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  1. The main cost of the ride and the reason it will be parked is it takes 28 trailers to haul it around let alone the up keep. Unfortunalty this ride has been for sale for over 2 years now. Even though it is not going to be used any more doesn't mean a buyer has been found or that it will automatically get bought. My guess is it will be parked in a field and that will be it for some time. While Boomers would be nice. They still struggle to make a profit from the Hurricane. We can only hope that it gets purchased. They are fun rides less the headache. If I get a chance I may take a drive down there but I dont know if I will have time.
  2. http://www.rcdb.com/ig9.htm?picture=7 Its American Eagle at Six Flags Great America.
  3. Thanks, I am sure I saw you, and I know I saw the guys that are in most of your photos. I do tend to keep to my self though. Here are a couple small photos from the walk back. I would make a tread for them but all my photos are to large and well thats why I have my website. Anyway if you want to take a look you can view all the photos here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventSFG12.html .
  4. Nice photos, it was a good day for the most part. Morning ERT was great. To bad I didnt know you were going to post a bunch of photos on TPR. I was one of the lucky winners of the Walk back photo tour raffel and had an extra spot for somebody as I was there by myself.. Oh well. The walk back was awesome. I got a ton of great behind the scene photos. Great event as always, if you ever get the chance it is a must do event. J.
  5. http://ktar.com/?nid=6&sid=791337 Coyote Canyon Theme Park to Roll into Florence Another theme park is in the works southeast of the Valley. It's called Coyote Canyon and it offers plenty of thrills with a western theme. "We're in the planning stages and we have a lot of effort going on right looking for construction partners and getting the rest of our sponsorship money in place," says John Yurcaba with One Dream, One Team. He says the 1,200-acre park has already been approved by the City of Florence where it'll be located and he says it has the governor's blessing as well. "We're looking at three different pieces to our pie. The first one being the theme park. The second one being what we call the CityWalk. The CityWalk will encompass numerous retail opportunities, restaurants, more sit down type." Then there'll be an area with movies, a bowling alley and maybe even a 9-hole golf course. At the theme park, you can expect some breathtaking rides. "A roller coaster that is going to be approximately a 300-foot drop down into a canyon. That I'm looking forward to," says CEO Kim Tucci. She says there's also a coaster planned called the Thunderbird. "That one has a 250 vertical foot drop straight down." The company hopes to break ground on the $600 million project this fall with the grand opening no later than spring of 2010. "We're very excited. We found some great individuals already who have shown a great interest in this project. They're excited about it happening in the state," says Yarcuba. But what about Decades, the rock-n-roll theme park planned for Eloy? "I think we both surprised each other," he says. The parks future website is http://www.coyotecanyonthemepark.com/
  6. It looked like the second photo the lady in red was about to give you a smooch. Glad you like the PHotochop. I couldnt resist.
  7. http://www.smdp.com/article/articles/4805/1/SM%92s-Pacific-Park-goes-on-the-block SM’s Pacific Park goes on the block By Kevin Herrera | Published Today | >Local | Unrated Kevin Herrera View all articles by Kevin Herrera SM’s Pacific Park goes on the block By Kevin Herrera Editor in chief SM PIER The owners of Pacific Park on Thursday announced plans to sell the two-acre amusement park and its iconic Ferris Wheel for an undisclosed price. “(Selling) has always been the long-term plan for the investors who funded the original construction of the park and Santa Monica Police Department substation,” said Mary Ann Powell, chief executive officer and general manager of Pacific Park, which opened in 1996. “The Park has experienced steady revenue growth over the last five years and has maintained a stellar safety record since opening,” Powell added. “This is an optimal time to seek out potential buyers.” According to Pacific Park’s Web site, www.pacpark.com, it is the only amusement park on the West Coast to be located on a pier. It’s solar-powered Ferris Wheel, the first in the nation, has become a familiar sight, being featured in commercials, movies and television shows. The park also boasts a steel roller coaster that rises 55 feet above the ocean. Pacific Park’s investment group has been together for more than 11 years and has actively weighed options and opportunities to enhance Pacific Park’s profile in the market and maximize entertainment value with a commitment to family, fun and community, Powell said. Pacific Park is currently investing over $1.5 million in an all-new Ferris Wheel and has re-invested over $10 million in capital improvements since opening day. The investors are committed to supporting Pacific Park’s management with the intention to sell to someone who will continue running the park in the same manner as it is today. They have also been supportive of management and its active involvement in the community and support of charities and non-profits, Powell said. The current investors are not park operators and entered into the investment with the expectation of selling the business when appropriate. The investors have always made their intentions clear to management, Powell said. Pacific Park’s management and its investors remain dedicated to the venture and the community and recognize the Santa Monica Pier as a city treasure and share in the community pride and affection for the historic landmark, Powell said. Misti Kerns, president and CEO of the Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau, hopes that whomever buys the park will continue to operate it in the same manner as it is today and possibly expand it to include more attractions for visitors. “People definitely like it,” Kerns said. “It offers a very different amusement park type of experience. You aren’t waiting in line for 45 minutes to ride anything. They certainly round out the pier experience.” Miriam Mack, director of economic development for City Hall, said she will be monitoring the sale to ensure that the owners do business with someone that will “maintain the high level of quality in the operation.” “Pacific Park is huge,” Mack said. “Their role and what they’ve done for the pier is huge. They’ve created an icon, a wonderful attraction for people to visit. It is highly visible with a beautiful Ferris Wheel that just blazes in the night sky. It’s wonderful.” Ben Franz-Knight, executive director of the Pier Restoration Corp., which oversees operations at the pier, said the announcement, “speaks to the strength of the pier as a venue and the tremendous success of Pacific Park.” “Obviously Pacific Park does an outstanding job and we would expect the operation would continue at the same or at heightened levels,” Franz-Knight said.
  8. Since its not pay per ride there is really no way to calculate a price. I would have to say any of the older Disney rides. Disney sees on average 10 million visitors a year times 20 years times the number of times said guest would ride on an average day say 2 times. Pay per ride. German fair rides as mentioned or Coney Island Cyclone. Anybody have any idea how many millions of riders it has seen in its long history.
  9. Why it isnt painted. My guess would be two fold. One they have not had enough time to get it painted, two could be the weather and air temperature. Or maybe they were going to paint before they installed the track but it could be that the installation company could only do the install of track now. Once the ride is assembled it will only take a week or two to paint the ride. They did Kumba and Montu in less then 3 weeks each. I just wonder why they didnt run the track by the B&M plant and paint them there while on the way south. But B&M may have had other projects of there own to deal with.
  10. When I first saw the article my first thought was Oh No not another Lesordsville disaster. RV park owner dismantels amusement park for RV parking. Well at least the article is pretty positive about the future of the park but most articles never are reliable about future predictions because they are only reporting what they get told. We can only hope that the park will stay as it is or get improved and hope that it doesnt loose its personality and charm.
  11. http://www.thehj.com/main.asp?SectionID=9&SubSectionID=32&ArticleID=22881 QUEENSBURY, New York - Morgan RV Resorts today announced the acquisition of Indiana Beach Amusement Resort in Monticello. The purchase includes the northwest Indiana resort's entire operations including the Indiana Beach Boardwalk and Funway amusement park and water park, Indiana Beach Camp Resort, Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort at Indiana Beach, The Beach House Inn hotel and motel, Lakeview Penthouse Suites, cottages at The Beach Club Resort and Hoosier Pointe, the Shafer Queen paddle wheel boat, The Fun Zone, a lakefront sandy beach, the Skyroom Restaurant and multiple dining and retail operations. The resort complex will open for the 2008 season on May 3. Numerous improvements are planned for Indiana Beach Amusement Resort including the addition of the amusement park's sixth roller coaster, Steel Hawg. The new steel roller coaster, Indiana's first custom steel coaster, features multiple flips and inversions as well as a 120-degree first drop. Steel Hawg will be in great company, joining five other roller coasters at the park including the "Grandfather" of Indiana roller coasters, The Hoosier Hurricane. Also new for 2008 will be an extended operating season providing guests with more opportunities to enjoy the park's exciting rides. Morgan RV Resorts is the country's largest private owner and operator of RV parks and resorts. The company's collection of regional destination resorts provides clean, fun, affordable family vacation getaways offering multiple accommodation options, activities and events for all ages, playgrounds, swimming pools and entertainment. "We are thrilled to be welcoming this historic Indiana family destination to the Morgan RV Resorts family," said Bob Moser, co-owner of Morgan RV Resorts. "Superb hospitality and exiting destinations are hallmarks of every Morgan resort. Guests of Indiana Beach will continue to take pleasure in the quality experience they have come to love over the past eight decades and enjoy an ongoing commitment to improving the destination year after year." "This is an exciting time for Indiana Beach," said Tom Spackman Jr., grandson of park found, Earl Spackman. "With the recent upgrades to many of our accommodations, the forthcoming arrival of Steel Hawg and now the purchase by family-owned Morgan RV Resorts the future is brighter than ever. In the years to come, Indiana Beach is certain to remain the home for all the fun things you love to do." Guests can learn more about Morgan RV Resorts by visiting www.morganrvresorts.com and stay up to date on the latest happenings at Indiana Beach Amusement Resort at www.indianabeach.com.
  12. After reviewing the Sheikra B roll footage shot in HD by the park. The front chain dog is for the main lift. The offset one in the middle of the trian is for the drop chain. It is to the side just a small bit but is noticeable on the video that the two different chains are not in line with each other. So the front one is for the main lift and the middle offset one engadges the drop chain mechnaism.
  13. From being upclose to the floorless train at its unveiling. The front chain dog that catches the second lift appears to be stationary and seems to be longer as in sticking down more. The chain dogs in the back of the train can go up and down so that it will slid over the second chain. You can see in the design of the back set that they have an area built in them to slid upward. I didnt get any side view of the front but it appears it is always in the down position.. I wold assume that the drop chain also sits a little lower in height from the bottom of the car then the regular chain. The front set of chain dogs. The back set of chain dogs.
  14. I leave wallet in the car, I paid enough to park and get into ride there rides. If I am going to be at a park all day I bring a cooler with stuff in it and go to car when thristy or hungry. I will not pay $4.00 for a soda at a park when you can buy 2 gallons of soda at store for same price. Its like going to a bar and drinking a beer for the same prices as a 6 pack silly. Drink water out of water fountains if park has them.
  15. A vote is expected in the coming weeks. http://news.moneycentral.msn.com/provider/providerarticle.aspx?feed=ACBJ&date=20080201&id=8131716 A Memphis City Council vote on Springfield, Mo.-based Bass Pro Shops' development agreement for The Pyramid could come as early as Feb. 19. The city council will meet Tuesday (Feb. 5) and has the option of holding a special session to vote on the agreement, which was signed Thursday in Springfield. But Robert Lipscomb, project manager for the Pyramid Reuse Committee, says the council will not hold a special session. Lipscomb would not elaborate further on any details of the agreement, saying that it must be presented to the council first. "It is what it is and all we can do is present it," Lipscomb said. "It isn't like we've got a lot of options." Another option that has been gaining momentum over the last couple of months is a proposal to turn The Pyramid into an indoor theme park that would include two new Downtown hotels and a shopping center. Redevelopment of Mud Island is also part of the plan. Greg Ericson, president and CEO of marketing and entertainment company The Ericson Group Inc., most recently proposed a $250 million project with includes development in and around The Pyramid and on Mud Island. On Sept. 26, Ericson first presented a Pyramid redevelopment plan, called Pyramid Adventure, to the Shelby County Commission, which showed a $150 million investment to turn the 1.5 million cubic-square-foot building into a theme park with a 250,000-square-foot retail component attached to the building's front. Bass Pro, the city of Memphis and Shelby County first announced their deal in spring 2006, when Bass Pro signed a non-binding letter of intent to develop the building. Since then, the company has been involved in due diligence.
  16. Read the first 2 paragraphs. It is this persons view if he were to take a trip in a time machine and look back two years. It is the writers way of speculation on future markets. It says (I've been taking an "unauthorized field trip" through time this week, checking in on what many of my favorite companies are up to two years later.) The article is legit however it is one mans vision on what the future could hold as he looks back on the past which is in the future yet. Its about future possiblities in market projections and what possible things could come.
  17. The only photo I have seen of the water level around the station is this one. In the collection that was on line this is the closest one to the station as no other photos were of the actuall station. If you look to the far left you can see how the lift hill starts to level off at the bottom and would appear that as mentioned that the station was above the water level. So its possible that the trains are still usable all though they may have gotten a good soaking. However I would assume that they would need a rebuild.
  18. Did a search but found no main Lake compounce tread, lots of TRs and Photo reports. So grabed this one. Anyway in the news lately http://www.myrecordjournal.com/site/tab1.cfm?newsid=19226274&BRD=2755&PAG=461&dept_id=592708&rfi=6 SOUTHINGTON - A room full of adults doesn't normally spend a busy morning talking about amusement parks, unless the topic is Lake Compounce and you're a member of the Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce. The chamber's second annual Legislative Breakfast with the town's state delegation included plenty of discussion about the expansion of Lake Compounce and the potential $3.5 million in state bond money that would support the park's expansion into the northwest corner of town. Rep. Bruce P. "Zeke" Zalaski, D-Southington, said the new owners of Lake Compounce are willing to spend $15 million to upgrade the park and expand its water park facilities into Southington. Parques Reunidos, a Spanish-based company, announced in December that it had purchased the park from Kennywood Entertainment. Zalaski said the sale is expected to be finalized in March.
  19. They must have gotten a great deal on it. Or maybe they are getting 2 for the price of one. I guess for me I could think of alot better rides to buy then that lawn orniment. Maybe it was just Sux Flags maintenance that couldnt get it to operate properly. I have heard the one over in Europe operates normally. Maybe Vekoma has promissed them the moon if they were to add the ride and operate it.
  20. Well no news except they have submitted the plan. Included in the deal is the tallest fastest indoor roller coaster. Watch the video for lots of information about the project. http://www.wreg.com/Global/story.asp?S=7758646 Memphis city council members listened to a plan that would turn the Pyramid into an amusement park surrounded by shops and a hotel. Greg Ericson told the council he has support from a hotel financier and a real estate investor. Ericson showed detailed plans and promised a detailed timeline to make sure the process keeps moving. Ericson's plan includes an indoor amusement park in the Pyramid with a roller coaster and other rides. There would also be a retail center, maybe a Bass Pro type store, "I know what it takes to make Mud Island successful. We've done events in the Pyramid. We know it will work." Mud Island would hold two large hotels and be a home to the historic carousel that used to be housed at Libertyland. Ericson's plan also includes the Zippin' Pippin roller coaster. Detailed plans to finance the project were not available today but Ericson says he and his investors will fund the park with no public funds needed and the group will pay off the note on the Pyramid which is almost 12 million dollars. City council members had mixed reactions. Bass Pro says it will sign a deal January 31, to build a retail center in the Pyramid. If that deal falls through, at least the council has a back up.
  21. They are getting and Intamin Accelerator coaster. Looks to be almost 80 feet tall, most likely it is one of the newer versions of the launched coasters that are lower to the ground with lots of switch backs. Go here http://www.themeparkdenmark.dk/nyhed.php?id=577
  22. I just hope for the sake of saving the rides and for future rides that on Jan. 22nd they get the approval to move forward with the Pyramid renovations. I remember last year I happened to fly over the downtown area and was curious as to what the pyramid building was, and thought at that time that it would make a great indoor amusement park or some time of entertainment venue. Looks like it will be one of those wait and see projects. I am wondering if the coaster is small enough to go inside the structure or maybe a half and half or as some have thought out along the water front.
  23. While its along road a head lets hope this all happens. Plus the last paragraph is promising for those that are carousel fans, it says they may try and reach an agreement to move it also. Thats great news for the 2 old rides. Lets hope that next week they (Pyramid group) get the approval to redo the Pyramid and actually are able to move the Zippin Pip.
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