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  1. Things that are interesting about the graphics, one set the track is purple and one the track is light blue and one the track is white.. They wouldnt make the graphics with different track colors if these were the real deal. As it says they are "artist impressions" of what somebody thinks the ride will be so not the real deal. Plus there is no copyright on the graphics. My thinking is while rather interesting interrpatation of the ride they are not official graphics of the coaster. While interesting I will hold judgement until the official announcements from Sea World. ..
  2. Thanks, but I will feel much better when that RED track starts to show up at Sea World. I would expect with the enlargement of the staging area and as much track is at the fab plant that track will arrive soon plus I am guessing that is why they have moved the announcement up to early next month. Plus another thing to consider is it takes about 4 to 6 months to make all the track and the Red track just happen to be made first the season. As far as I know there are currently 3 or 4 B&Ms on the books, Marbilandia in Italy is getting a Hyper, Kings Island is expecting a Hyper and the Big ReD track. I thought there was one more like an inverted going somewhere. So 4 B&Ms takes a whole year of production at the plant. Anyway as I said I will feel alot better when the track arrives and the announcement is made, granted my sources are usually not wrong but any thing can happen. But I will say I am pretty confident in what I have heard from many different sources.
  3. I cant wait for the announcement. If what I have heard about the ride is true everybody is in for a great new ride. If the Red B&M track is for Sea World we are in for a very special unique ride, I am thinking a drop where you will be on your back head first as to make so the ride will be tall and you can take the Gs.. All indications are that the track is for Sea World. As one of my sources put it to me that if the track is not for Sea World then we have a real mystrey on our hands. Anyway a freind pasted a couple of my photos from yesterday together to make one large one check it out below or larger here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/manta/ss1a.jpg .
  4. Agreed but, the lift will be taken on your back sitting up (lying in the up postions). I cant confirm at this point whether the drop will be taken head first on your back or it may do something similar to the Vekoma Flyer where you will roll over at the top into the flying position. I hope that you will take the main drop head first upsidedown so that you will be on your back head down.
  5. The grass is used as erosion control so that the dirt doesnt get washed into the storm drains. We used to use hay bails around the drains to stop the dirt but in this case they have used grass. When it rains the grass stops the dirt from washing away so they dont have other problems as you can see its kind a in a ditch.
  6. The area is very large, as for the RED coaster track. From one of my inside sources the reason for the red is that most of the coaster will be built over water. I just have to wonder what color supports they will go with. I hope not blue like the other big red coaster here in Florida. I suspect maybe a grey or a tan color something to offset the red. But with the red track the grey manta ray trains will look pretty awsome. Plus you kinda have to figure it will be eisier for the average Joe to associate the Busch parks with those big red diving coasters down in florida. Cant wait for the offical announcement, from what I know of the coaster, People are going to be shocked by what they have in store for Sea World. You need to think Dive/flyer Hybrid (take a sheikra train and turn it into a flyer) coaster new type Prototype ride from B&M
  7. Construction Update I was out at the park today for a look around and to see how things are progressing. Mostly just dirt work has been done. I checked the Orlando Permitting office last night and no new premits have been issued. One noticable change is the size of the holding area where I suspect track and other parts will be stored has tripled in size. I would expect with in the next couple of weeks that track, rebar and other things for building the coaster will start to show up.. With the expected announcement in the next couple weeks things should start going soon. Photos are here at bottom if you want to see photos of dirt, http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/new2009sw.html I know borring but its part of the process of documenting the construction of a coaster. Storage area differnces below. Befor and after photos.
  8. /\ If you are referreing to this video the sound is pretty acurate to the ride. http://youtube.com/watch?v=3GoOR3n8uLc . It is pretty well done, I am pretty sure it is almost exactly as the video shows.
  9. 2 of the main coasters wernt operating. There is a small kiddie section with a small train and other kiddie flats not in operation as work was just getting started. Several stores and building were still getting finishing touches and other various things. Not bad for the first sneak a peak day. The 2 coasters Maxiimum RPM they were doing Q line work but the coaster appeared to be operatonal and Slippery when wet same thing looked completed but not operating.
  10. Well along with my Auction time part of the auction was to get some tickets to attend the first Sound Check day and first operational day of the park. The park is much larger then I had thought and there is more to do then I had thought. Lots of high quality themeing went into the park. Below are 14 of 43 of my photos from the first ever open day of the new Hard Rock Park. I have alot more photos here so take a look http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/new2008hr1.html Highlights of the day were not only being in the Auction but I was about the 20th person in the gate and was able to catch the first opening run of Led Zeppelin the Ride. Over all it is a very impressive park and cant wait to get back to the park once everything is completed and operational. Libety looking cool. Couple more coasters Q house and other buildings Couple of the coasters couple of flat rides Toward the entrance plaze One of the Areas Merchandise Front Gate
  11. To elaborate a little on the loading. Inside the blimp is the unload and load area. There is enough room for both trains in the station with the Ride Op area in between them. The Q and lines are outside of the actuall coaster. Inside the blimp they have enough room for one trains worth of people plus you are already in a predesignated seat assignment. Once you see the move and move into the boarding station you are ready to ride. Its kind of unique in the way they have put the Q system together which I think may cause some problems in the long run but still pretty cool. There are 3 or 4 areas in the main Q house that you pre set up for the train then you move into a secondary room for the film then you get on the ride.
  12. Thanks, and thanks everybody for the compliments on the photos. I hope everybody clicked the link to see the rest of the photos from my day at the Auction there are lots of photos of the Zep that I didnt put in the report here on TPR. Sure did, and luckily I was on the first real train of the day I was about the 20th person in the gate at opening time for Sound Check, so I headed straight for Zep and got the first train.. We even had a computer glitch in which there was no sound on the Zep.. I hope to have another photo update tomorrow with lots of photos from around the park in another tread. Just havent had time to go through the photos, I will post when I do..
  13. Its the same song, Whole Lotta Love. And it seems that parts of the ride are set to certain parts of the song. Or at least the parts of the song they picked fit the rides flow. Kinda slow as you go up the lift then as you drop the music hits a spot where its a lot of power in the music.
  14. Lets see how to describe this. With out makeing an arguement with a bunch of people. I guess I would have to say its more or less about certain parts of a ride. Take Montu, I love to be crushed in the seat on the Bat Wing and I would put Montu in the more of an intense range leaves me breath less everytime.. Kumba well I would say is one of the most intense on the list and I would considered it an intense ride versus what I deam a medium ride (maybe add Hulk in there to the intense list). Sheikra, I would put in a thrill ride catigory. Mantis I would say is intense but for the wrong reasons more like pain. Raptor I would put more in the intense range, the helix at the end while the camelback is intense I put it more in the slamming around range. Talon seemed to be more in the medium range same for great bear. Hulk has an overall intense ride experience with some above average Gs and a good long ride expereince. The zep does have a few weak spots which brings down its intense level, the helix could be stronger and a few other things but there is no real wow point in the ride to make it into an intense catagory. Except intense fun. For me its about the whole ride experience, when you come into the station and you are out of breath or you legs a shaking from the adrenaline rush you just got thats when I put them in the intense range. While some rides are intense in pain some are intense in just fun like Sheikra. Really its about prefferences, I love rides to have parts where the Gs are above average but I also like some parts where quality airtime is appreciated take Goliath at Six Flags Georgia, while medium in intense for the most part it is a perfect Air machine best floaty air. LARRYGATOR, From what I followed in the auctions, the front row went for about 600, second row I think was in the 300 range and the rest of the seats were in the 200 range, back row I think was in the 300 range. I dropped 255 for my seat. I did it mostly for the experience, the photos and the memorbillia. Its hard to get on some of the park media lists to get in for special events. Its really about the experience of going and being at what I consider my favorite time in life, being in a park rideing a ride while the park is closed.
  15. The ride is pretty much what you would expect from B&M. Medium forces and smooth as silk. The camelback and zero G are among the best. Both flow very nice. The camelback is smooth with out the slamming around that occours on some. The sound adds to the ride and makes things very intersting. Like driveing a fast car on a twisty road jamming to the radio. No real complaints except I always like them a bit more intense then the medium of most rides today but thats becuase I am a COASTER A HOLIC. The ride is very reridable and will be enjoyed by all who take it for a spin. One of the cool things is when you are watching the ride you dont hear the coaster you hear the radio blasting as it runs the course. It is really a cool effect as the train loops or runs the helix you hear the music louder and quiter like a passing car. Basically, good medium sized drop nice floaty loops, good Z g roll and a couple of helixes. Great medium speed looping ride by B&M J>
  16. The day finally arrived for the First To Ride event on the Led Zeppelin the Ride Roller Coaster. The Hard Rock Park did an auction for people to be the first to ride the new roller coaster at this brand new park. The day began with a short speech from CEO Steven Goodwin. We then headed for the Q house, once inside there were large Zeppelin displays and lots of music. Once in the Q house you are shown a small video and then into another room where you are shown some concert footage of the band. Then it was time for our ride on the new Led Zeppelin roller coaster. Lots of media were on hand for the historic first ride with lots of photo ops and interviews. After our ride we were given our other prizes that were part of the auction including: park hat, Zeppelin T'shirt, bag tag and the signed Led Zeppelin poster and a couple extra tickets to get back into the park for its Sound Check later in the day. All in all it was a great experience and always great to do a little for charity in which almost $10,000.00 was raised. These are just a few of the photos from the days activities, make sure you check out the rest here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventHRP.html The ride The train In the exit and shopping area Rear of buildind EXIT Inside the Q CEO Steven Goodwin makes the annoucement Memorbillia and signed Zeppelin poster Couple of onride and photo ops Certificate
  17. Tuesday through thursday are the lighter days. Rain is usually in the afternoons. Go at park opening time, buy ticket online saves on an extra line. Montu and Gwazi operate at park open. The rest of the park opens 30 minutes after the park opens because the park is roped off just past Gwazi and just before Rino Rally. Best to hit Gwazi first as it has very slow load operations and the lines can get very long. Most ride Q's operate fast. Have fun.
  18. Thanks guys, sometimes you get lucky and get one or two great shots like the one above. This one is getting done into a poster for my collection of great shots. I could sit there for hours at the viewing window and watch the tigers. I just hope that the tigers dont get used to the viewing windows and become less interested in them. Its pretty cool to see them with there noses right up to the glass as you are doing the same looking right at them. Just like in the photo above, got lucky that my camera focused as the tiger was about 2 ft from my camera, plus the glass is not scratched up yet. They have a tiger tour that I may try in the future, its $36.00 but from what I was told they take you behind the scenes and you get to see the tiger cages and other stuff. Dont know if it will be worth the money but I may do it once just to see. Anyway Busch really did a nice job with the tiger stuff, allowing the nice views. I have a few more photos here of Jungala and the tigers if you want to take a look http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/new2008bg1.html
  19. I had a chance to get a look at Jungala couple days ago and I was very impressed with the area. A major improvment from what was there before, with the old tiger tanks and the old Python coaster. I really liked the new tiger areas, and the viewing glass. The tigers seemed to enjoy the new area. I was told that they have 4 sets of tigers that are on display through out the day, so to keep them fresh and active. It was pretty cool to see them right up in your face and seems the tigers really like looking directly at the little kids, maybe more for a meal. Anyway the area is really awesome and if you love tigers you will love the close up look you get. Overall very impressive area and a great addition to the park. My favorite photo from my day at the park. More can be seen in my new 08 section
  20. Another article has hit the news. Seems the proposed park is still porgressing. Money is getting put together, land has been choosen and city officials have been in discussion. The article says that parks website will go active tomorrow. Guess we will have to see if this park actually gets built or if it falls through in the length process of apporvals, city votes and money http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=19473352&BRD=1817&PAG=461&dept_id=222076&rfi=6 Kim L. Tucci, CEO of One Dream One Team, said the state's rapid growth in recent years has yet to bring everything a population needs, including a major theme park. The complete development will encompass three corners of the intersection. After the park, the team hopes to build a related "CityWalk" with retail, dining and family amusements such as bowling and Imax movies on another corner, then a hotel on a third corner. The complete plan could cost $600 million. "Something like this will bring in so many people, this town will probably liven up a little," Tucci said in an interview last week. She expects Coyote Canyon Theme Park to someday draw 10,000 people a day from Arizona and other southwestern states. The group's Web site is expected to be up tomorrow at www.coyotecanyonthemepark.com. Tucci said the park could employ between 800 and 1,500 people, about 25 percent of whom would be in salaried positions. A consultant is currently at work on the park's master plan, which the group hopes to present to the Town Council in about three months. The team hopes to break ground in the fall. Tucci, 43, of Magma Ranch in Florence, describes herself as a single mother whose previous business ventures have included a restaurant and a swimming pool company. She and the four other women in One Dream One Team haven't done anything on this scale before. "We're ordinary homebodies, blue collar workers who work every day." Tucci and one of the partners, Carolyn Helm, have been working on the future theme park for 10 years. The other members of the team are Melinda S. Martinez, LouVelle Poncho and Maria E. Puente. The group isn't asking for the government's help in the form of tax dollars, but hopes to build the park from private fund raising, investments and sponsorships. "As the money comes in, we go forward," Tucci said. "We have been putting this together little by little. At this point, we have the investors we need for the plan to go forward. ... We'll be raising money through the whole process." They haven't been the only ones to notice the state's entertainment void; another group previously announced plans for a rock'n roll theme park in Eloy. "We think it's great, we really do," Tucci said of the other park. She said the two parks should serve to draw from an even wider region. "I think the two places will complement each other greatly for the state, and I'm hoping the town of Florence will benefit from this." Jess Knudson, assistant to the town manager, and Scott Powell, town economic development coordinator, have met with the group. Powell said town staff have had a few initial conversations with One Dream One Team, helped them identify the potential piece of property and introduced them to the property owner's legal counsel. The group asked for a letter of support from the town, but Powell said the town couldn't provide that without more information. "Really the ball's in their court now," Powell said. "... I'd like to know where they are so I can be of more help." Once town staff sees the master plan, they can determine the next steps, Powell said. According to the team's written business plan, "Historically there has never been a theme park or city walk of this magnitude in Arizona. The largest attraction would be the Arizona State Fair that operates for about five weeks out of each year. Coyote Canyon and its City Walk will satisfy the want of a major attraction needed in the state of Arizona." The plan says Coyote Canyon and its City Walk will be the largest theme park and walk, respectively, in Arizona. The park would be small however, compared to Disneyland about 465 miles away. The team wants Coyote Canyon to have five major corridors: Old West Country; Indian High Country; River Country; Canyon Country; and Central/Main Street. Tucci said she was born and raised in New Jersey and always had a season pass to the local Six Flags. She said that park was a great benefit to the area's kids. "We didn't think about getting in trouble." The problem here, is "there's nothing for the kids of Arizona to do." She said she wants to build a place where the school district would be proud to hold prom night, graduation night and other functions. She also said the park would be available for corporate picnics. Tucci said the team wants to use solar panels and windmill-generated power as much as possible, and "what the park doesn't use, give back to the community." The team anticipates other activities to benefit children's foundations and other charities. "We are all about giving back," Tucci said. The team is also planning something not every amusement park has - a day care center to watch the little ones while the bigger, braver members of the family ride the biggest, scariest rides. In particular, they're thinking of a roller coaster that makes a 300-foot drop into a canyon.
  21. Here is the flyer. Download it below. You need to be a member or a guest of a number of different coaster clubs. Sometimes websites like TPR or Screamscape work out something with the parks to get a group pass but you will have to check with those people or check with the park to see what coaster clubs are on the list. CoasterMayhem08.pdf
  22. /\ The land is shaped like an ellongated tear drop. The 2 photos below are a split of the main work area. There is 1 other work area but is small and looks to be for future pumps and stuff, but currently has a work trailer on it located at the top of first photo.
  23. It could be anything at this point. However I remember talking with people in the PR department at the Patriot Media Day and was told that if Patriot did well for the park that CF would be adding more great things to the park. In a sense they would increase the budget for future projects. My guess would be that the markers are from a recent survey of the area and could very well be for a new coaster, considering the size of where the markers are.
  24. Here is a bit on it. http://www.wlwt.com/entertainment/15788326/detail.html MASON, Ohio -- Something old is new again at Kings Island, as the backward traveling trains on the Racer roller coaster will run forward again when the park opens for the 2008 season on Sunday, April 20 at 10:00 a.m. The decision to run both sides of the Racer forward again after 26 years with one side facing backward was made in an effort to be consistent with other Cedar Fair parks. The Red Racer trains will be on the former backward side, with the Blue Racer trains on the other side. The Racer has been a mainstay at Kings Island, and with good reason. A lot of facts and figures have been bandied about concerning the coaster -- top height is 88 feet, the course is three-fifths of a mile long, speed is 53.3 miles an hour and the angle of the first drop is 50 degrees. The Racer is credited for re-igniting the coaster building boom in the early 1970's, thus beginning the second golden age of the roller coaster. More than 91,000,000 guests have taken a ride on the Racer since it opened in 1972 with the park. In addition to being considered an important part of the coaster renaissance of the 1970's, the Racer was the site of several world record riding attempts and is notable for its appearance in the Cincinnati Kids episode of the Brady Bunch, filmed at the park in 1973. On May 28, 1982, it became the first racing coaster to ever run trains backwards on one side of its tracks. In 2007, the American Coaster Enthusiasts named the ride an "ACE Roller Coaster Landmark," making it one of only 14 roller coasters in the world with landmark status.
  25. You need to think, dive / flyer hybrid coaster. Can you say B & M. Its going to be a long summer to winter season with lots of drives out to the park for construction photos. Cant wait tell next year when we get to take spin.
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