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  1. There was actually this whole group of children wearing these shirts. Every time I looked at them it gave me a headache. With them all around the park, it was harder than usual to spot an employee. ^^The Gotham skyline will be painted on, they're just painting on the sky first. Here you can see the paint plan in the hands of a worker. The Chiller station is just staying up, though there are no plans for it at this time. Think of it as a scenery element. ^^^Indoor mini-golf is located in the old Castle Arcade. They have this big mega-putt game outside of it. If you play the game, you get a free round of mini-golf. Thanks for the comments!
  2. Edit: Rather than create a new thread for trip reports every week or few days, I'll just post them in this thread for you to view. You can put any general questions or discussions about Great Adventure in this thread as well! I and any other members will be glad to answer them! Trip Report 5/10/08 Rides Kingda Ka- 2 El Toro- 2 Batman- 1 Nitro- 1 Medusa- 1 Skull Mountain- 1 GASM- 1 Teabags...Teacups-1 I took my first trip to the park yesterday after getting off work. The sky was overcast, but it didn't rain at all. I used the season pass that was mailed to me and got in quickly. After getting into the park, I went over to Season Pass Processing to get a new pass with a new photo. It has "Premium Pass" printed on that but I'm still not sure what's so "Premium" about it. The processing center was very efficient with all of the terminals having someone and they got me in and out quickly. I then decided to head over to see the progress on The Dark Knight. The big grey box is sort of an eyesore in comparison to the mangled steel of Chiller, but from what I'm hearing, the inside is awesome. They have most of the queue finished up, still putting up railings and plants, but not much more to do. They have begun painting and right now they're only painting sky and no buildings. I thought they may not be painting the buildings at all, but I saw someone holding the paint plan and it clearly showed the buildings. I decided to make Batman my first coaster of the year. Batman is a great ride, I just wish they would've kept the theming of the junkyard and cop car, but they had Danny Elfman's score blaring in the station and the lights on in the station as well. Batman is one of my favorites, if it wasn't cloned so many times, I think people would rate it higher. After getting off Batman, I headed over to my #1, Nitro. Nitro had a line only at the stairs because of an awesome crew and 3 trains running with no stacking. They were going at an insane pace. As soon as one train dropped off the lift, they dispatched the train in the station with the other train just coming into the break run. Very impressive and props to the Nitro crew. I walked around the park. The lack of flats is very noticeable, people wondered what happened to the Flying Wave (swings) and why there were so many smoking sections. I walked through the park, everything was clean and staff was friendly every where I went. I saw people asking staff questions and they all answered them with a smile on their face. I walked down by the Lakefront since there were no crowds down there and towards Medusa. Runaway Train may have been running 3 trains, but I wasn't really paying attention.They paved a huge area where the Teepee used to be, I still think a drop tower should go there. Medusa was running 3 trains as well and also firing trains out of the station as well. They had a recording in the station that gave instructions about the restraints and no loose article policy and it's status as first floorless coaster. Oh, and don't forget, if it's not Heinz, it's not ketchup! The op had to say it after every train unloaded, and the people on the train loved to say "It's not ketchup!" so the Heinz corporation must be ecstatic. Medusa is really looking shabby though, it needs a new coat of paint ASAP. I headed over to El Toro by way of the bridge, which got new lights by the way, and saw it running very well. The crew was really moving fast, to the point where the train would dispatch out of the station as the other train just hit the brake run. Rode in the back seat, airtime galore and still smooth as glass. Rolling Thunder was only running the Right side, but I didn't feel like getting rattled around. I headed into the Golden Kingdom, and stopped by the tiger exhibit. All of the tigers were asleep though, so I moved over to Kingda Ka. It was running all 4 trains and really working well, until I got on. I sit down on the orange train and get locked in. Unfortunately, the trains were out of position and they have to do a station reset. It takes 10 minutes, but we get launched and make it over the top and back to the station. It was very very shaky and unenjoyable, I wish they would find a way to make it smoother. Some people I knew saw me in the station before I launched and they laughed at how my long hair was blown back and standing up. I got off and yelled "We need 1.21 jigawatts of electricity!" I walked around with my friends for a while, we rode El Toro together and then went to get something to eat, settling at the Boardwalk and getting Butterfly fries. Someone thought it would be a good idea to do the teacups so we did and spun the world around us. We stumbled out and then proceeded to Movietown.We stopped off at Skull Mountain, which had its original queue music going and music on inside the building. There were lights illumintaing the huge skull and pumpkin on. I think the only way to make it better is to add some fog. We went and did the new indoor mini-golf. It was 9 holes and pretty cheesy, but it kept us entertained. I then split off from the group and went over and got another ride in on Kingda Ka. I got on the Blue Train but it too was rough. I decided that I was too tired to really do much else. I decided to take a ride on Scream Machine, believing it wouldn't be too rough. I got up to an empty station and people coming up asked if the ride was closed. I said "No, it's just old, unpopular, and rough" I rode in the front row and got knocked around pretty good. The park was beginning to empty out, but my legs were hurting and I was tired, so I left. Overall, despite what many people are saying, I think the park is in good hands. Granted that they have taken many rides out, I still had a good day regardless. The staff was efficient and friendly, I couldn't find trash laying anywhere, Security was taking line jumpers out at El Toro, and the line's weren't too bad. Not once did I hear anyone complain about the locker policy. Everyone used them and didn't fight the people who told them to use it. It really does make unloading and loading faster. I brought cargo shorts and was able to fit my hat, wallet, keys, cell phone, camera, and extra batteries, so if you don't want to use a locker, wear cargo pants or shorts. Well, on to what people want to see, the pictures! Pulling into the parking booths, I saw Ka was running I parked right next to Scream Machine Hmm, something's missing There, that's better No train in this shot because it was broken down Houdini can't escape from being closed What happened to the Flying Wave? Now only 3 people can go on it? Movietown is ruled by B&Ms But Mack is going to change that They've begun to paint the facade, which I hope lasts long. They've landscaped Chiller's old area nicely What's left of Chiller is just chillin Though not having that tangled mess of steel gives a nice view of Nitro They now have people our front of coasters to make sure you're tall enough and that you have no loose articles Batman was running great Oh boy, two trains in one shot! Give me an award How are people scared of this Skull Mountain turned 12 and is too old to cry its waterfalls. In one more year, Michael Jackson will lose interest in it And parking is still 15 bucks?! Cloudy blue skies Still some work left to be done before Thursday's opening Big, open spaces Big, open spaces Everyone just wants to see El Toro Obligated to take this shot Some air here Keep on rollin, rollin, rollin A little paint and people will think it's new A drop tower, anyone? Fine, more El Toro Here's the other Intamin in the park The public loves it Ow Hey look, El Toro! Air The Dark Knight opens Thursday Indoor Mini golf! It may not be a great ride, but man does it look cool I leave you with a shot of Dream Street For all of the pictures I took of the Dark Knight and its area, click here Thanks for reading!
  3. Illum Hills: Fall, Year 3 (Fall Fest) Sun:12pm-10pm Mon:Closed Tues:Closed Wed:Closed Thurs:Closed Fri:4pm-11pm Sat:10am-12am Ticket Prices: Adult General Admission: $18.00 Child General Admission:$8.00 Spectator:$9.00 Under 3: Free Season Pass: $40.00 Attractions: Eagle's Nest Pioneer Super Swinger Wonder Wheel Galaxy Grand Carousel Double Take Dino Run Scramble Inferno Rotor Fall Fest Attractions: Horror at the Hills Haunted Walkway Pick a Pumpkin Park News: Fall Fest has returned with great enthusiasm around the area. Mr. Illum has spared no expense this year, bringing back Horror at the Hills and creating Horror Hollow for it to reside in. For the families, he even put in a pumpkin patch for little kids to run through and bring home a nice Jack-o-lantern from the park. Mr. Illum brought the temporary haunted house up to town fire codes and obtained a permit, so Horror at the Hills can remain a permanent structure. The board ruled, however, that it can only be open during the fall season because of its inability to handle large crowds. Park Manager Roger Bryant told us that "Due to the popularity of the attraction and the amount of money it took last year to assemble and reassemble, we thought it would be better to get the necessary permission to make it a permanent structure. Unfortunately, the whole Horror Hollow section will have to remain closed until the Fall as ruled by the Westworth town council." In other news, site prep continues on next year's new attraction with Mr. Illum and Mr. Bryant both keeping mum on what it is. Mr. Illum commented "It will be big and it is very technologically sophisticated. I have been working very close with the people at INTAMIN to make sure that everything comes together right." The announcement for the ride will come during the closing weekend of the park. An interesting thing to note, Mr. Illum revealed that a company has purchased a 20% interest in the park. It turns out that it is not Marriott. Warner Communications has invested about 4 Million dollars into the park in exchange for learning the basics of running a theme park. Mr. Illum said of the deal "Warner is interested in getting into the theme park business and they were looking for a small park to invest in and learn from. The deal was very generous to me and I get to stay in charge of the park and make all the decisions. The name will remain Illum Hills and stay family owned. The Warner executives are helping me to make this park the absolute best park it can be and thanks to their investments, I can keep up with the expenses. Hopefully in the future, they can branch out and create their own parks using my park as a model." Here is the photo update from the Fall! The entry plaza has been done up for Fall Fest, Mr Illum. said the plaza will be redone in the offseason. Skeletons adorn the roof of the entrance Inferno's final helix has received fog for Fall Fest. Here is Inferno's sign Red lights on the loop for Double Take and Red Lights on Eagle's Nest Some festive coffins and crypt by the fountain The Haunted Walkway has returned on the path to Lumberjack Falls and Inferno Horror at the Hills now located at the new Horror Hollow They do such a nice job making these attractions look good The Pumpkin Patch for the kids to go through, and an intresting angle on Inferno's lift Galaxy has reopened along with it's pathway. The construction wall has been moved and a new sign has been put up! A new update is coming soon!
  4. I surely won't disappoint, I'm really planning in advance for the park. Right now I have things planned out up to Year 7.
  5. Yes, Intamin has existed since 1967. They built Revolution in 1976 so they're well established in the park's timeline!
  6. Here's an interview from the Westworth Press dated 9/2/YR3!
  7. What a shame, it was a nice park. Too bad it had to close! I wanted to see what that hyper or giga would look like!
  8. Small Park Update! As the end of the Summer approached, a lot was happening at the park. A guest was kind enough to share some of their photos of the activity! Skyview Cafe has re-opened with a new sign and interior! A look at the new Skyview A whole new level has been added, tables will be set up soon! A big construction wall has blocked off Galaxy's exit path The ride itself is closed From Eagle's Nest, you can see lots of dirt being moved around, possibly for a big new expansion or attraction! Horror at the Hills is beginning to take shape in a new location for Fall Fest Big things are in store! The always awesome Fall Fest update is coming soon!
  9. I'd really love to go and cover this event, but I'm afraid if I don't get my stimulus check early, I won't be able to afford it! I just hope everything comes together within the next 2 weeks, they still need to paint the cityscape onto the big gray box!
  10. Thank you very much , I just tried it out and it worked! Lots of work to be done now that I can make signs!
  11. Thank you! I'm really working hard to make it as believable as possible! And I do run Vista, so that answers my question , thanks again!
  12. Thanks for all of the compliments! DBru, even though the park is pretty self contained right now, there is a TON of room for expansion. The park will grow through the years. You will see changes with every update I post (Double Take's Paint, The Rotor) and you can go back and look at how much things have changed through the years. I can tell you that there will be at least one new thing in every update, no matter how small it is! Now if I could only get billboards to work properly
  13. Thanks! Illum Hills: Summer, Year 3 Sun:12pm-10pm Mon:10am-10pm Tues:10am-10pm Wed:10am-10pm Thurs:10am-10pm Fri:10am-11pm Sat:10am-12am Ticket Prices: Adult General Admission: $18.00 Child General Admission:$8.00 Spectator:$9.00 Under 3: Free Season Pass: $40.00 Attractions: Eagle's Nest Pioneer Super Swinger Wonder Wheel Galaxy Grand Carousel Double Take Dino Run Scramble Inferno Rotor Park News: The park has benefited greatly from the addition of Inferno, seeing record attendance numbers and increased profits. Ticket sales have helped to reduce the debt that had been troubling Mr. Illum, who noted that the park was still running in the red. Mr. Illum said he was happy to see that companies were interested in his park, but he enjoyed being in charge of the park too much to part with it. The park overall is great at pleasing guests, with a great assortment of rides and eateries. The only complaints have been about sunburn and the length of some of the lines during the summer. The rides are still in great working condition and the only problems have been with Double Take, which has had the occassional problem with the launch motor and the train will valley. Park Manager Roger Bryant said that the procedure for replacing the train is very easy and the ride can be up and running as soon as the next day. With a successful summer season behind the park, it is quickly becoming a premiere destination. It may soon attract more offers from big companies, but Mr. Illum may not be willing to sell! Here is the Photo Update from the Summer! The park keeps looking better and better Pioneer is getting a little rougher and it's wood is fading, but it's still delivering a great ride Inferno's exit ramp provides a great view of Double Take! It's brilliant red paint job from opening year has also began to fade Inferno is an astounding sight at night Double Take's train valleyed after a launch motor failure The new rotor where the teacups and haunted house once stood Skyview hasn't been open all year, the renovations must be taking longer than expected An overview of the park at the end of the Summer! Fall Year 3 is coming soon!
  14. Thanks! ^You'll get your first look at the rotor with the summer update! This update was more towards showing off Inferno, but the summer will be a big look at how the park looks! It will be up soon, so stay tuned!
  15. Thanks! Yeah, I think it may just be the angle at which the concept art was made. But then again, concept art isn't always as accurate as we'd like it to be I'm glad to finally be updating this again and I'm always glad to hear everyone's opinions!
  16. Illum Hills: Spring, Year 3 Park Owner: David Illum and Family Park Manager: Roger Bryant Park Opening Date: April 2nd, Year 3 Park Hours (Spring): Sun:10am-7pm Mon: Closed Tues:Closed Wed:Closed Thurs:Closed Fri:4pm-9pm Sat:10am-10pm Ticket Prices: Adult General Admission: $15.00 Child General Admission:$8.00 Spectator:$7.00 Under 3: Free Season Pass: $40.00 Attractions: Eagle's Nest Pioneer Super Swinger Wonder Wheel Galaxy Grand Carousel Double Take New Attractions for Year 3: Inferno Rotor Park News: Installation of Inferno went very quickly and successfully, General Manager Roger Bryant was very happy with Schwarzkopf and hinted that more attractions by them could be expected in the future. Mr. Illum, after taking a ride on the new attraction declared it to be one of the best experiences he has had on a roller coaster. In other park news, a new ride has taken the place of the teacups and temporary haunted attraction from the fall. On an interesting note, Mr. Illum, who has emphasized the financial burden of the park, revealed that a company had made a lucrative offer for the park for 3 million dollars. Marriot expressed interest in acquiring the park and make it into a Great America on the East Coast. Mr. Illum said that the park would not be sold in the near future and visitors can enjoy our family park charm for many more years. Here are pictures of Inferno and its surrounding areas! A new metal monster joins the park's skyline! The ride's forceful finale Looking into the station Inversion goodness A look at Inferno's area! Blazing gifts, new to the area! Inferno's exit provides a great view of the final helix Nice lighting effects at night! Summer year 3 is coming soon!
  17. Thank you! Another piece of art has been released by the park today! This time, instead of a painting, a concept drawing showing the detail of the area and coaster is available for everyone to view! [/img]
  18. Another new update! They are sure moving fast with opening approaching very quickly! Construction crews are working fast and furious The Gotham City Rail sign is in place! Closer look at the Preshow building Queue landscaping is being done where Chiller's elements once stood Another look of the Preshow building, hopefully we see more of the facade go up soon! If you'd like to see the full gallery, click on the link below! I'll try and keep everyone updated when more comes in! http://www.gadvonline.com/photogallery/thumbnails.php?album=37
  19. Sorry for the delay in updates, things got really hectic at college and I had no time to update my park! Please forgive me, now to pick up where I left off! Update from the park! From the Westworth Press
  20. I apologize for bumping this old topic, but I do have photos of construction for The Dark Knight! Also, a full color rendering of the building exterior and track layout has been posted to Great Adventure History and I will try and get permission from them to post it here. These photos are from the site I administrate, so it's fine to post them here! Here are photos of the Dark Knight as of 4/19/08: The preshow building has it's exterior nearing completion Front view Queue landscaping has begun Very blurry, but this may be one of the trains inside the building Last look Here's a link to GA History's rendering and track layout: http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=502&view=findpost&p=6445 More updates as they become available!
  21. Even though I haven't been to the park yet, I think it's pretty safe to say that El Toro's lift will remain the way it has since last season. It was great when it would heave you over the top of the hill, but it was causing maintenance problems with the turnaround into the first drop and the drop itself. I can live with the slowed lift since the ride still is full of that crazy ejector air all over the place.
  22. Season Pass events are great. There was no Coaster Celebration last year so I'm looking forward to it this year. Last year I only went to Coasters After Dark. It was great since they gave out a coupon where you could bring a friend with you for only 15 dollars. I actually think I have the flyer they handed out last year.
  23. Sends a real shiver up my spine to see a robot that can take to the terrain without falling over. Though it may have a long list of positive applications, but I get a huge Terminator vibe from watching it.
  24. I have to say that seeing Fahrenheit now that it's built has made me more excited for it. To me, it didn't seem all that great and I was looking more forward to Behemoth and even The Dark Knight. The Norwegian Loop looks awesome from the pictures, I'll have to take a trip to Hershey to give this a ride. Many thanks to Flyin Phil for the aerials!
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