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  1. I don't know why residents complain. The park has been been there since 1976. We all know that Great America brings a great deal of money to the city and I think that's the ONLY reason why the city will side with the park. If residents don't want to pay the taxes and want to complain about stupid stuff, they should just move out of Gurnee. In the last 10 years or so they built another high school, and I believe they just added a whole new addition to the older school on O'Plaine Rd. I'm sure the residents complained about that too.
  2. I think that was a mutant seagull! I seriously have never seen one that big before!
  3. That was such a great day! Hard to believe it was just a week ago! Where did the time go? You do need to visit again so we can go to the park, and hopefully you can ride V2. Hades 360 is awaiting your arrival as well, but that's another trip report.
  4. How did you not get diabetes from that??? Bill, it was awesome to meet you and I had a great time hanging out. I hope our paths cross on another trip.
  5. I'm still searching for tequila.....oh wait....that's another update. I miss Mexico. Looking forward to the next update.
  6. How did I miss this thread?!?!?! I miss Dollywood and SFoG. Both are great parks and I can't wait to get back to them. I'm also happy that you got to see Dolly two years in a row!
  7. Pretty much. I thought I read somewhere (or I could have been told this) that the reason AE only went backwards for part of the season was because it brought on some wear and tear not only to the tracks but the train itself. Again I could be wrong with this info. I just wish I could remember where I read or heard it.
  8. Agreed. Plus, most schools just let out, or will be letting out next week after the holiday. I know that's not a great excuse but it's something to consider. Even though there were some hiccups on opening day, I still had a great time because I was with friends that I haven't seen in forever.
  9. And probably OSHA guidelines too. And infectious diseases knowledge. We're a bunch of pansies here. OSHA should have shut down Chubasco after the great hotdog incident that I witnessed.
  10. When I worked at SFGAm, we would only close down the ride depending on how bad the protein spill was. Most of the time we'd clean and spray then let it cycle. Then again this was many moons ago under a completely different management.
  11. Me too. I'm too far away to get the last three prizes, but that's fine. I have 143 eggs, so if anyone wants them, they're yours.
  12. ^Awesome. I've been feeling antsy and I have been wanting to take a little road trip. Now, I have to find what page you posted the clues on so I know where to look.
  13. Thanks Dave! I have about 200 eggs that I can give you. With the deadline so close, I don't think I'll get the rest of the prizes.
  14. So I have to ask, did anyone ever find the duckies that you hid in Wisconsin Dells? Are you still doing that contest? I'm so lost and confused....lol
  15. ^Thank you for the sneggs! Once I'm done opening all of them, I'll take whatever I have and divide them between you and KT.
  16. ^Yep that's me. I just left over 100 sneggs for ya!
  17. I have about 170 sneggs, and would looooove to trade with someone. Let me know what you need. I have over 5000 snakes and would like to get as many as I can before the 16th.
  18. I gave KT about 100 sneggs. Dave, I added you. As soon as I can I'll give you 100 sneggs.
  19. Yeah it was weird. When I started the app, I was literally starting over from scratch, and I couldn't sign into Origin. I just deleted, signed in and didn't have any problems after that. Ok so back to egg trading. I have over 200. I'm just over 4500 snakes too. I might actually be able to get everything if I can make trades with people. So...who needs some eggs?
  20. Um. So, after the update my game was fine. I just went back, and uh, everything is GONE!!! I'm literally starting over! I think I'll just delete the app, then re-install and try to sign into Origin again. Anyone else having this issue?
  21. I have 500 plus eggs. You want them? I'm not going to get everything as I'm still around 500 snakes away from Duff Stadium.
  22. Shawn I left you a bunch of eggs. I lost count so it's gotta be around 70-80ish. I still have quite a bit to get rid of. 476 eggs to be exact and I'm only 578 snakes away from Duff Stadium. Let me know if you need eggs!
  23. I have about 500 eggs still. Who wants em? I can share them with multiple people. I have close to 3500 snakes, so if I get Duff Stadium I'm happy with that.
  24. Awesome Gregg. I just added you since I wasn't friends with you in the first place! I'll stop by KT's hood and drop off about 50 eggs.
  25. I have 540 eggs. I want to get rid of them. I've been randomly going to neighbors and placing them, but that's not helping me because I really haven't been getting any eggs out of it (besides the ones that I collect).
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