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  1. Right? I feel like the part describing the wind blowing the cables away was a little amateur. It would be really unfortunate to be stuck for two hours, though. Makes me wonder exactly what went wrong. Same here as the cable in question runs inside of a guide track that's pretty much protected from the elements....I guess we'll find out more when an investigation is conducted.It really is making me think twice about getting on it at KD on my next visit though.
  2. I can't help but get that insecure feeling on windseeker near the end as it's coming down...for some reason I get that "I'm gonna fall out of my seat" feeling but I guess it's more to do with the fear of the ride getting stuck like 30/50 feet above the ground with no way out than anything else,especially after hearing of the 2 hour wait the poor folks at CP had to go throughthis past weekend when it went down.
  3. All of the "skip the line" programs (fastlane/flashpass etc.) work in the manner you described & yes it is a money making scheme....otherwise there'd be no incentive to do from the park's POV. Coasterfreak:Grizz has been running both trains on all of my visits so far this season & that's on saturdays with minimal lines,I guess people still aren't aware of the ride's existence in that corner of the park because even during the day you can get on with a minimal amount of time spent in line....now if more additions are made nearby in the near future then that may change as all of the coasters in congo were packed to the gills on saturday given their close proximity to one another.
  4. ^I must say that,judging by the video it looks like they did a good job designing the queue layout by not just using a generic SF style series of switchbacks as done on previous rides.I'll wait a few years to see what further improvements may be made to the park before making a decision on wether or not to return so I can check the ride out. Hopefully by then I'll be able to drive so I'd need to do less convincing of friends to go back as they've decided that the park jusst isn't worth it right now.
  5. ^^I rode Grizz in orange train just after dark & it was running just fine to me...perhaps you rode in a wheels seat as those are a bit rougher than the front rows.
  6. Looking closely at the pics on screamscape it looks like the cable that runs in a loop in the guide track on the tower just below the carriage somehow came out & got snagged in the carousel portion of the ride carriage.
  7. http://screamscape.com/html/cedar_point.htm Yikes, that would be enough to make be crap myself mid-ride. I always get a bit nervouswhen the ride is either going up or coming down....makes you wonder if they're gonna become over cautious with operations in varying winds on the remaining windseekers? IIRC the max safe windspeed that the ride can run in is 35 mph.
  8. I have a feeling that VF will be looking into this as well. A windseeker might not be out of the picture for WOF as they can use the "soar & roar" marketing slogan used by KD this year which may prove to be a big hit from a PR standpoint.Windseeker seems to be the flavor of the month as far as flats go with CF lately.
  9. I think they're adding a booth of some kind over there as the pad is a bit small for a flatride & has some other components set in the middle,possibly for plumbing or electrical.I do agree she should've just missed the call but I'm still suprised that she held onto it the whole time.
  10. Yeah....going on 3 years ago. Things were pretty busy yesterday but the funniest thing that happen was on ricochet,my GF & I were riding & she gets a call on her cell halfway through & was actually talking on the phone for the remainder of the ride!!I was right there next to her when it happened so I'm not making it up. I didn't get home till 3 am this morning thanks to the darn construction on 95 northbound,they had both the left & center lanes closed for repaving work so there was a huge bottleneck trying to get through so a word of advice is that if you're from the DC/mtro region avoid 95 northbound from KD like the plaugeor take route 1 or route 17 from Fredericksburg as an alternate to bypass that mess. Does anyone know if the star trek theme plays on windseeker? during our ride it seemed like that was the track that was playing but I can't quite put my finger on it for sure.
  11. Gotta admit that,while I havn't taken the chance to go through DA at KD they really made the whole area look pretty darn good & if it makes money for the park to pay for more rides in the future then it's worth the investment.
  12. As much as I would love to see another B&M at Kings Dominion, I don't see it happening. KD just got a $25 million (I think?) giga coaster 2 years ago, so I wouldn't think they would spend too much money on a new B&M. And there isn't anywhere to put a coaster in that section of the grove unless they tore out Rebel Yell or something . Edit:Finally home from my trip to KD saturday.The funniest thing happened on ricochet as my GF & I were riding when her cell rings & she takes it out & answers it!!I so wish I had a camera to photograph the event as I'm suprised she managed to hold on to it for the rest of the ride but of course I was on the ride with her at the time. Due to construction on 95 northbound I didn't get home till 3 am & speaking of construction....it looks to me like the work going on near rock shop might be for a food or info stand as the perimeter has been established & it's not a FL path for Ricochet & seems too small to be for a flat ride of any kind.
  13. Came across this at random while looking at some other ride vids....the Arrow footage was real classic especially the prototype for the suspended coaster.I kinda wonder just who that is in the Arrow interview? The guy's too young to be Toomer.
  14. Amen to that. I was suprised by how smooth that section has been this year & it makes it so I can actually enjoy multiple night rides without having to call it quits early because of all the laterals in the ride,now if it weren't for my GF refusing to ride as much at night I could stay on longer but hate to keep her waiting so I still have to cut mynight rides a bit short.
  15. What can we expect what with the way SFI just took what they could as fast as they could & then left the rest to rot?I applaud the Kochs for wanting to take up the challenge of turning the place around & bringing it back from the dead...too bad this couldn't have been done with GL & or SFAW.
  16. Sounds good,perhaps the reason northside was closed was related to the work they're doing over by rock shop that I mentioned earlier? Grizz is running the best it's ever been in the 30 years since it debutted,I havn't ridden southside rebel yell yet this year though but northside's retracking really smoothened it out.
  17. I'll keep checking the weather updates to be sure. Coastercrew has some updates on that activity going on behind rockshop....looks like they're digging for something using the mini excavator....I wonder if it could be for a new path behind rebel yell to access the south end of the park?
  18. Funny how I've gotten conflicting info concerning the weather forecast for saturday in the region....accuweather says partly to mostly sunny with a high of 80 while weatherbug is calling for showers & storms.I guess we'll have to play it by ear saturday.
  19. ^^^TMI KI Kidd,TMI!!! I feel sorry for whoever had to get that "insider information" for that report.
  20. Well remember when both x-flight & Batwing,aswell as B:TR(SFNE) were built & all three borrowed heavily in the architecture?
  21. Well that's two of the rumored 8 coasters CF supposedly bought for 2013(the other being CGA's woodie) so I wonder what's up for the rest of the chain?
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