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  1. Shockwave's actually running fairly well this season,mind you it's got it's rough spots in the helix entrance & last turnaround but other than that it's not as bad as say anaconda.FOF really had a bad vibration when I rode it saturday & I kinda got a bit of whiplash in the flatspin but I think a large part of it had to do with riding near the back of the train. If shockwave were to be removed in the future I wonder just what sort of small to medium sized steel ride could take it's place?No matter how much money theey're willing to invest in keeping it running eventually it will reach the end of it's useful service life so it kinda begs the question of what would a suitable replacement for that spot could or should be.
  2. Funny how even before I305 went in FOF was almost always full in the outside queue....it's even worse than that nowadays. Worst location IMO would be the defunct DF at BGW,the coaster was next to impossible to find being tucked into that corner behind the festhaus which no doubt played a part in it's removal 10 years ago.Placing Batwing in the middle of nowhere at the back of the park at SFA with nothing along that path leading to it also was a rather poor decision on SFA's part because you have quite a hike from the ride all the way up to the restrooms by JJ.
  3. It's a per person fee...for instance at KD on saturdays you can get a fastlane pass for a group of three for $45.00 per person,which to me is a bit too expensive.I'm not sure if CP's prices are the same but you can check at one of the kiosks or just ask on CP's facebook.
  4. The longest we waited for rides was on backlot,FOF & shockwave out of the rides ridden last saturday. Seems like wave swinger has been added to fastlane & I'm like "wtf?" the ride never generates a line long enough to need it and is usually at most just a one cycle wait.
  5. Found an interesting conceptual planning map over on KDGY's facebook page...the park would've looked somewhat different especially on the west side had paramount followed through with it.
  6. ^And this was the one thing I really liked about the new vekoma train...the grips are placed far enough out in front so that your elbows aren't being banged around against the inside of the car at every turn as that hurts far worse than the headbanging on the ride.
  7. Well had two face never suffered from so much downtime then it would still be there & the count would've increased by one coaster for the park but SM was proving high maintenance/low capacity as well(it never was able to run at full design capacity throughout it's life at the park) but I do see & somewhat agree with all of your other points especially the whole boomerang/GIB thing at SFNE but I guess the big selling point there is the fact that one is a huge inverted version of the other that will draw only the most daring guests to ride as some won't even get on a boomerang at 125 ft let alone an inverted model approaching 200ft in height. No matter where S:UF was sent however it's single train/12 passenger capacity is still gonna stink,of course it's hard to truely judge or predict what will happen until the ride opens to the public however.
  8. I would say I305 if it weren't so darn fast going up LOL!!
  9. Don't think it was from 02 as a few rides featured debutted well after that time frame.Destination america is one of discovery's newer networks that basically airs all the old stuff from their channel lineup that we no longer see thanks to their marathons of just one "reality" show 24/7 these days.
  10. The area highlighted in red on the leftside of the pic is just the "crap catcher" used to keep loose items from falling under the ride while the top right arrow seems to be pointing to the track connector plate which has that little recessed groove in the tie which is standard on most B&M coasters.
  11. I have done that a few times before. I don't put my hands up as much as I used too. Nice report so far by the way. That's why I tend to avoid hurler like the plauge....funny thing is I was at the park on june 2nd,didn't get home that night till after 3 am due to traffic.
  12. Two face was sold overseas almost immediately upon it's removal so if SFSTL wants an invertigo they'll have to purchase a new one.Two face was a fairly decent ride that only developed reliability issues by 2002/2003 as that was when it suffered the first incident that made national news when it stalled on the lift....had the park taken better care of it(or had the funding to do so) it might still be there but alas that's not the case. What I'm suprised with is the fact that stinger is having so many problems lately since DP claims to have solved most of the problems that plauged the ride while at CGA.
  13. Speaking of smurfs did anyone notice that they're selling smurf plushies in the shops along I-street? Seems like after 30 years they're making a real comeback. I wonder how long it's gonna be till the park gets tired of these rollbacks on volcano & decides to just replace the ride alltogether?
  14. Actually when the chaindog engages the lift chain it's then being pusehd,rather than pulled by the chain.
  15. Seems odd to me to have the entire trainload have to switch sides though. In other news it looks like the helicopter on Backlot is now working properly again & they opened the new hish striker game over by windseeker as well.
  16. Most ACErs stick out like a sore thumb,that is unless that particular group has been on a gravy free diet as of lately.Almost everyone on that train was of average build.
  17. Probably not but it would be nice to get vekoma to build some new trains using the same setup as on carolina cobra.
  18. True. One train is in load,the other train pulls in just behind for unload & the third is parked on the brake just prior to the turn leading into the unload area....my guess as to why the park hasn't been running all three trains lately could be a parts issue with train 3 possibly becoming a parts donor for trains 1 & 2. Something rather odd happened on I305 today,we'd just gotten strapped in & waiting for dispatch when we were told to exit the train & switch sides,I asked the op about it & was told that it was a "balance issue" that led to the switch but I don't get how switching seats is gonna correct a weight imbalance due to a heavy rider & if that was the reason then why instruct all 32 passengers to switch sides when it was a problem in only one seat or car?
  19. Thursday's trip got postponed due to the high heat forecast but at least saturday's planned trip is still on.
  20. Yeah,unfortunately I got it wrong....I guess SFNE couldn't pay them enough to get on the show.I think it was produced in 06 since the employee in the ET clip says that it opened this year & the fact is that DA is a new network that discovery created for the purpose of airing their older programs from their other networks.
  21. Watching now,and no doubt Bizzaro(SFNE will be featured as the top spot ride at the end of the show.
  22. Flat out loved Afterburn when I rode it last year....it's one of the best coasters in carowinds lineup.
  23. Sadly this park was too far gone to save. I'm not sure but the Kochs may have only taken interest in reviving the park when Hart's bid failed because had he succeeded a revitalized KK might've brought more competition for HW,even if it was very small at best.Still you can't fault them for trying so passionately.
  24. Looking at the forecast for that day it might be near 100 degrees out so that may keep the crowds in the waterpark,our group will not be entering the waterpark however & if it gets too hot the trip might end up being postponed.
  25. I'm gonna have to invest the $5.00 to check it out on my next trip. Anyone know what the average crowds are like on a thursday as compared to the saturday crowds? I might be going on a group outting to the park on june 21st & hope that crowds will be light compared to the usual saturday experience,especially since we'll only be staying till 6 pm.
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