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  1. Nope. Kidding. Hense the laughing smiley Yes,I was well aware of the sarcasm. I really wonder if anaconda's days are numbered? It hasn't gotten a new paintjob in years & should've been repainted last season.
  2. ^I'm just wondering what's on tap for 2013 as far as new rides/attractions.
  3. Being a disney guy I don't think Matt Q. is out there to sate his ego in the manner Kinzel was so I'm not so sure we'll see the "most coasters in a single park" war start up again as that's a neverending battle that ultimately cannot be won be either side...sure they'd see short term investment from such additions over the course of two seasons on average per ride but then you're right back where you started & have to invest even more cash just to break even. Coasters aren't as cheap to build as they were just a decade ago what with this ride having a $25 million price tag associated with it so it'll take a slightly longer time to recoup that investment compared to the investment on a $12 to $15 million such as Raptor or Mantis did.
  4. Very interesting history there about CF but didn't they aqquire VF at or around that time? It was that aqquisition which gave the company it's name that we now know it as today. It's rather funny how,back in the 70's & most of the 80's the parks weren't driven by adding big coasters on the order of every other year....it wasn't really until magnum came along that the coaster wars really got started,first over height/length & speed that has since progressed into the total number of coasters within a given park.
  5. The first two are a given as CP's plans were leaked & CGA is self explanitory with the work going on & it's great to see them finally get a much needed major ride that they could've had already had their neighbors not put up such opposition to it. If KD does a waterpark retheme I'd love to see the old side of the waterpark removed & the slides relocated to the south end behind rebel yell to make things more organized & grouped together while freeing up some land to expand the grove in the future with a couple more flats & perhaps a small coaster,but only if said coaster can be "separated" from the growing coaster collection in the congo area of the park.
  6. Yeah...some of the photo's are being provided courtesy of the park's official FB page...I'd love to see more construction shots of the park such as OVA. & I-street,not to mention HB land. KD's offical page is having what they've dubbed "throwback thursday" photo's....I'm amazed that they even have many of these shots still on file somewhere & are able to share them with us.
  7. Attendance up 2%, hotel and non-park revenue up 2%, and per cap spending up 4%. Sounds like a good start to the year. Link Funny how it seems like cap ex improvements for 2013 will be rather minimal.
  8. Windseeker is a good,thrilling ride & is even better at night with the lights on....my GF didn't like it though due to the height.
  9. Check KD's official site for information on what rides are on the system,I don't think FOF is part of it due to the way the line is set up but I might be wrong. Thanks to everyone for the replies! Someone mentioned the fact that the heat may keep the lines down. Does anyone have any experience of that being true? Also, I have a question about high temperatures at the park. I'm still planning on going tomorrow, but the weather report says that it will be up to 105 degrees! Without the heat index! Does anyone think that this may make for an unpleasant day trip to the park? Thanks again for all of the help! Last time I visited the park it was pretty hot(close to 100 F) but suprisingly the ride side was still pretty busy...not sure on just how hot it has to get for them to close the park for the safety of guests & especially staff though.
  10. I'm kinda thinking that the plans to add a duel station might've been scrapped as they're now using this system of merging the line at the end of the first set of switchbacks. If anything the solution shouldn't be to make a longer queue but rather a shorter one as all they've done here is simply moved the bottleneck from the inside ramp before the station to a position closer to the entrance but the problem still remains the same & that is too many people queing at once for the ride capacity to keep up with,which has been a problem plauging the ride since it opened back in 1998.
  11. Check KD's official site for information on what rides are on the system,I don't think FOF is part of it due to the way the line is set up but I might be wrong.
  12. Both sides of rebel yell have been running suprisingly smooth this season thanks to the extensive track work that has been done,the only woodie I won't go on anymore is hurler but Grizzly is by far my favorite of KD's woodies. It's nice to hear positive reviews of the park from a first timer,especially one from the left coast...CF has done rather well with the park in the 6 years since they've taken over.
  13. Ahh,international parks....where old american coasters go to die,and then get reborn LOL!!
  14. Anyone notice that they've changed the location of the live webcam?
  15. And that'something I don't quite get about the addition of IW in it's present location when it could've fit somewhere around the superman/batwing area just as easily.
  16. DT can't run in winds above 28MPH if I recall correctly & windseeker has a max safe wind speed of I believe 35 MPH & after what happened to CP's it wouldn't suprise me in the least if KD & CF are being overly cautious with regards to what constitutes minimum safe operating conditions. Whwn it comes to lightning strikes,sure DT's probably been hit hundreds of times in the nine years it's been there...with windseeker being so close to hurler it's too bad we can't get lucky & have nature give us a hand in putting that piece of firewood out of it's misery.
  17. Same is true for I305 & that's got the much older maverick/KK style bars....the shoulder straps,even though covered with nylon padding are really starting to hurt so I'd love to see them just be removed entirely.
  18. What does windseeker use magnets for? The magnets on DT don't require electricity to function so I don't see why it'd be down.
  19. Was suprised to find a near full queue on FOF moved somewhat quickly & that was on a saturday when I went back on the 23rd.
  20. At least it may help to keep the crowds down somewhat in the park....then again the extreme heat we've been having lately would help as well since everyone would be in the waterpark during the day.
  21. I swear,you look at the above pic & wonder"how can the cars negotiate that transition through the roll?" as it's banking & turning at the same time...same thing with the front spike on the impulses.I always marvel at some of the qwirky track geometry that designers come up with sometimes.
  22. ^^Looking at the video it seems like the bars/grips were redesigned compared to the gutbuster we have on the LIM bowls/Backlot clones...I'd so like to see FOF & BLSC upgraded to these type of bars especially if it also means no more footbars too.
  23. I consider Dominator to be an expansion of the I-street area rather than a stand alone addition just plopped down at random.
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