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  1. To the right of Scream would make a good construction site for a coaster.
  2. Does anyone have any info on ride closures and inspections for SFMM? I plan to got their on 13th and I want to go thier and ride all the rides, except for X of course due to X2.
  3. Movies that I just saw recently Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story- 9/10..the acting was really bad, as it was supposed to, but no movie this year has made me laugh harder than this one, so halarious. Superbad- 8/10...between the 175 f-words, the sex jokes and refferences thoughout and cops who some how get away with drinking like crazy in uniform, lies one of the funniest movies of 2007. Absolutely halarious.Their wasn't one joke in this movie that I didn't laugh at. If you have a high tolerance for f-words and lvoe to laught your butt off, I really reccomend this.
  4. Is re-tracking where they put new pieces of track over the old one?
  5. My friend and I were standing in line for Deja Vu and we overheard these to girls infront of us saying that the reason Deja Vu at SFMM isn't open a lot is because on the lift backwards, the train kept going up and the back car fall off of the track. Me and my friend were just cracking up so hard.
  6. My guess is that the ride will have stuntman theme. What does that even mean? How do you theme a ride to look like that unless the ride will just have a generic theme to it.
  7. I am not a fan of the names but, for me that really makes me care is the experience. Your probably not going to be riding Flight Deck and think "OMG this ride is so cool, but I hate the name so I hate the ride." As long as the ride is fun and thrilling, the names shouldn't matter.
  8. Heres my list for KBF KBF -Get rid of Boomerang and buy Deja Vu from SFMM and put it in Boomerang's place. -Give Montezuma a little TLC, it is really starting to get bumpy. -On the other side of the park, away from all the main roller coasters...the need to build a new one. Maybe a B&M floorless. Seriously their is no good rides over their. -New trains for Ghost Rider. Not only is the rise it's self bumpy, but the trains rattle like heck. -Do something more to make sure that noone is cutting in line on Ghost Rider. The wrist bands aren't enough - Re-paint Xcelerator the original red and blue...now it's all faded pink.
  9. SFMM Their are a lot of things SFMM can do to greatly improve... Make it so that they ride OP's can't have cell phones at their post. I saw one of them when I rode Goliath, I was actuly kind of afraid something might of happened. Add maybe and intamin accelerator, kind of like Stormrunner. Or if they can't do that, maybe a B&M Dive Machine. Re-paint Scream's colors and put some trees and grass their. Also, change Scream's name. Now with X2 on the way, theme X2 with kind a Sci-fi theme. I always thought that would be a good idea. Deffenently make more sit-down resturants. Demolish DEJA VU! That way, they would have a lot of room for a new coaster with DeJa Vu's empty lot and Psyclone's empty lot. Remove the OTSR on Revolution. Maybe even go as far as closing it for awhile to get the rust off and FULLY re-paint Revolution. Theme Goliath and Colossus more. At least some grass. Maybe a castle/mideivel theme to Goliath.
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