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  1. Woman tries to stop the boat at top of hill and falls out then gets hit by another boat. What are people thinking. http://www.thelocal.se/article.php?ID=5152&date=20061008 A woman in her 30s suffered 'very serious head injuries' in an accident at the Liseberg amusement park on Sunday afternoon. The accident occured just after 3pm on the popular 'Flumeride' attraction."Her condition is very serious," said Ann-Christine Andersson at the Sahlgrenska university hospital to TT. The ride consists of mock log boats which surf along on a water channel. The accident happened on the final steep slope, which has a drop of 14 metres. Two women and a child were in the affected boat. "The witnesses, including the staff on the ride, saw how the women tried to keep the boat still at the top, just before the drop, by holding on to the railings on the track there. Then the boat went down and one woman was left holding on to the railings," said Liseberg's head of marketing Pelle Johannisson. The woman appears to have panicked at the top of the slope and tried to climb out. Why the boat continued despite the fact that she was holding on is still unclear, but it could be that the water pressure was too great or that the boat was hit by another one from behind. "The the woman herself went down in the channel, apparently feet first, down into the pool at the end of the Flumeride," said Johannisson. He added that the woman was then hit by at least one boat. According to Liseberg, the emergency services were swiftly at the scene of the accident. An investigation will be expected to reveal how the boats could have been stopped. An operator has an emergency stop button, which was used in the incident. "There are two brakes. But then it also depends on where the boats are in relation to the brakes," said Bo Larsson, head of operations at Liseberg. Sunday was the last day of Liseberg's summer season, but it is not the first accident this year. On July 15th some 20 people were slightly injured when a rollercoaster slid backwards on a hill and crashed into another carriage at the start point. Then at the beginning of September a small flagpole fell over, hitting a man on the head and causing mild injuries. The Flumeride was built in 1973 and is one of the most popular attractions at Liseberg. Each log boat has room for four or five people.
  2. Thanks WES. It was about as perfect of a day as you could want. Beautiful blue sky and a bright sunny day. The rides for the most part were a walk on or little wait. Every employee I met was awesome. This being my first trip to the park I was very impressed with the layout and large ride selection. Its a real shame that the park has to go. I do care some about the history of some parks but mostly sad to see what appeared to me as a great family park that has to be dismantled. Its not like some parks I have been to where you cant believe the park is even allowed to operate. Although I would have liked to been at Dollywood for the construction tour of Mystry Mine but I am glad that I made the drive up to Myrtle Beach instead. Just one of those things with the park closing I had to go plus how often can you do a special event and close a park forever ah memories. It was a long drive 9 and half hours up and same back. Spent a couple hours at MBP and had some time to go to Family Kingdom before the event at MBP. How long will the Famil Kingdom park be operating. Seems to me it will be next on the chopping block.
  3. Hi everybody I was out at the Last to Ride event on saturday. I had heard the event sold out. There was a pretty good crowd at the event. Once you arrived you got your armband and into the park just before 3pm. The rides opened for the last ever chance to ride. I rode the coasters and a couple of flat rides and did lots of photos. Its a real shame to see the park close it seems like a great small park with lots to do. I know development is good but removeval of any park is a bad thing. Anyway I have a bunch of photos up on my site if you havent gotten enough looks at all the rides and stuff. Go here for the photos http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventMB.html Check in before 3 pm. Always loved these type rides
  4. Cant pick a park as there are so many great rides out there to pick from. Guess thats why I travel and hit coaster events. So I will just say Cedar Point for MF. Really any great ride like, Goliath or MF or any of the new or recently built rides that I would pick to hit one a park. Most of the time I am only riding a limited number of rides at a park but ride those rides a bunch of times. Take my most recent trip to CP. Rode Maxair, WickTwist, Raptor, MF, TTD and Skyhawk. But rode those a bunch. Usually when I hit a park it is for 1 or 2 certain rides.
  5. Some new info on Python, http://www.sptimes.com/2006/09/19/Business/Classic_coaster_doomed.shtml Nothing confermed but the article states that BGT has pulled permits for demolishon of the congo area. HEre is the article. TAMPA - Is the Python - once touted as a death-defying thrill ride - headed into its last loop? Busch Gardens Africa officials are not confirming anything. But the Tampa theme park has taken out demolition permits as a prelude to overhauling the Congo, a corner of the 335-acre park that the big yellow and black coaster has anchored for 30 years. Theme park and coaster fan Web sites brim with speculation quoting anonymous insiders that the curtain will fall on the Python right after the park’s month-long Howl-O-Scream celebration ends in October. Screamscape.com even posted new park guest maps not yet distributed that show the entire Congo area walled off as a construction zone. BGTguide. com, which follows park ride developments with the some of the zeal of Woodward and Bernstein, thinks a themed kids play area is part of the replacement plan. Because of the park’s funding cycle, it’s doubtful another major thrill ride will open at Busch Gardens until or 2008 or 2009, the park’s 50th anniversary year. The Python is one of the first of a once-daring breed of double corkscrew-style steel coasters that flipped riders upside down. Busch first promoted the ride in 1976 with the tag line “I challenged the Python and lived.’’ Unfortunately, the ad campaign was pulled within weeks of the opening after one rider - a 6-foot-6, 340 pound, 39-year-old heart patient - challenged the Python... and died. Then, as now, health warnings were posted for people with heart and back troubles. However, in today’s world of stomach-churning, can-you-top-this coasters, the Python’s two rotations are variously rated by coaster enthusiasts as tame to lame. So reactions posted on fan web sites have been subdued. One poster even said a Starbucks would be an improvement. The Python, however, does carry sentimental value. ”If the rumors are true, it would be sad to lose this classic that for many holds a special place in our hearts,’’ said Chris Kraftchick, a regional officer with the American Coaster Enthusiasts. “It was my first looping coaster." Subsequent generations of rival coasters run much faster than the Python’s 50 miles per hour. They last three to four times longer than the Python’s 70 seconds, most of which are spent inching up the lift-hill. Sometimes goosed by linear accelerators, today’s coasters subject riders to more g-forces, 90-degree drops and flight patterns borrowed from barnstorming stunt pilots. Busch officials have made no secret the Congo is next on their renovation list now that the Serengeti, Timbuktu, Stanleyville, Veldt, the front gate and the parking lots have been upgraded over the past decade. But they have been vague about what they plan to do there beyond freshen up the jungle theme and build new animal habitats for the park’s white tigers and probably for an orangutan displaced from Stanleyville by the SheiKra dive coaster. Busch promotes itself as a blend of rides, animals and live entertainment. But the park’s marketing edge for young thrill-seekers relies on having the largest collection of coasters in Florida, a tradition that started with the Python. Without it, Busch still would have seven coasters counting both of Gwazi’s mirror-image tracks that run in opposing directions.
  6. I was up in Ohio for the Great Ohio Coaster Club gathering at Cedar Point and Geauga Lake over the weekend. Below are some short write ups of the days activities and a few photos from the days events. Fall Freak Out time has come as around 130 members and freinds of the Great Ohio Coaster Club gathered for a fantastic day of rides. This event began with a 630 am check in and short greating from Cedar Point. The club had arranged for a one hour ERT session on Millenuim Force an IntaminAG Giga coaster with a 300 foot drop. They had three trains operating and we were allowed to walk directly from the unload to the boarding station and on the next train if you were quick you could be on the next train. The park was supurb in extending our ride time by an extra half hour. I got around 25 rides on my favorite ride Millenium Force. We then did a couple of group photos and then headed for more rides as more rides opened for resort guests which get a preveldge of early entry. Lunch was served to the group and we were shown a video of there new roller coaster Maverick. I spent most the day riding rides and doing some photos. A few photos below and more can be seen here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventCP2.html DAY 2 Fall Freak Out continues with the second day of the weekends events in Ohio. Around 130 members and freinds of the Great Ohio Coaster Club arrived for another fantastic day of roller coasters and park activities. The day began with a 9 am check in with morning breakfast and the a few announcements from the GOCC. After breakfast or two hour ERT session began with rides on Dominator, Raging Wolf Bobs and several other coasters that were in operation for our riding pleasure. I headed straight for Dominator a great B&M built floorless coaster. I spent the entire two hour ride session on Dominator. Non-stop riding for morning ERT as we were allowed to stay in the same seat if you liked, so I stayed and got over 35 laps in a row. What a fantastic way to start a day. We were provided a meal voucher to use for a meal and that was about it for the event. I couldnt stay long but had time to enjoy a few of the other rides and shoot some photos. Many thanks to the GOCC for the invite to the event it was a great day at the park. A few photos below and more can be seen here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventGL.html
  7. My pleasure Rob glad to share. I hope eveybody enjoyed the photos. I sure enjoyed getting a view of the ride. It really is cool that CP has built as much of the ride as they have and that there is so much access to get photos. Most of the times you cant really get a good view at most parks. All in all I will say that the coaster is going to be a nice fit into the parks line up. At first I was a little dissapointed in the overal ride design. But after seeing the ride and seeing all the promotional stuff CP put out I think the ride is going to be a great addition. It looks like its going to be a lot of fun to ride. Overall its not exactly what I had hoped or expected but really it looks to be a fun and unique ride expereince. I am interested to see the one barrol roll after the tunnel launch, in the videos it looks like it will be a wild roll.
  8. Thanks guys, glad you liked the photos. I think people are in for a surprise when you actually see the ride in person. It is much smaller in height and size then what the photos show. Plus when you look down from the top of MF it looks like a kiddie coaster. J
  9. Sorry that is one I didnt add as a large photo it is just there to complete the page.. But here ya go copy from below. Enjoy
  10. Hey everybody. Was out at Cedar Point today for some Maverick construction photos. ROB or other TPR staff members. Feel free to take and add some photos in the CP 2007 photo area of the TPR if you like. Otherwise here are some from today and more can be seen here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/new2007mv.html Here are a few.
  11. /\ thats hillarious. I was a blue person. TUMS is referring to a stunt we did as an american flag there were blue people in the front and red and white ones down the rows. I wish I had photos from that event. Here is one more of the strange one we have done. For a good laugh here I am More here. http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventSWF3.html Sorry for the off topic replies. Good for a few laughs though.
  12. /\ It was a publisity stunt that we did for Sea World. It was a blast. We have done all kinds of stuff from babies to presidents witches and all kinds of other stufff. We made the newspaper for this one. It was a blast. Go here for all the details. http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventSWF4.html
  13. So what exactly are you implying. If I go by your quote then I guess I am scarier then most. Just kidding. I seen this article a couple months back. No different than the guy at Knotts that had rode xcelerator like 10000 times. Yes 10,000 he was a retiere bored with nothing else to do.
  14. Thanks, Its doubtfull that vertical construction will be in the process but figured had to at least try to get some construction photos. Anybody remember where they stored the track for AC or ALPie during the construction process.. I just wonder ir the track has been seen yet. Maybe its still in the production process. As for construction I would think that track work wont start for another couple months. With out a tunnel and with the park closing at the end of Oct. I would figure construction will take off in Nov. Sheikras main track work didnt get going until Dec. but that is with the tunnel. Oh well, wish I had some conections with BGE to make a winter construction trip for photos. Hopefully BGE will give us lots of updates on there site but dougbtfull as BGA did with SHeikra with very limited photos.
  15. Yes he us a bit of a nut. I will say this about Will he does have a great enthusiasm for the park. It was funny earlier this year during the construction tour of Voyage Will was like a big kid grinning from ear to ear. His appearence on the show will probably be interupted with lots of laughs. Thanks for all the information Paula.
  16. /\ Most likely they will use a standard floorless system for the parts around the wheel assemblies, and possibly the use of a rising floor for the outer seat area. So most likely a 4 way rising floor. I dont know for sure just a best guess. I will be going next month for a view of the construction. ???? Which side of the train should I sit on for the best photos and view of the construction site..
  17. First go to the first page of this tread and see links to photos and a video of Sonic boom. The video is here in another tread from last year. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17992&sid=a9ae52dcb2240250ece3eec08d86ae63 Here is an explenation of the ride. First here is the car that you ride in Look inside the door of this photo and you will see the car in the door and you will see a seat with seat belts hanging down here See person sitting inside here You have to wear air protection because it is loud, the seat is similar to an Insane ride seat, where you are in a saddle with a seat belt over the lap and over the shoulders. Next close the door to the car you ride in, then close the door to the steel tube so riders are traped in the car inside the tube Once the door is closed the car is lifted the 360 feet to the top by a simple cable mechanism. Arrive at the top of the tower and then you are dropped for a fast free fall 90+ MPH. The fall is just a free fall, like a fast elevator ride becuase you dont feel the wind rush buy you so its kinda different then an exposed drop ride. The ride car is enclosed with a solid bottem and plexeglass covering. The ride seats 2 people side by side. You ride in a standing position but seated. Was told the ride stopped smooth but fast. As the car falls it enters the tube where air resistnace inside the tube begins to slow and then stops the falling car, the shape of the car you ride in and the tube are the same. The car has a type of rubber seal that goes around the car and fits inside the tube to make a seal. There are slots cut into the side of the tube to let some of the air out of the tube so the car will fall into the tube, without the holes in the side the car would just bounce back out of the tube because the air inside would have no where to go ( The holes where the hardest part to get correct as less hole the car gets stuck in the middle of the tube and to many wholes the ride doesnt stop. AS for the sound, it does make a whoosh sound but does have a booming sound and can be heard for a mile or so from the park. Mr Checketts told us at the event that sound was a problem because of the boom sound it makes. If you watch the video and you have a bass speaker set up on your computer, then listen in the video you will here a thud, but its much louder and clear than the noize that my cameras speaker recorded. Its a very simple ride set up and has no brakes yes NO BRAKES, there is no back up for safety, the only thing that stops the falling car is the air that is inside the tube. You just need to watch the video and look at some of the photos that I have on my website here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventSIL.html BOOMER is at the bottom of the page. Hope this helps as I dont know much more to say.
  18. Great photos TUMS. I should have figured that there were some photos of that somewhere on TPR.
  19. The article says the park will close in one week. So next week will be it. http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/mld/myrtlebeachonline/15462915.htm NORTH MYRTLE BEACH | The Grand Prix Family Thrill Park, a north-end staple for 30 years, will close for good in a week, the second of the Grand Strand's three major parks to call it quits this year. Rising costs - including wages and insurance for property and liability - have forced the family-owned park to redevelop, joining a beach trend that's hit hotels, campgrounds and attractions. A 100,000-square-foot shopping center, anchored by a grocery store, will replace the rides and Formula racing go-karts that had made the park one of the most popular attractions for vacationing families. But business took a turn this year, prompting the Lazarus family to explore other options. "The numbers just don't work anymore," said Mark Lazarus, an Horry County Councilman who owns the park with brother Robby and father Jack. "It has just gotten to be that the highest and best use is not for an amusement park." There were other culprits: a shrinking summer season, lingering debt on pricey rides, more competition for tourists' dollars and the closure of the nearby Barefoot Camping Resort, which used to supply a steady stream of thrill- seekers. The Grand Prix is the latest victim of the beach's shifting demographics, from a getaway spot for working families to a place where the wealthy play. The Myrtle Beach Pavilion Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach also is closing for good this month, and the Fun Spot in North Myrtle Beach is being redeveloped. The only major park left is the Family Kingdom Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach.
  20. Another story with different info about the ride and has one onride photo well a construction photo. The story and more info about ride. http://parkcity.typepad.com/park_city_mountain_resort/2006/07/the_alpine_coas.html The photo http://parkcity.typepad.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/ridersview.jpg
  21. Okay found the video of the Sonic boom. The sound distorts at the end so you dont here the boom sound but it does. Its a wild contraption. Here is the video. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17992&sid=a9ae52dcb2240250ece3eec08d86ae63
  22. Looks like UTAH is in the news today. Anoter great thrill ride opens this week in Park city. Couple of photos in the article. If you are ever in the area dont forget to take a ride on the Bobsled track that the Olympics was done on. Its a wild ride. Anyway love to give one of these a try as I havnt had the opertunity yet. http://deseretnews.com/dn/view/0,1249,645199269,00.html PARK CITY — There are, in Europe, more than 80 "Alpine Coasters." There are, here in the United States, just two. Ravell Call, Deseret Morning NewsRiders are able to control the speed of the new Alpine Coaster. It is just the second ride of this kind to open in the United States. The second of the long-distance thrill rides opened last week on the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort. It is best explained, said Krista Parry, new marketing director for the resort, as "a Disneyland-like thrill ride in an alpine setting." The first of the mountain coasters was built in Glenwood Springs, Colo. A third is scheduled to open sometime before winter in Jimine Peak, Mass. The new ride is a big brother to Park City's Alpine Slide. It is more than a mile long — 6,000 feet — and consists of a series of steep descents and circular curves on a track cut through rugged mountain terrain. The cars used are similar to those on the slide, except once they start down they are held in place by a rail as opposed to sliding freely in a U-shaped track. The cars can hold one or two people. The lower age limit for young passengers is 3. "What makes this ride so appealing is, like the slide, the passenger can control the speed. Meaning, they can choose not to brake and go as fast as they want, similar to a roller coaster, or go slower and take more of a scenic-type ride," said Parry. Passengers are loaded at the base and are pulled up to the top of the run by a cable. "The ride up takes six minutes and is nice because you go straight up through the trees. You can relax and enjoy the ride up," she said. Once at the top, gravity pulls the car down the banked track. The ride down can take a few minutes or longer, all at the driver's discretion. "We found out that over in Europe they are extremely popular. People travel great distances to ride one of the coasters," Parry said. "We decided to put in a coaster because we believe it will be a nice complement to our other summer activities." Ravell Call, Deseret Morning NewsRiders take a spin on the Alpine Coaster, a resort-like thrill ride that opened last week in Park City. Work on the coaster started in May. Summer activities at the resort include four Alpine Slide tracks, four Zipline cables, children's rides, a climbing wall and horseback rides. Cost per ride on the Alpine Coaster is $15. A special $20 ticket includes one ride on the coaster and one on a slide. A passenger's ticket for those ages 2 to 6 is $4. Coaster hours are noon to 6 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and noon to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Weather permitting, activities at the resort will remain open through Oct. 15.
  23. Here are some photos from the park from last year if you were wondering what its all about.. Lots more photos of S&S park here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventSIL.html
  24. http://hjnews.townnews.com/articles/2006/09/07/news/news02.txt S & S Power Inc. unveils new fun park When Stan Checketts dreams, big things usually follow. “Everybody has things that make them happy,” the swami of the thrill ride circuit said Wednesday, standing in front of his latest concoction. “What makes me happy is to thrill people.” Checketts, CEO of S & S Power, Inc., unveiled his newly minted Celebration Centre to the public before quickly joining an eager crowd who hopped aboard his high-powered extreme rides which tower over south Logan’s landscape. “I’m sure it will take years to build up to what it needs to be,” said Checketts. “This is kind of unusual for a park of this magnitude to be in a town this small.” Unusual, maybe, especially when you consider the rural surroundings the facility juts out from along the highway approach to Logan. But for those who turned out to kick the tires and test the limits of Checketts’ imagination, the amusement park was just plain old cool. “We need this so badly,” said Tiffani Rudd, membership director of the Cache Chamber of Commerce. “We’re so excited that this facility is here.” For a man who has spent more than a decade perfecting ways to make people scream, Checketts is confident his new complex will offer them in spades. “As I see people laugh and have a great time, that’s what satisfies me,” said Checketts. The site is anchored by the 367-foot-tall Sonic Boom, the tallest drop ride in the world with no brakes. Riders ascend to the top of the tower gently before hitting a button that sends them screeching back to Earth at speeds of 90 m.p.h. Wednesday’s ribbon cutting came more than three years after Checketts first won approval by the Logan Municipal Council to move forward with the project. “Three years and a lot of hard work,” said Javier Romero, the Celebration Centre’s general manager. “It’s an undertaking, and the road is difficult.” In addition to the four outdoor thrill rides, the park also boasts a miniature golf course, two go-cart tracks, a climbing wall, an indoor playground, children’s rides, a video arcade and a cafeteria. The plan is to make the 40-acre site a gathering place for families and other groups from Cache Valley and beyond. “The big thing we’re after here is the fact that this is a place to celebrate,” said Checketts. “My plans are to keep a nice atmosphere for people to come relax and enjoy.” The latter was on display for most of the afternoon Wednesday. “Whoa,” said a queasy Logan Mayor Randy Watts after riding the Screamin’ Swing. “If I had to go on that ride over there, the mayor’s shirt would be a different color,” he said pointing to the Sonic Boom. Jason Lloyd, a Utah State University student, said the center combines the lure of big-thrill rides found at traditional amusement parks with the convenience of a smaller fun park. “It’s awesome. It’s all the best rides at a bigger park put into one,” he said. Julie Hollist, executive director of the Cache Valley Visitors’ Bureau, said the Celebration Centre could also have significant economic benefits for the region. “This is going to put us on the map as a destination for people with no sense of fear,” she said. “Stan Checketts is a man of action, and if he has the vision to create it, he’s done his homework.” Hollist and park spokeswoman Josie Beth Archibald say the rabid fan base that Checketts has developed in the thrill ride world should carry over to his newest creation. “We’ve seen a lot of success already,” Archibald said. Already, people have called and asked if they can base jump from the top of some of the rides. Future plans call for the addition of bumper boats, paint ball, a camping and RV park and the original Bungee Tower that launched Checketts’ career. “The Celebration Centre will be here and growing long after I’m gone,” said Checketts.
  25. Its back again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC8TE3vLC9s or at least it is now. Sorry it went again. Keep checking as it seems to get put back up.
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