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  1. The thing that I dont understand about the coaster track theft is this, http://www.rcdb.com/ig3330.htm?picture=1 The only coaster at the park was fully installed. I know they were going to try and open the park last Labor Day 07 but it didnt happen. So unless there was another coaster that they had picked up and might have been ready to install I dont know what they are talking about coaster track. The news article says the track was stacked up by the trash. So unless they had dissasimbled the current coaster or they had to have purchased another coaster, this whole thing just isnt making any sense.
  2. Sure was, busted his front teeth out. Friends for 15 years and one day he got that look in his eye and well I decided that was enough. I think he was BI but never really suspected he was or that he would get in my bed one night and well you can figure out what happened next. Pinched my butt and I punched his teeth out.. NO didnt work so I said no another way. Thats why I like women for freinds because if they get into bed with you then at least its a one night stand.
  3. Pretty silly, I hope to get by there tomorrow and see if it was the acturall coaster that was already installed or if it was just some extra track or parts lying about. Hate when the news cant even get a photo in a story.
  4. Ladies Chicks for me (especially naked ones), just wish mine liked amusement parks like I do. Have to find a new lady that likes to hit the parks, it would make life so much easier. Dont like guys even as freinds cause one day they might surprise you and ask you on a date.
  5. Dont forget about Wildfire, probably one of the ones that really does look like old rusty track besides Nemisis.
  6. From a friend in Ohio that has been by the plant where the B&M track is made. There is a lot of hyper style track out in the yard, it is not painted yet. So track work will probably be later in the summer before you start to see any real track work. I would figure they will continue to do footer work and work on the rumored splash area, along with current station work. They still have a long way to go and lots to do before its absolutly necessary to put the track up. Plus they may have a certain schedule set up to do things in a certain orde so it may just be the way they have things set up to be installed. Once track starts to show up then we will all know about when vertical construction will start.
  7. I love the floorless coasters. I like how the cars provide more room for you to move around. Unlike the sitdown trains like Led Zeppelin or Kumba which seem to cramp you into the seat the floorless provide a lot more freedom. While some complain about them being a gimik or only good in the front seat which they are cool they just have a more open feeling while in the seat. I also like the effect of being in the front seat where it looks like your ankles are going to be sucked under the train or rubbed along the crossties.
  8. Not a big deal, people are idiots and make stupid videos like this. Also ka8911 I would suggest you remove your real street address from you profile. It is not necessary and can be dangerous because this is a public forum and you never know what kind of people could use your address for the wrong reasons. I did a simple search and know exactly where you are just north of Enterprise Rd
  9. It was testing today so I would figure it to open next friday. Steven Wilson of http://www.greatamericaparks.com/ posted some photos of the testing here http://www.flickr.com/photos/ezeiza/tags/20080427/ By the way anybody know if this ride will have the fire/water effects like the one at Kings Dominion. Its one of the coolest effects I have seen.
  10. Thanks for the update Jeff. Looks like its coming along pretty nicely.
  11. From my experience on the Hyper style coasters built by B&M. Most likely the trim brake is regulated by the speed of the train and applies enough force to slow the train into its designed speed for that particular section of the ride. The Hypers are designed for the part that you stated you loved and that is the air time from just before the top of hill all the way to the bottom. Goliath at Six Flags Georgia is that way also. The rides are set up so that you get a nice float of air time and not a slam into the restraints and slam into the seat like on other manufactures rides. While some complain that it ruins the rides, it is so that the ride runs as it was designed to run and give a certain ride. An enjoyable ride experience. Most of the B&Ms are designed with a specific ride pattern in mind and they use trims in different spots to keep the ride in that pattern. I sometimes wish they would just let the trains fly but while that is fun it would ruin the over all effects of the hills and what B&M had in mind when they designed a particular ride. If you get to ride Behemouth on many different days and at different times you will start to see that any day the trims will hit a little differently or not at all. Even the difference from the train being full to and empty train will cause a different effect of the trim brakes.
  12. What do you need to know about the event. Most likely this is what will happen Show up at 830am for check in. Hour ERT on Behmouth and the other 5 major rides in the park. Free time till lunch at about 12 -1 pm. Maybe a tour and a group photo after lunch. More free time. ERT at night on Behmouth and and a few other rides. Cost about 40 -50 dollars, maybe 20 -30 for season passers. Setting up these events takes so much more time and work then anybody can imagine, 100s of emails and phone calls take place to get things set up. Its not like you just call the park and they agree. Permission has to be granted from the top people in the park. These events are a money loss issue for the parks. The cost to operate coasters does not get equaled buy the small amount of entrance fees these events bring. Take 6 coasters with 4 people a ride plus all the security, you have to get maintainance in early, overtime pay or extra employees = costly event for the park. . ROB will put the information up when the he gets the final details and approvals from the park. Does it really matter when the information is put up. You know the date and Morning ERT is at 9am. Make your travel plans accordingly. Sorry but it only takes a little common sense to figure things out and that things take time to put together.
  13. I prefer this article about this park. I like the last paragraph. (( A $1 million skateboard park, the first phase of the development, will open in July, while the first skateboards are set to arrive in Baghdad late NEXT year. )) http://www.thespoof.com/news/spoof.cfm?headline=s3i34265 The California company that is working to turn a 50-acre swath of land in Baghdad into an amusement park, says that the rides it has planned are simply 'explosive'. The CEO of C3, a Los Angeles-based holding company for private equity firms, is investing millions of dollars in the theme park which will be located adjacent to the Green Zone. "We are going to have some exciting rides" said the CEO "For example Dodgem Cars - however one in every three will have a car bomb inside it. Dare you ride?" he smiled. "Also we will have Roller Coasters that will speed past check points with out stopping - keep those arms in and heads down!" he chuckled. "There will be the 'Safe House' - a bit like a Fun House, but without the fun. Then of course there will be the 'Ghosts of The Past Train' - a frightening ride that will remind everyone that revolution could once again be lurking around every corner --- boo!" And thats not all. "We will have shooting galleries - probably in the car parks and on the roads to the fun park. It's just a great concept" said the CEO "The people need this kind of positive influence. It's going to have a huge psychological impact - and it will only cost a years salary for a family of four to get in!" A $1 million skateboard park, the first phase of the development, will open in July, while the first skateboards are set to arrive in Baghdad late NEXT year.
  14. I wonder if Cedar Fair set this up so to take away from the coaster at SF in St louis's publicity. Anybody know when the coaster is supposed to open. It would be ironic if the coaster opens in the same week as the jump is made.
  15. Here is lots of information and photos http://www.toysaregoodfood.com/content/archives/000008.html and http://www.flinthistory.com/places/autoworld.shtml
  16. Wouldnt it be better to do the jump at the media opening of the Evil Kenivel ride at Six Flags St. Louis. He should jump trucks full of spong bobs so that when he lands short he will have something soft to hit.
  17. My last ride wouldnt be a coaster. It would be a space shot, not the ride but a real space shot and a trip around our blue planet, cruze up for a few hours of weightlessness and then poof you are gone.
  18. Thanks for the nice photos and video. Love the special photo for us wheel/mecanincal enthusiasts. Looks like I am going to have to make plans for Bohemath BAsh with TPR to get some rides on this one as it looks like a fun ride.
  19. It could happen but I think an 09 opening is very unlikely. I would think it would take them many months just to get SF to sell the park, remember SF is still in litigation for all the money from the insurance of Katrina. I also think that the damage to the parks infastructure as in all the buildings is very extensive. If any of you have seen some of the Discovery shows where they have to go in and gut the buildings and completely rebuild them. I also have to wonder how much of the ride structures have been damaged due to rust and lack of any type of maintainance. Add to that, I thought the park never really did pull in the number of guests like they had thought they would. Plus now they are down a coaster and one of there main attractions. Its always possible that the park will reopen and as Shan said above if it does reopen it is a must hit incase it doesn't last long. I didn't get a chance to go to the park when it was open so I hope it does reopen but its going to be a long road, a lot of money and a lot of hard work to make it happen.
  20. Nice Photos Jeff. I like to do a lot of photos of none coaster stuff. I like the nature settings in some of your photos. silvercrew1 . Post your photos anyway, its not a competition. Its about sharing you experiences.
  21. Well said ( daveydo5172 ). I would expect things a bit more interesting that what the teasers are so far. I am thinking that the splash while cool looking will be taken more evenly as in train on back with both sides splashing. Mechanical wear would dictate that a splash on one side would simply tear up the trains.
  22. Here are the graphics in a smaller version. If you want the full size graphics they can be downloaded below in a zip. There are 4 files the 3 art work graphics and a Sea World Logo. Manta Art.zip High Res Versions
  23. From what I can gather from somebody I trust these seem to be the real deal or has been said a rough form of the real drawings. The rough layout does seem to be what I had expected, with a good drop into an immelman, come around to mid brake, drop again and do some fan turns and a splash. Guess for me if this is close what the real coaster will be I have a hard time believeing that this is the largest investment ever. Well I guess if you account for the econemy and the cost of things today, similar to how BGT has been saying that Jungala was the largest investment in the park when really its just a couple buildings and a few kiddie rides. Now just have to wait for the announcement for the real layout and other things., . This could also be Sea Worlds way of starting the excitment of the ride with releasing the graphics to get people talking.
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