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  1. Thats looks like the machine that they used to bend the steel runners that go around the track. Each steel plate is custom made for each section of the coaster and has to be bent to fit the wood precisely.. Wood is bent by hand and not so much bent as one would think but more bent to fit a general shape and trimmed to fit into its place.. This kinda shows how they make a curve... http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/starliner/st180a.jpg And this photo you will see how they lay a bunch or boards along where they will go (see to top of hill).. They let the boards lay for a week or so and the boards will naturally start to curve down or up to fit a hill section. Then they are forced into place with clamps and stuff before nailing in place and bolting them to the cross members... http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/starliner/st191a.jpg
  2. There are many things I wonder about this possible sell.. Remember a few months back there was talk of a possible move or sale of the amusement park division anyway, back when they came out with the new chain wide name.... World of Discover. I also remember reading that there was talk of moving the amusement division to Florida and building a new head quaters near Sea World.... It was also made know that the new head of Busch was not really interested in the parks division anyway.... So what I wonder know is maybe they already have a buyer in mind, somebody that may carry on the tradition of the parks.. Instead of just putting the parks up for sale.... I also wonder if the people that are helping to back the new parks in Dubi arent the new suspected owners of the Busch Park Chain,, if I remember correctly they the Dubi people were putting a large amount of money in to the Busch Dubi projects... So I wonder if there isnt a tie in to this..
  3. Favorite Arrow coaster is or was the original...... X
  4. In Florida, the show will be on the The Learning Channel at 9pm Eastern Time.
  5. If it were un limited I might consider it but really not worth it unless your time is very limited.. I would imagine for a family that likes a schedule and like to see and do all there is like shows and stuff. I would think that it might benifit some of them as it allows a family to ride together quickly, get on and off a ride and move on.. Generally though as most people know Busch has a good way of moving the lines pretty well. Except on super buisy days then you just have to go with the flow. Otherwise, just another thing for people to pay extra for to get that I am better then you feeling of cutting in line..
  6. I asked about it today while out at the park.. Its 24.99, and 19.99 for season pass holders. You get a one time skip the line preveledge on most of the major attractions. I beleive the lady also said that you get one extra on any attraction you choose.. So you get to skip the line one time only on the rides listed below and one extra time on one ride.. Drawbacks... Montu you go up the exit lane and you are put into row 2, you dont get to choose seat... Kumba you have a special line you enter which dumps you into the general Q house. (not needed.) Sheikra you enter into what is the single rider line which dumps you out at the top of the stairs into the rest of the lines.. As for the rest of the rides not sure how it works.. Is it worth it, in my opinion NO... If you have limited time and just want to hit the rides once then maybe its good... The lines are rarely large enough that this is needed except on a saturday mid summer... BGA moves people through the lines... Today while there Sheikra was one train wait, Montu one train wait, Kumba was a walk on... Below is the flyer that lists the rides on the QQ adenda..
  7. I asked about dinner and show reseverations and was told that its in the works, if the units are popular there are alot of things that will get added... I would guess that in a couple weeks when the information goes on to the website there well be some more information about them.. With the unit you also get a discount on food and merchandise in the park... Also season pass holders can rent for 10% off... It also speaks in the common languages, english, spanish, german and a few of the other more popular languages..
  8. I would figure at least 4 or 5 more months before they release that information. Probably when the track starts to go up and I would not expect that until somewhere in November or so ...
  9. Person I talked with said for now its just at Sea World as a test run to see the popularity. I asked about other parks and was told most likely they will appear at the other Busch parks. I figure give them say 6 months and see what appears at other parks. Its really a cool item, and has so much information on it that you could spend alot of time viewing all the stuff. It also as advertisments for other Busch and water parks, as they show a video of BGT in which they show coasters, jungala and alot of stuff. I would imagine they will become very popular as you know how most people are with gadgets...
  10. Was out at the park today for some photos. Construction Update June 22nd, 2008! Lets see what is has been done over the last couple of weeks. A lot more tank wall work has gotten done and and a lot of new footers have gone in this week. New footer holes all over the general work area along with a lot more steel cages have been prepared for footer pours. Check out all the photos here..... www.johnnyupsidedown.com/manta.html
  11. Sea World Florida's New Smart Guide For those of you that can't get enough of those fancy gadgets and gizmos something new has shown up at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. The park has a new in the park GPS information device called Shamu's SmartGuide. Loaded with all kinds of park information, video displays and interactive maps. The unit has a full park map which you can click on a ride or area and a video will display as to what you can do at a certain ride. Directions and distance to rides from where you are in the park, show times and all kinds of other park information. This is a test program and will likely show up at other Busch parks soon but Sea World is the only park currently with the GPS system. There should be information on Sea Worlds Website in the coming weeks. The cost is $18.00 plus tax so its something like $19.25 total and I figure you have to leave a Credit Card for collateral. For larger versions of the photos below go here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/basic.html Below are the park flyers, photos of the unit and another plaque... In park advertisment The unit diferent screen The unit main screen Flyers
  12. Sounds like a ride to hit first upon entering the park as I fiugured the line will move slowly due to the low capacity of the ride. I have seen videos of the ride and as you said in your breif TR explination that the ride was good but not awsome.. To me it looks to be one of those I rode it rides.. It seems to be a unique design but lacks the overall high quality of ride elements. It seems that they went with a gimick and forgot to make a great coaster after the unique lift system.. Oh well, I will ride it for sure on my next visit and then can make judgment of a ride as I am pretty open minded to all rides and experiences.. So it will be intersting to see how good the ride is..
  13. Cheetah was a great ride on opening day, but now has to be retracked almost every year.. Lets not forget about Twisted Twins that is now SBNO at SFKK.. You have to wonder if maybe its seen its last day also.
  14. I think the ride was offered to ACE, but ACE wanted the land it sat on.... Thats why nobody knows there was an offer by CF.. I am guessing that CF offered the coaster and told them to move it... ACE wanted CF to give them about 10 acreas of land around the coaster. In other news about the auction. http://blog.cleveland.com/plaindealer/2008/06/big_dipper_attracts_tentative.html Tom Woosnam, who works for Apex Western Machinery Movers, an Akron company that moves amusement rides, bought the coaster Tuesday for $5,000 for a buyer he declined to identify. The same bidder bought the Bobs and its maintenance shop for $2500. By the way, a pile of rocks sold for $3000! The ride relocator refused to talk about plans for the coaster. Villain sold for $30,000 and the looper sold for $23,000, both to a Cleveland scrap dealer. The observation tower was also sold to be scrapped.
  15. There was a discussion about it on Pop Up Buzz.... Could have been a couple months ago, there was a discussion about the Dipper and some people made the comments about an EC member getting or sending an email to other EC members about bidding on the the Dipper. No real email was posted just a discussion of what was on the email. I don't know how true it was but some people that I recognize as ACE A listers had discussed it... If I remember correctly the discussion was about ACE making a bid and not telling any body about it because they didn't want to have to tell ACE members they were going to use the museum fund to do it.. Which is why I think ACE is publicly stating no such offer was made so they don't look bad.... I find it hard to believe that Dick Kenzel would just throw that out in a media interview if it weren't the truth. What would Ceder Fair have to gain by kicking ACE in the face with stating it made them an offer of a free coaster. ACE wanted a free coaster, the land it sat on and other stuff which is why I believe you are seeing ACE make a big statement about how they didn't get any such notice... I believe they did get an offer but I think ACE was to greedy to take them up on just getting a coaster for free. Let alone all the money to buy, move and restore such coaster. ACE would have been in way over there heads with it and now I think they are trying to save face so to speak...
  16. Check it out ACE denies ever being offered the coaster.. Pretty funny that ACE is in denial considering about a month ago an Executive Committees private email was posted on the internet pertaining to this exact thing stating that ACE was offered and was making a bid for the coaster.. More ACE shenanigans. http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/news_article.aspx?storyid=91626&catid=3 Quote from the article. Last week, Norton Vice President Denise Kinsey said in an email: "It was made available to the American Coaster Enthusiasts, an association dedicated to roller coasters, a few weeks ago at no cost, other than dismantling, re-locating, and reassembling. They have not accepted that offer," Kinsey added. Several ACE officers and board members contacted Channel 3 News this past weekend and said they have never heard of any offer.
  17. I don't see it happening for one factor , $$.. ACE wanted the coaster only if they didn't have to move it. They wanted to keep it where it was and use one of the banquet halls for the so called museum ( something else thats not going to happen). ACE makes to much interest on all the money in the museum fund. I really don't see ACE getting the Dipper. It is way to much money for them to invest in, taking down, moving and refurbishing the coaster will be at least a million $$ let alone you need a couple acres of land, all the zoning rights and insurance.. Somebody posted above about the Python car, its currently at the so called ACE Museum (back room at PTC).. The car was taken there last year and is on display when ACE has a get together at PTC along with all the other cars they have aquired....
  18. The B&M Hypers are designed to be almost floorless except that there is a floor down there, they have great leg room. All of them are that way. The seats are supper comfortable and you kinda lean back a bit, love them.. Goliath is a great coaster, and glad you got to ride it. It will give you a great idea of what is to come at your home park.
  19. More selling off of america. I have to wonder if this will include the parks. I dont think so... I remember a couple months back a story about how Busch was building a new head quarters for its parks division and were going to move its park division here to Florida in OlandO. I would think the parks will be keep seperate from the sell of the beer division. But I dont know... I would hope that the parks would be left seperate other wise it will be the down fall of one of the best park chains out there.
  20. Thanks Sam. I cant wait tell maybe Oct or Nov. as I would figure that main coaster construction will be happening by then. Its going to be real cool over the coming months to watch what they do and to see all the things take shape.
  21. I should have biweekly updates until track starts to go up then I will have weekly updates. Construction Update June 8th, 2008! Stopped out at the park for a look around. More base wall work has been done on future water tanks. More footer work and prep work has been done over the last week. More machinery has shown up at the site and looks like a lot more material has shown this week. See lots of photos here www.johnnyupsidedown.com/manta.html Couple of photos below from today. Down the site Part of the site The logo
  22. Here is a POV from the front seat. Download it here by "save as". Or click play below. http://www.faarupsommerland.dk/gfx/brugerupload/video/lynet_new.wmv lynet_new.wmv
  23. Actually there is a video there. Its from the announcement day. It shows the work site, the graphics and a short speach. It was posted on the previous page of in this tread. Here is the post that somebody uploaded the video. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42837&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=297
  24. Agreed, this ride was one that hanging on wasn't good enough.. I also put that little death machine Looping star at Beech Bend on my list. Hercules in its last few years was pretty unpleasant. Then there are a few out Vegas Way. The former Manhattan express and that thing in Prime Nevada called Desparado... Just a few of my death machine coasters that provided a less then memorable rides.
  25. Me too... Looking forward to the layout. As for track I would imagine it will be a few months.. I will be out there this weekend for a look around so should be interesting to see what is happening. As for track, I know a few spies around the B&M factory and once track is spotted at the plant then we will have a good idea when it will start to arrive at the park.. I would suspect a few months but you never know. I will post up over the weekend with an update from the park.. Hopefully it will be a nice weekend and will be able to get another nice photo update.
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