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  1. I work at a theater so I get free movies! Here's my take on a few movies out now: War Horse: I was expecting so much from this film and while it had a great story to it, it DRAGGED throughout the beginning, to the point that I almost fell asleep 3 times before we even got to the war! The WWI scenes were done very well and made me think about Saving Private Ryan in many ways. But even the ending seemed to drag on too. If it had better pacing it would have been a contender for film of the year. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows: This movie was just plain awesome. The action was great, the acting was spot on, and the plot didn't suck. Robert Downey Jr. is reason enough to see this movie with how well he has crafted Sherlock into a quirky yet brilliany detective. Back it up with a strong performance gtom Jude Law and you have a winner of a film, shame not many people have come to see it since the midnight release. We Bought a Zoo: If you need a date movie, THIS IS IT. My girlfriend really wanted to see this and I didn't have great expectations for it, believing it to be a film with a bunch of stupid dumb down puns and gags for the kids. Man, was I wrong. Dead wrong. This was a very touching movie that really made me care about the plot and its outcomes. It had subtle jokes for the adults and jokes for the kids. We really enjoyed sitting through this and I love reccommending it to people that come in. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: ಠ_ಠ is all I can say
  2. This worked soooooo well for Mark Shapiro and Six Flags too... THIS. SIX FLAGS THE MATTRESS, AND SIX FLAGS THE FLAMETHROWER!! Kids love this one. But in all seriousness, I'm a bit optimistic that he actually has a background in the industry unlike Shapiro who was straight business. Then again, there are limits to what you can do when you don't have those nice big Disney budgets to work with so I'm gonna just sit back and watch this unfold. Maybe Dorney will finally get something that isn't recycled for once, though their Halloween Haunt this year was still miles ahead of Fright Fest at GAdv. Let's hope a play for more families doesn't mean cutting back on the scariness of those events.
  3. 4 hours for Kingda Ka was the longest. The most PAINFULLY slow wait was 2 hours for Corkscrew Hill at BGE back in 2001. That tunnel kept on going and going and going and the line just eeked inch by inch to the theater. We had no idea that the line was so long since the line was inside. We still call it "The Line Ride" to this day.
  4. I was unfortunate enough to ride Chiller with the old Premier OTSR and the memory of bashing my head around those ginormous things is just horrifying, especially BEFORE they added extra padding, ouchies. Seeing them again makes me fear for the unsuspecting public next season, poor bastards
  5. This is a new park that I've been toying with on and off for a couple of years. Every time I start working on it again I go back to Illum Hills and forget this one exists. Not much to see, entrance booths and the theater are all that are complete. Everything else I'm still playing around with. If there's enough interest I may flesh it out into a full park with a story like Illum Hills It's temporary name for the time is Vista Gardens Entrance Theater Inside Let me know what you think, if you like it I'll start up a thread and work on it!
  6. Really like this park, isn't overbuilt and has some great structures/layouts. Your building looks fantastic! I can only imagine what you could build if there was no limit on CS in the editor. Keep up the good work!
  7. Going back to Disney World for the first time in 10 years, such a great trip. Still haven't finished getting the whole trip report together thougth
  8. Yeah, they'd need some guys that are good in the snow. I know of a few useful guys that fell on hard times after their last gig kind of fell apart.
  9. I've never gone to Clementon and probably never will, doesn't really appeal to me. Now if Hellcat got the Rocky Mountain treatment, I may reconsider.
  10. I'm still debating people over El Toro being a wooden coaster...5 years later. Yeesh
  11. Bingo. Weather will make or break an opening date, and they're calling for a brutal winter in that area IIRC. I have faith that they'll get it open on schedule, maybe even ahead with how fast coasters go up these days, but it all depends on the weather.
  12. I know I'm copying and pasting from another site, but I stand by what I said: That coaster is worth more as scrap metal. I mean I hate saying that, but it is. Getting this coaster up and running will require much more than just the purchase price and if somebody did have enough money to buy it, install it, and get it into good operating condition, it still would require a good chunk of money to maintain. LIMs are now a bit outdated and the whole system would need an overhaul to make it reliable. When you add it all up, it's just not worth the money. It was a unique coaster, I have a lot of great memories riding it, but those memories are so scattered because of its operational record. They tried to save it with the infamous 'humps" but it still found a way to fail. Good luck to anyone that gets involved with it.
  13. We also have coverage of the opening at Great Adventure Online! A lot of pictures were also posted to our Facebook page as well. Most of the staff that went agrees though, it was hell on their legs, but the ride was really good and forceful. There's still some work left to be done around the ride, but for the most part it came together well, it's a good replacement for Scream Machine.
  14. Just looked over the topic, wow what a fantastic park! You've got some great buildings and rides going in and your details are very intricate. I'll be keeping my eye on this park and will see where it goes!
  15. That's right, the rodeo was this weekend. Totally slipped my mind.
  16. A Green Lantern construction tour was hosted by the park this past Tuesday and some of my site's members got to go to it, so here is some info that you may all enjoy! -The Green Lantern track is complete and ahead of schedule, It will have its Media Day on May 19th and open to the GP on May 25th. -Season Passholders will get exclusive rides on it from May 19th-22nd -The Golden Kingdom no longer has Balin's Jungleland or tigers, but it does have a whole new Safari Discoveries walkthrough with many baby animals that you can get up close to -Kingda Ka will only run 3 trains this season and use only one side of the station and the front loading gates only. This was clarified by the park that it would increase capacity and reliability and has been working with Intamin on this as well. -Lockers are staying, but souvenir cup holders will be available for riders. -In the Q&A with the Park President, John Fitzgerald, he mentioned that they are looking to add more flats to the park in 2012 -Lots of corporate sponsorships are gone, No more Papa Johns or Carnegie Deli Here are a few pictures: There's a bunch more photos on the site if you're interested but you need to be a member to view them.
  17. So, here's the story on why it has taken close to 2 years to update this park and come back to posting. This was my first attempt at an RCT3 park many years ago, I think I actually started it back in 2007 and brought it over here in 2008. After lots of updates, college started to get into the way and I took a break, passing it off to someone on the Atari forums that basically destroyed it and then left it for dead. After that, I decided I couldn't let it die, so I returned to it and provided some updates again. Then a laptop crash took all my data away and I was able to restore it and save the park and its progress and dive back into it after a 3 month absence. By that point I tried to come up with updates, but ran into a creative block and then my summer job at Six Flags took over my life, I never found any time to play. Around May 2009, the project sat idle on my computer. I attempted to play again come fall, but college work had become ridiculously hard and time consuming and my creative drive had left me. Another computer crash corrupted my hard drive and took everything with it, including my park and all of its backup saves. At this time, I declared the park a loss, and moved on to other games like Bioshock and eventually, I fell victim to Minecraft. After building an awesome oasis in Minecraft, I was set upon by griefers and they destroyed my creation. I gave up on Minecraft shortly after that, realizing how much time I had lost playing it and how much I missed RCT3. So how did I find the park again? While shut inside during the great December blizzard of 2010, I was busy scanning family pictures and saving them to an external hard drive. While looking through this drive, I found one of my recovery images from my old laptop, and inside I found my park and saves! I opened them back up again and started playing and building, remembering what fun it was again. The only thing left was to see what new Custom Scenery and Rides had been created. I went back to the Atari forums and all I found was a shell of the former community. So now I've decided to search around ShyGuy's World for what has been created, I'm still catching up on new things and I've yet to explore Vodhin's site. I wandered over here to look at my past updates for inspiration and see where I left off. I thought I'd find it on the 10th page and boy was I shocked the other day to find it on the front page with people asking it to come back! I never thought it was that popular on these boards and to have people come back and bump it 2 years later just made me feel all special again. I thought it was the perfect time for it to rise from the dead much like my username did those many years ago. So enjoy as Illum Hills roars back to life with the Spring Season 8 update coming soon! And here's a new picture of Kanaloa Rapids just to whet your appetites.
  18. Thanks everyone, and no, it's just one ride, but it's very detailed and takes up a large area, so it could be considered one! Announcement time! Warner's Illum Hills Announces Additions for Year 8 Illum Hills announced one of its most detailed and immersive rides today, Kanaloa Rapids, a water rapids ride that takes riders on a wet and wild journey through a Hawaiian landscape. In Hawaiian legend, Kanaloa was god of the Seas who could either bless or curse those that traveled it. Guests will enter the ride queue past bamboo houses and palm trees, traveling past huts and houses of the native villagers who have gone missing. They will then make their way to the main station where they will board round boats that will help them search for the missing villagers. But Kanaloa will not be blessing this journey with calm seas, riders are guaranteed to get wet with rough rapids, waterfalls, and water jets as they make their journey! Another exciting addition is coming just for kids as Yosemite Sam's Kids Corral opens with Climbing structures and slides! Kanaloa Rapids and the new kids section will be opening with the rest of Illum Hills on April 19th to begin its 8th season! A look at the completed ride area for Kanaloa Rapids
  19. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like it! A look at the queue house and surrounding area! Full update soon!
  20. Concept art for the new Rapids ride has leaked out! Looks like a tropical theme.
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