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  1. Yeah & if CF hadn't bought it from SFI when they did SF execs would've shut it down in 2004 & then systematically relocated the rides to other parks just the same as CF is currently doing & you'd still be complaining about it.
  2. SFI owns the copyrights to use the B:TR name & could've done so in this case but simply chose not to at SFFT.I emailed SF to complain about a LACK of new rides being added to MY local SFpark over the past five years,not to complain about SFFT getting this ride when my homepark SFA already has an SLC to begin with.
  3. I've actually had some good rides on KD's Shockwave in 4-1 lately believe it or not.The only rough part of the layout is that transition going into the helix.
  4. I don't get it either,here it is mid november & so far no updates at all.MIA,Dorney park & CW all have construction updates & devoted pages posted on their respective websites but so far KD doesn't.
  5. Well,after the announcements I emailed SF to let them know that I won't be returning to my local SF park(SFA) until new attractions are added & changes in park operations are made so they just lost me,and a friend as a customer after five straight years of no new ride installations(in the ride side of the park,the waterpark doesn't count as I've got no interest in it at all) & terrible operations with regard to their flashpass nonsense. Good thing that at least KD is adding something new to keep me going there instead.
  6. Blame that on a former management that was more interested in competing with a certain Ohio park for their coaster count than anything else.I wouldn't be suprised if the Vu ends up on the chopping block too as Shapiro seems to have zero tolerance for rides with significant downtime.
  7. Are you sure? all the photos I have show it as black or grey track/supports with yellow rails.Anyhow has anyone driven by the park lately & noticed any signs of construction yet? I really wish the park would update us on their progress already.
  8. Shockwave's colors are blue/orange/green & are downright ugly! Bring back the old black & yellow any day.
  9. Ok so MIA,CWL & now DP each have a construction page for their new for 2008 rides on their respective official websites so why doesn't KD have one yet for Dominator?
  10. I wouldn't say KI isn't getting anything for 2008 just yet, nor would I be doubting that rumor. Well....maybe it won't be a mini hyper...but.... It's pretty much been confirmed by the press release that KI,along with WOF & VF will be the only parks in the CF chain not adding new rides in 2008.
  11. Who cares what the angle of descent on this coaster is? I swear enthusiasts will always find the slightest,most trivial thing to nitpick about a ride....from it's overall dimensions right down to it's color scheme.
  12. If it makes you feel any better WOF & KI are also getting the shaft for 2008 as well,just think though there could be something better coming for you guys in 2009.Renegade is a nice looking woodie & I'd trade ya Hurler for it if I could. I didnt even see KI in the list of properties.... Oh well, something new for for '09 works too. It supports my Diamondback theory afterall (accellorator/maverick style coaster through the empty backwoods of Rivertown and around the lake) That's what I've been hearing on the KI forums lately as well,although not a luncher but rather a hyper in that general area of the park.
  13. It should have a bit of blue in the structure,the diagram show is only of the trains which will be yellow/purple/orange.
  14. If it makes you feel any better WOF & KI are also getting the shaft for 2008 as well,just think though there could be something better coming for you guys in 2009.Renegade is a nice looking woodie & I'd trade ya Hurler for it if I could.
  15. I agree that the current color scheme is bad & it should definitely get a new paintjob to reflect it's new location. Now if they'd only get a nice B&M hyper in the near future that'd be so sweet! although the rumors still hint at Headspin being a possible replacement for HS:XLC in 2009.
  16. Wouldn't the entrance be determined by which way the lift is facing? From all the pics I've seen of the station interior guests board the trains from right to left(kinda how Superman's queue/station is designed at SFA).
  17. If it were going over the toonpike then that would technically put the ride in kidzville.We'll see who's right when the footers are poured & vertical construction begins however.
  18. With the removal of the SFGRAM & SFOG Vu's I'm quite sure that SFMM's will get yanked as well. Shapiro seems to have zero tolerance for rides with major downtime & poor capacity so I wouldn't be suprised if Batwing was the next coaster to get yanked real soon as well.
  19. ^LOL I'm quite sure that it's an older piece of track that had to be replaced years ago. The ride is coming down fast at GL,it shouldn't be too much longer until most of the track arrives at KD.
  20. Thanks for the great pics....it looks so sweet to see B&M track sitting in KD's lot just waiting to go up doesn't it? I only visit the KD about once a season since I'm not a pass holder & don't drive,if only I could drive then I'd be at the park more often during the season & since I'm a bit closer to SFA I usually end up getting season passes with friends there instead but after a lousy 2007 season & no new rides planned there for 2008 I have no desire to purchase an SFA season pass next year that's for sure.
  21. It's about time that KD got a B&M.....I can hardly wait to ride this thing come july/august,2008.
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