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  1. Six Flags Ultimate Odyssey is up for download! Go get it HERE! There are two custom music files for 2 tracks. Download this one for Joker in Arkham Assault:custom1.wav - 5.14MB Download this one for Batman: The Ride:custom2.wav - 27.38MB In order to get these custom sounds into the game you must download them off of the site and then place them into the DATA folder. You must keep them as "Custom1" and "Custom2" or you will not be able to use them in the game. Once they are in there you can access them under the music selection menu and enjoy!
  2. Food Building Flat ride and Lazer tag arena and the Haunted House Overview of the new section Aftershock- my 4D coaster Aftershock's Station Kiddie coaster flat rides and food and park overview
  3. A river rapids ride Here is what it looks in its canyon setting Rogue now has a catwalk on it's lift The food stands and some of the section Here is an overview of the new section the kiddie car-ride Hyrdaulic-launch coaster-Thunderstrike The basic station building Station with all the bells and whistles Another view
  4. Here is the Midway, the 3d theater is the large building Here is the floorless coaster-Avenger Avenger's Station Wild Inferno's layout, it was changed later on New hills on Rogue, more rounded than the previous ones My flying coaster- Nighthawk A log flume and kiddie coaster The indoor coaster What the inside track looks like
  5. Here is the Midway, the 3d theater is the large building Here is the floorless coaster-Avenger Avenger's Station Wild Inferno's layout, it was changed later on New hills on Rogue, more rounded than the previous ones My flying coaster- Nighthawk A log flume and kiddie coaster The indoor coaster What the inside track looks like
  6. Here is the story for theming:Batman: Arkham Assault each track is themed to one of the villains blasting their way out of the asylum only to land right back in there b/c of Batman. I themed the station to Arkham Asylum. The tracks are Mr. Freeze, Joker, and Riddler. As you enter the queue, your line would split off to the location of each villian's cell, showing how they escaped. You can even hear the Joker's creepy laughter as you come to your track and blast out of the station. This station even comes with Custom Batman Music, I'll instruct how to put it into the game later here is the Arkham Asylum station View of the tracks and supports overview of the tracks View of the launch track A nice eating pavilion Station for the Suspended Swinging Coaster- Wild Inferno Station for The Torrent Wooden Coaster called Knockout There is actually an improved version of this coming in my release of version 2.0 Waterfront pavilion with a dolphin show
  7. Rogue's Station, Queue, and entrance View of Rogue's turnaround(s) View of Rogue's final sections of track. It also includes a Batman clone Overview of the ride and area, its a copy of the one that GAdv has, i attempted a crude station View of the station different angle view view of the plaza, some atlas statue i put in, and a car to represent the Batmobile I came up with a method to make a triple track LIM coaster here is the final layout
  8. I created this park a little while ago and thought I might as well share it with everyone. This was only my second attempt at a custom park and it came out pretty well. I'm currently working on an improved version but heres some screens of the park and its coasters. Here is my Arrow Looper- The Torrent. Located right by the park entrance. Layout of The Torrent I'm not sure if this is called a corkscrew or not, I call it a reverse corkscrew, but it certainly is interesting Entrance building and Plaza View of the back Power Tower and Flats This is the original layout of my Hyper Rogue, but it has since evolved Rogue's Station and Queue Rogue's surrounding section small spinning wild mouse and bumper cars corner market and super scan. bumper boats in the water. also a maze
  9. I think Gak is having problems with the sensors in it's seats, at least that's what everyone thinks over at Source. Thank God we live so close or we'd never go back after a trip like that It's good to live 15 minutes away on the other side of Ocean County.
  10. A new themed area is coming to Six Flags Great Adventure. In order to try and capitalize upon the success of Cedar Fair Parks, Six Flags Great Adventure will be be retheming the Golden Kingdom to...Garbage Can Land! Yes! Watch the kiddies have endless fun running around the cans, reaching in for prizes and suprises! Adults can have fun too, watching the biggest pile of Junk sit and breakdown from stylish garbage cans arranged to resemble a bench! Yes, it's all coming to you in 2008!
  11. Eww I hope not. I know theres a rumor that GAdv is getting a new coaster in 09 but that better not be it, family overload I heard a rumor about 4 car per train operation on Chiller but I highly doubt it is true
  12. Oh you bet, this is where Flashpass is your friend. Everyone is on their way to the beach (which is just wonderful since i live there ) and they like to stop at the park.
  13. I'll go take a look and I didn't really take any pictures of anyone so you're not the only one!
  14. I actually haven't been to SFNE, all I know is that GAdv is much bigger and has more coasters. Its been getting nicer though under the new managment. I'm trying to get another shot b/c i felt the sun ruined it but i didn't have my camera when i went tonight. And you should make another trip to GAdv, its been improving every year, its not as crappy as it used to be. Thanks for the compliment!
  15. Great TR Dainan, glad you had a great day! It sucks that it broke down but I see that you're not at all upset about that
  16. I'm very happy about this as I always hear people complain about the lack of theming at their parks. These were all great rides, I already miss them Yeah because its so dam expensive
  17. My home park is SFGAdv and yes it is my favorite park. I guess growing up with it makes me have an attachment to it.
  18. Getting Kya'd is always fun, just not when your about to be Kya'd and they pull you back into the station They're actually getting pulled back into the station in this pic
  19. You were there in spirit Dainan! I Wish you could've been there, it was so much fun!
  20. ^Thanks! I almost forgot! I have three onride photos! I'm the guy in the Red shirt
  21. Thanks everyone! I live really close so I take a lot of trips, and a lot of pictures. Heres a few pics from previous trips this season. Shot of El Toro from top of Parachute Tower Shot of the Golden Kingdom and Plaza Del Carnival Chiller in a test cycle Movietown's plaza Chiller's new "humps" Rolling Thunder Racing Looking up at Scream Machine Ka in the morning Ka in the Sunset Night Skyline Up the Spike Blasting out of the observatory Up into the Cobra Roll Ouch Medusa's Zero-G roll A popular shot Morning Skyline These were all taken during my 3 trips in April, thanks for your comments!
  22. rise and scream hasn't started yet....... also, even though the employee may not look at which park your SP is from, I believe the computer knows when they scan it. I'm not saying you can't use it for R&S, I honestly do not know. Sorry, I should've clarified, R&S doesn't start until June I believe
  23. I know some people that used their SFNE pass to get in so yeah they can be used for it. And yes, SP holders get in an hour early for selected coasters.
  24. Hello everyone, this is really my first post here but I hope to become more active over time. Event Coasters After Dark at Six Flags Great Adventure Time in Park 4:45-10pm People (If your name is in bold, it means I hung out with you, If not, it means I saw you) Me ( BuddyChrist ) Josh- My coaster Brother Gabe Amanda Amanda's mom JR Jay ( TPR ) Dave Dan TJ Danilo Snowsurfer Cory Some Girls from my School and some more but I forget! RIDES: [/b] Nitro:4 Batman:2 Robin:The Chiller:2 Batman:The Chiller:AWOL Kingda Ka:1 El Toro:1 GASM:3 SUF:Dead to me Skull Mountain-2 Skyride-1 Flying Wave-1 Big Wheel-1 Medusa-Didn't get around to it So I arrived at the park around 4:45, I went to go get my pass and then headed for the fountain for the 5pm meet-up. I waited about 20 minutes then decided to just go off on my own. So I first headed over to Chiller to see what was up. I did not see a Batman train behind the station and it was still closed. So I went into the station and there was almost no line. I waited 2 trains for the front row and off I went! I still love that launch, so heading up the spike I noticed that there were more LIMs on the spike and I went farther up it, nice. Batman's hump is alright to go past but it was more interesting with the gap. In the station I looked at Batman's side and it looks as if it's still missing LIMs in the station but oh well. From there I traveled over to Nitro and decided to go throught the queue as it was empty. I walked right into the station and onto the back row. It was only running 2 trains still but the lines were non-existant at the time. I could've gotten a re-ride but somebody hurled. So from there I decided to go on the Big Wheel to get some nice pictures and relax. I got some nice shots and I had forgotten how high it really goes. I then saw that Batman had no lines either so I went over to it and walked on to the front row and that station was empty, and I have the picture to prove it. Batman is best in front row but it still packs a punch. I decided then to go down to the Boardwalk and see what was up. I saw that Superman had a line but that coaster is so boring it's dead to me. I decided to get some rides on GASM as it was a walk on. I got on front row 3 times in a row. Only good part of the front row is the air you get coming into the MCBR.From GASM I thought that the 7pm meet-up was at Nitro so I headed over there. I waited in the test seat a good 10 minutes and decided to just go on it anyway. I went up the exit as I saw a line had begun to grow. I then heard my name ring out from across the way, it was JR. Since his group only had 3 I hopped on the back with them. We walked over to Skull Mountain and got a ride in. Then from there we hopped on the Skyride b/c he was going over to Medusa. I told him I was going to Ka and we split from there. So I headed over to Ka and saw that both sides were open and it was running all 4 trains. So I was headed over to the ramp when I see Josh entering the queue with Gabe and Jay. So I called over to them and told them to come with me. So we went up the ramp into the station and decided to go to the left side with Schoolbus and Blueberry. So as we were waiting for Blueberry they launch Schoolbus and it comes back into the station. Then we see them back Schoolbus up into our line and bring Blueberry back into the station. For this I came up with the phrase "You just got Ka'd". So we waited, and we waited and we waited some more. Amanda soon joined us in the station and she went in another row. Finally it got up and running and we get in the front row. We started to chant Rollback and got the whole train going. We went up and we crested it with some speed, definately not a rollback. I got a nice ORP though. From there we decided to hit up Toro. We walked up the ramp into the station and waited for back row. El Toro is always fun in the dark. Let me tell you this, El Toro was a beast, probably my best ride ever, it was insane with the speed and airtime and it charged up the floater hill and through the course. That thing was not out of speed at the end either. Whew. So we got off and waited for Amanda and asked her if she wanted to go to Chiller. So we went along with her mother over to it and when we got there we sent Gabe in to scout out the line. He told us it was clear. So I ran to where the lines split and jumped over the trash can into Batman's line and wanted to see if they would follow me, foolishly they did but I turned them back. We got into the station and Beethoven was op and we were talking to him. We saw Dan (kkrider09) and Amanda sat with him. Me and Josh waited for the front and it was awesome. I pointed out the new LIMs and we went right back in the station. Dave said Batman wouldn't be ready and that it's train was still not together yet. From there we decided to hit up Nitro. We went up the exit to avoid the line and we got on 2nd to last row. We took one hilarious on ride photo and we decided to hit up Candy Mountain last. It was average as usual. When we got out we took pictures with some Staff and then we split from there. I headed over to Batman and waited 3 trains (cause they took one off the track) and got on 2nd row. After that I decided I was done and it was 10, so I hit up the High five line and left. It was a great night altogether with everyone. NOTES: RTC Working well, Batman side still down Batman had 2 trains to start but only 1 at end of the night Nitro was working well, the seats from the A-train are now gone, they must be reassembling it El Toro is a beast at Night Ka was having Difficulties as always Many flats were closed Moment of silence for Freefall No lines at beginning, re-rides galore Rolling Thunder was running one train at end of the night Here are the photos, there's quite a few Wile E. has finally lost it, he's gonna blow us all up Johnny Rockets is open! Dippin Dots overrun Me want Batman, not Robin Pardon the blur On the Big Wheel Looking towards le fountain The other side of the park Scream Machine and ride Dead to Me Ka, Toro, Medusa, Rolling Thunder, Dare Devil Dive, and Runaway Mine Train Skull Mt. From above random Shot Chiller Another view of Movie Town Nitro Up the Lift I caught them both on their lifts full shot of Scream Machine I want this sign Gotham City? I thought this was New Jersey \ This part hurts in the back row na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batman No line here Or here or here or here or even on the train No line here either Oh boy Looney Tunes Seaport is closed Skull Mountain Houdini did his not so famous not appearing trick Oh the pain , why do I even bother with this ride? What roller coaster? I don't see a roller coaster. It's dead to me Skyride On the Skyride I love this picture Towards Sunset Bad pic I know I wanna go on the fountain ride Scream Machine Another picture I love Oh the Skyride And another picture I love Toro, Toro! Ka, Toro, and Rolling ThunderT Best Hills Ever Best O' the West The Rog Frume Sunset Shot GASM again They fixed the sign Another Sunset Shot Loop-de-loop the sun didn't want me to take this picture Ka 1 Ka 2 Ka 3 What Ka looked like when we finally got off of it Waiting for launch Man down! Man down! I hope you all enjoyed my first trip report here, thanks for reading!
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