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  1. Construction Update June 3rd, 2007! What is new today out at Cypress Gardens. I met the project manager today and was let in on some more information about the ride. First notice the first two photos below. That is what will become the station house, I had thought it was for a transfer track but it is the station. I was told that the ride will have 9 sets of magnetic brakes and a set of pneumatic brakes. A lot of painting has been done over the last week as alot of the structure is turning white. They were standing the bents for the lift hill today and they hope to have the lift done in the next day or so. Most of the bents should be standing within the next few days. Steel layers for track should start this week. Lift hill chain trough and motors have arrived and should be installed in the next week or so. A lot of track layers have been added this week as about half of the track is in place. Lots of work around the site is happening and to much to list, but the ride is really coming together. Photos below show the station house and lift area, tons of photos of the far end turn around from various points around the park along with the usual photos of the the entire job site. Enjoy!!! http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/starliner.html The station house.
  2. Think of the negative feedback from the early years of Top Thrill Dragster. I bet Cedar Point gets complaint mail just cause it rains on a certain day.
  3. Actually Chris. For me, I would remove your home address from the first post. You just never know who may use it for what ever reason. It is an open forum and well, I wouldnt post my address on any open forum.
  4. Well maybe not a crash but how about another accident or incident. http://www.telegraphindia.com/1070528/asp/jamshedpur/story_7839653.asp This story is very strange as it appears a person fell and died and the owners or operators fled the scene.
  5. My guess on the Busch rights is this. Only floorless versions of the ride. Its the whole reason why SheiKra was switched to floorless. That way others could build drop coasters just not floorless ones.
  6. http://www.newsnet5.com/news/13397390/detail.html DAYTON, Ohio -- At least three children were hurt in a Dayton amusement park ride, officials said. A kids' ride at RiverBlast in Dayton jolted forward Saturday night as children were exiting, dragging some of the children along in a circle until the ride was shut off, witnesses said. A 6-year-old girl and a 10-year-old girl were taken by ambulance to Children's Medical Center of Dayton, where they were treated for cuts and abrasions. Tasha Strickland, a cousin of the two girls, said there were about 12 children on the ride. "I don't see how some kids didn't get hurt worse," she said. Other parents drove their children to the hospital. Andrietta Bearfield, speaking as she arrived at the medical center with her 1-year-old, called the situation at the park "chaotic." Also, the mayor of a suburban Dayton city was treated at Kettering Medical Center after the mini grand prix race car he was driving was struck twice Saturday afternoon. Kettering mayor Don Patterson was injured after a first collision tipped his car on its side, and a second caused the mini-car to roll over, sending Patterson headfirst onto the track. He was released from the hospital Saturday after he was treated for bumps and bruises, his wife, Maureen, said.
  7. Construction Update May 27th, 2007! What is new at the site today. Well, looks like a bunch more painting has gotten done up in the station area of the ride. It appears that a few footers are going to get poured in the brake area most likely for the transfer track. Onto the middle section as it looks like most of the bents have gone up as there arent that many left to set up. In the far end turn around area it looks like a ton of track layers have gone down this week. They were working the track while I was there. There appears to be a few more hills added since last update and looks like alot of bracing for the supports have been added. The ride is really starting to come together. What do we have with the photos today. Photos show the front station area and the new footers, a couple photos of the middle section and a bunch of photos from the far end turn around.. Enjoy!!! http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/starliner.html
  8. http://www.wtol.com/Global/story.asp?S=6573881 Another news story about the incident. Did the brakes fail to slow the train completely or not at all as one article says.
  9. I have allways wanted to see and ride a woodin coaster with out any hand rails. I think it would change the whole ride experience. I know it wont ever happen but I still think it would be cool.
  10. Sad news indeed. So what do you all think, is this the end for the park. Or do you think this is just a closed for this season, we hope to try again next year.
  11. No modifications to the ride structure and track except in the turn around. I was told that the only tweaking of the ride was in the circle part of the turn around. The turn is more oval now then circular. I have learned that the turn around banking has also been increased but it was something that was originally tweaked at the old park. They added shims under the track to increase the banking a couple of degrees. So with the redo and tweaking the turn around they went with a better angle to produce a better flow. Reason why all the delays and why it was tweaked. Remember all the permit delays, all this was caused by the ride extending just a little bit into a public property area. So instead of bug the neighbors for a variance on the code. Cypress Gardens decided to go the other way and tweak the ride a small bit. Remember back when the park was getting built, all the locals didn't want amusement rides. So Cypress felt they couldn't ask the neighbors for a variance because they wouldn't have gotten it and they felt it would have taken even longer.. The station is still round. There doesn't seem to be any footers for what would be a transfer track or work area. I have heard that they are only going to run one train anyway. Now I do wonder about the new trains. Are they 6 seaters like the original or are they more traditional with 4 seater cars in the trains. As for why move a mediocre ride. Well cause he could I guess. I guess at the time with a very low cost and a contract that would have had the coaster rebuilt for a low fee, it was worth it. That is if the coaster had been rebuilt in 05 with all the existing lumber. Now with about 70 percent new lumber in the structure and all new track, new trains, upgraded restraints, new updated braking system it hardly makes for a classic or historic coaster or a cheap move of an old coaster. I figure they thought it was a good idea back in the day and I think they had the best intentions but things just didn't work out. Now they just want to get it done. As for why build that particular coaster at the park or why they felt this was the thing for them. Your guess is as good as mine. One of those business decisions or just the fact the Beuscher owner of the park Could buy it and move it. Lets not forget about the Arrow water ride or flume that was also purchased from MSAP and moved to Wild Adventure and subsequently rotted in the field. See the coincidence here. If it weren't for Cypress Gardens filling for bankruptcy and reorganized there debt, Starliner would still be in the field rotting away. Heck it will be fun for a few rides anyway even its an over priced mediocre ride.
  12. From what I have been told about the ride. A small modification was made in the far end turn around. The turn was tweaked a little with a small change in angle of banking and the overall circular shape of the far end turn around has been pinched a little. I have read and heard alot of rumors that I cant confirm. I have heard new trains, one is done and the second is getting done. The original car is still infront of the park so I guess its new trains. I have heard that they are upgrading the coaster to newer electric brakes and have heard along with new trains come regular restraints. I have also heard that the tunnel may or may not happen, I bet it will. Otherwise from what I have been told, if the ride would have been rebuilt when it was moved back in 04 -05 then it would have been a good purchase. However now they could have done better just with a good new coaster for a couple million. As for the park, I agree that its not a block buster, however I think its as big a ride as the park could go. Will it draw crowds, I dont think so. Will people go out of the way to ride it, not likely. As Rob says the ride is mediocre at best, but with it being new it should provide at least a fun ride experience. It doesnt have much airtime more or less just a fun ride experience. Hopefully I will get a chance to talk with the guys at the site again and maybe they will let me in on a few other things with the coaster.
  13. Construction Update May 20th, 2007! Wow where to start this week. First, I have found out that the new General Contractor doing the Starliner rebuild is PLH Associates and for more information about the company there website is http://www.plhsafety.com/2.html . Today I had the opportunity to meet the Assistant Project Manager Michael Sumler and one of the Lead Trackers Charles Simmons. We chatted for a few minutes as they told me of the many coasters there crews have worked on. The guys even allowed me a peak inside for a quick photo of some of the guys working. A ton of work has been done this week, the guys told me there crews are basically working 24 hours a day. Okay so now onto the photos what is going on at the park today. We have the first signs of paint getting put on parts of the ride mostly in the station area. In the far end turn around area alot of track layers have been going down as its really starting to look like a coaster. We have another hill going up today which is the hill just before the tunnel area. Anyway tons of photos below from today showing the latest work getting done and some new angles of the middle section. Enjoy!!! http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/starliner.html
  14. Interesting news to report this week. New construction crew on the job. Construction Update May 13th, 2007! Whats new today with Starliner construction. Up in the station area it looks like track layers have been put down and seems like main support work in the area seems to be done. A lot of work is happening in the far end turn around as more supports have gone up in the turn and looks like walkways and the start of track layers is happening. I was told that all footers have been poured for the ride and was told that the far end turn has 47 degree banking. Lots of work has happened over the last week as the photos show. One last bit of news to report from the site today. It seems there has been a change in construction companies doing the rebuild. From what I could find out Cypress Gardens felt the ride could have been built quicker even though all the permit delays were not the construction companies fault(without the delays STI would have gotten it done). I will try to find out more next week and will try and find out who the new company is. Enjoy!!! http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/starliner.html Not a donkey
  15. http://www.wjettv.com/content/fulltext/?cid=2324 The money may not be a certainty.
  16. Construction Update May 6th, 2007! Here we go again, what is new at the site today. In the front station area lots of work happening with track layers as they were working on the brake run area. It looks like around 90 percent of the footers have been poured for the ride. Most of the work is happening in the far end turn around area. Lots of new supports have gone up and lots more ready to go. Another small hill has been added and most of the far end turn supports have gone up. Some beginnings of track work and walkways is happening in the far end. Looks like the ride will have a bit more banking in the far end turn and the dip into the ground should have a nice little pop coming out and over the next hill. Lots of photos of the work site and a couple workers doing there thing. . Enjoy!!! http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/starliner.html
  17. http://www.canada.com/topics/news/world/story.html?id=5f3566ec-73ad-440d-84ba-f0ea1002abee&k=84888 Another photo in this article from closer to the train.
  18. Looks similar the the Wild Thing accident. The article says an axle broke, that looks like the car came off the wheel boggey instead. Do the TOGOs actually have an axle like a car or are the wheel boggies seperate from each other.,. Checked some photos and they look to be seperate wheel boggies,. Thats my worst fear while riding, the car coming off.
  19. Pretty lame I thought. I mean if you are going to do it, wouldnt it work better with out OTSR. The video would be alot more interesting. Then you could get a first had look as to weather it was cold outside or if they got excited while riding the ride. Love the brits as Americans are so against a little naked ness.
  20. News Update April 29th, 2007! Lets see what has changed this week with the Starliner construction. In the station area of the ride there has been alot of work with track walkways and the beginnings of track layers. Some railings along the top of the supports have gone up. The main work is in the far end turn around of the Starliner. The last hill before the trun around has been built as the supports are from the tunnel area up the last hill and cresting toward the turn around. Most of the footers for the turn around area have been poured and looks like most supports will go up this will on the far end. Looks like some footers have been installed along the middle section of the ride. Lots of photos this week of the guys working, the new hill and the typical full job photos. Enjoy!!! http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/starliner.html
  21. The tokens are a decent deal actually, buy one for 5 and go to the park and get a 12 pass. http://www.meadvilletribune.com/local/local_story_114231637.html From the article about the land sale. The park had hoped to sell 3.3 acres of land at the park to Gregory Sutterlin to help pay down the debt and give the park the money it needs to open. That plan fizzled Monday when Crawford County Court of Common Pleas Judge Anthony Vardaro decided against the land sale, offering seven objections. Because it’s a charitable trust operating under court supervision, the park must get court approval for moves like selling land.
  22. I think it will be there tell they close the ride end of May, there is a big counter next to the new train showing how many more days left tell it reopens.. It will be behind a metal fence but it should be there.
  23. Im going to miss the old trains. I liked SheiKra just the way it is. But this will only make the wow factor even higher. Its going to be a little bit different ride experience sitting on the outside seat. Oh well, hopefully its a good change. The car looked pretty cool up close and it was pretty cool to be able to get a real up close look at the train. I love the mechanical side of roller coasters, you know the nuts and bolts how it all works.
  24. Members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts were invited out to Busch Gardens Tampa to particapte in the annual High School Journalism Day. A day in which local high school students are invited to the park to experience being a part of the working media. Part of the days activities is to unveil a new train setup on one of the parks main attractions SheiKra. The park has decided to upgrade this roller coaster with floorless versions of its trains. The ride will be switched over to foorless in the coming months but this is the first of the five to be switched. We enjoyed about an hour of Exclusive Ride Time on SheiKra and then we were invited along with the media for the trains official unveiling. Lots of photos and many gave interviews as this was one of the reasons the park asked enthusiasts to join in the days activities. Always great to get ride time on SheiKra and even better to be at a Media Event with the official unveiling. Below are lots of closeups of the new floorless SheiKra train and and photos of the announcement. Lots more photos here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventBGT15.html
  25. News Update April 22nd, 2007! What a difference a week makes on the construction of the Starliner. In the station area of the ride it looks like they have installed all the support frames from the brake run around the station and up part of the lift hill. Around where the station is going it looks as if they have begun the first basik layers of the track it self. Now for the big surprise of today, looks as though some tweaking of the ride is going to happen in the back section turn around area. The last drop before the trun around and the drop leading around and out of the turn around are both going to have more depth to the drops. Deep trenches have been dug for footers, so it looks like those sections are going to go below ground level or a partial tunnel, more soon. Enjoy!!! http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/starliner.html
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