Who knows how much the land is worth, so it could be a good investment. I would really like to see though how the ideas of the theme parks is Asia and India will work out.
  17. *sigh* I really wanted to buy Superbad. Now I guess I will have to buy some other show. Will it ever be able to be bought?
  18. but what if I rent it and put it on my iPod? then how long will it last?
  19. Sorry if this doesn't belong here sorry, but I am trying to get Superbad on iTunes, but all it does is give me the option to rent it. Also, if I rent it and put it on my iPod, will it last forever?
  20. Motocoaster's seem to be a big thing this year. Knott's is also getting one.
  21. I actully really like Kamikazi. That would of been an awesome name! I know that Cedar Fair can be much more creative than this.
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