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  1. BEST MOVIE​ EVER If you want to see one of the best movie​s ever you need to see Let the Right​ One In. I have never​ ever seen a bette​r comin​g of age/​love story​ with vampi​re eleme​nts ever.​ It has subti​tles but it is so beaut​ifull​y shot and the compo​sitio​n ... just incre​dible​.​ I canno​t rave enoug​h about​ what I saw and appar​ently​ I am not alone​.​.​.​ 97% Rotte​nToma​toes Revie​ws Count​ed:​ 64 Fresh​:​ 62Rot​ten:​2 Yes it is different from the book in terms of cut elements but there is no need for the keeper of Eli to be a pedo. What works in a book is something not needed in a movie. Again​ I have no idea if you like this stuff​ but it is only in 9 theat​ers so if you do check​ it out. It was truly a masterpiece. ***They have already planned an Amercian remake. On google news if you query Let the Right One In you can read the new directors take...he makes dumb comments like "its very Swedish" umum yea that is the point since it was Swedish. His interview proves that the American remake is going to be a hacked up version of the source material. The new director even says the they want it to be released as soon as possible because Americans do not read subtitles. Do not be fooled and see this NOW. Nordic Film Prize for Tomas Alfredson at the 31st Göteborg International Film Festival[9][21] Kodak Nordic Vision Award for Hoyte van Hoytema's camera work at the 31st Göteborg International Film Festival[21] Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival[2] Méliès d'Argent at the 8th Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival[12] 2008 Méliès d'Or for Best European Fantastic Feature Film, awarded by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation Rotten Tomatoes Critical Consensus Award 2008 Best Film at the 2008 Fantasia Festival Best Director for Tomas Alfredson at the 2008 Fantasia Festival Best Photography for Hoyte van Hoytema at the 2008 Fantasia Festival Best Horror Feature at Fantastic Fest 2008 Audience Award for Narrative Feature at the Woodstock Film Festival 2008 Prugio Citizen's Choice at the 12th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival Best Director for Tomas Alfredson at the 12th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival Metro Critics Award at the 2008 NatFilm Festival Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the 2008 Toronto After Dark Film Festival
  2. Six Flags is losing attendance? Not according to the reports that have come up. Most have said flat or an upward trend. GADV has been flat this season as far as I have been told. Just because a stock gets delisted does not mean bankruptcy. The company has remained very positive and adding anything new to numerous parks means they expect generally a positive trend. These make overs are not cheap. Wasn't x2 in the 9 million dollar range? I think that the new theme is a great idea and I just hope that rides like the swings come back next season along with Houdini. That will make up IMHO the loses over the past few seasons.
  3. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist It was nice to see a light and fluffy movie as of late. It was also miles better than the book as its flow was improved as a movie. Michael Cera is also a comic genius in my opinion. He may not have the same awkward comedy in this movie as say Arrested Development but he pulls it off very well. 9/10
  4. Yes my first year working on Viper at SFGADV (1996). It went up into the twist and came right back down to the bottom of the drop. Did this for over two months.
  5. Live in New Jersey and you will clearly understand why "liberal" Democrat is such a dirty phrase. Corzine is one of the perfect examples of the problems with the entire Democratic Party.
  6. Hallam Foe (being released in the states as Mister Foe). It was very odd to say the least but also very entertaining. I highly recommend it. You can catch it on demand as a pre-theater release movie
  7. I have never seen a candidate "flip-flop" as much as Obama over the past few weeks. The man cannot make up his mind. Now he thinks that opening the oil reserve is going to be the great savior for the high oil prices. I guess after two weeks of release he will learn that was false. Also, he is so gainst the Bush tax credits because of the financial issues the country is in YET he wants to give 1K to every family in the United States as a credit for high oil prices?!?! I may not agree with McCain 100% but at least I can see where he is standing with issues. Every interview with Obama that is not in front of 10,000 people shows his clamming up and looking terrified.
  8. Did the last XFiles movie have much action because I remember a very somber movie along with a very somber series. I do want to see the movie despite the lackluster reviews. I hear the Mark Snow score is quite nice and eerie on the big screen.
  9. I am not a Batman fan even though I did enjoy the original and Returns but with Batman Begins and now the Dark Knight I must say that I look forward to any further films that Nolan and this cast puts out. The Dark Knight was near perfection for an action film IMHO and even could stand alone without any Batman theme and still be 100% enjoyable. I still say Snow Angels is my favorite film of the year so far but this is pretty darn close!!!
  10. TDK @ SFGADV which is better than everyone says it is...still the best mouse I have been on despite the lack of on-ride theme.
  11. Every season I went on the 4th the park was DEAD. People that came to the park generally went to the concert. It always seems that holidays at the park are generally "safer" times than any normal Saturday.
  12. Many of the lids are being phased out of the park because of the dolphin show from what I have been told. I have also been hearing that straws may even be eliminated. Not sure if this is a state regulation or a park regulation. It has nothing to do with running out or saving money.
  13. OMG Everyone with the need for intense gore MUST see À l'intérieur (Inside) It is an 80min non cut film that puts almost everything to shame. It is actually a cinematic masterpiece for the horro genre! I watched with four friends the other day and we are still in shock and awe. Forget Frontiers and rent this NOW.
  14. So far from everyone I personally know who has seen the movie there have been no negatives at all regarding the newest IJ series. Next on my list The Strangers (looks as good as Them (Ills) , American Teen, Hallam Foe(Mister Foe in the US), The Happenning (even though the scenes look awful and OMG that horrible stupid ending), Xfiles, and Dark Knight. Maybe Hancock since I love Jason Bateman after Arrested Development. On DVD we cannot forget the amazing Funny Games US and Charlee Bartlett.
  15. I didn't dislike CP at all. I just found it to be MEH and simply an amusement park. So many people claimed this as a destination resort that when I finally made it a destination I was not only disappointed in the hotel but the park itself. The ride selection is good but nothing was above average IMHO. MF was down that day so I will go back at some point. TTD is basically no better or worse than Ka. I did think that Magnum was fantastic. I enjoyed it more than Desperado and I loved that ride. GADV seems to have something more. It is almost completely in the woods and shaded SANS the Boardwalk area. The coasters range from 2 at average to the remainder being above average to fantastic (Toro). Maybe I am biased since I worked there for three years and have been going since 78 but I enjoy just going to the park to sit at the lakefront and relax.
  16. ^^GADV only closes Ka during rain storms. The other coasters remain open.
  17. At 2pm when I left the parking lot was close to half full not including all the buses. The park was very busy and even with many of the coasters running at max capacity lines were fairly long. I am glad to see that after the inital rush of people complaining about the ride yesterday people are starting to finally "get" that what was accomplished was exactly what SF wanted. Mark Kane was great to speak with yesterday. It was the first time I was able to intorduce myself to him. I never knew he was at the park from 76-87. We spoke at length about the golden years of the park and how significant the changes they are making today brings them back to a period before the park became crippled from disaster after disaster during the mid to late 80's. Good times yesterday and I am definately hoping that when we return some more flats I can be 100% proud again to have GADV as my home park.
  18. Little do you know then about the ride since it has one of the best pre-shows to be found on an attraction.
  19. The preshow starts the indoor portion but basically at that point you are right before the platform where you load within minutes.
  20. Yes they are very fitting and comfortable restraints on the train. I am 6'4 and sometimes these mice rides can hurt my knees and I am forced to crunch my body into some odd position to ride. These trains were so sweet. I did not have to sit oddly and I came off bruise free!!!
  21. The ride seemed to run flawlessly while I was there today. Everything being posted so far seems true also... 1) Full queue is about 45 mins 2) Preshow is amazing and close to one of the best I have ever seen 3) Loading and unloading is seemless 4) The ride has very little braking 5) Due to lack of braking the ride theming is very frantic and also missed. The ride moves very very fast. 6) You will get off thinking it was one of the best mice out there BUT go WTF just happened due to the blur of scenery.
  22. Son of Rambow 9/10 Almost perfect nostaglia movie about the love of seeing a movie for the first time and the impact that it had on you. For me it was Stand By Me, For the little boy in the film it was Rambo. This movie is hilarious almost throughout its entire run but it does express the seriousness of being isolated from the modern world. I highly recommend that if it play in your area that you pay the 9.00 for some fun. Second best movie of the year for me behind Snow Angels. Comes close to the level of Millions for being just WONDERFUL.
  23. Here is an interesting new movie that just came out of Sundance. The flick is named Downloding Nancy and it is based on the story of a Florida woman whose ultimate fantasy was for her online contact to torture and kill her. Downloading Nancy It is not gaining critical acclaim but the trailer looks odd enough for me... From Fearnet.com Downloading Nancy is not a comedy, but a bleak, brutal and aggressively unpleasant psycho-sexual-thriller sort of thing
  24. I found the Mist to be a fantastic adaptation of the King book even though more was added to the ending. I think the non traditional endings help keep a viewer alert and in touch with the material. If we see the same thing over and over it would become routine and boring. I think my feelings here are why I "enjoy" Funny Games and movies by Michael Heneke. Many US viewer think that the Sixth Sense was one of the first movies to twist the end and catch people off guard but in 1997 the orignal FG did this for me. The end of a movie can slap you in the face and tell you to wake up. The Mist is one of those movies. The Mist DVD, which comes out next week, will be 2 discs and one disc will have the movie entirely in black and white.
  25. **Poss Spoilers"* Well the new Funny Games is remaining as one of the most disturbing and controversial movies ever made. The scores are so divided ranging from 0 -100 on metacritic. Since I "enjoy" Michael Heneke I understand that his movies try to send messages to the audience in some unconventional way. Funny Games lets you in on the horrific acts one small family must endure during their vacation. It is brutal without showing any real violence and just when you think it is all over, you, as the audience member are quickly brought back into reality for one of the most simplified endings in the history of movies. FG is without a doubt an actors movie. Long 10 minute takes without angle changes shows Namoi Watts reacting to the awful truth that her son just was murdered and her husband is in crippling pain. It is not pleasant or fun but should be seen once by anyone who doesn't think that this is reality everyday for some family. The Hollywood Reporter sums it up nicely Michael Haneke's Funny Games is simultaneously the ugliest and most repulsive violent melodrama I've ever seen (including the thoroughly disgusting I Spit On Your Grave) and the smartest and nerviest critique of sexy-violent movies in the bang-flash vein of Quentin Tarantino, Tony Scott, Oliver Stone, Eli Roth and other purveyors and marketers of homicidal style. A fair percentage of those brave enough to see this Warner Independent release this weekend are going to walk out on it -- trust me. It's a hateful and infuriating film, no question, and yet it has a worthwhile point. And you can't not respect Haneke for this. It's certainly one of the ballsiest movies ever released by Warner Bros. (technically Warner Independent) in its 90 year history. I mean this in a sense that average people might come out of showings feeling enormous hate for Warner Bros. for having done so. Seriously. If the final effect wasn't so stunning and dispiriting I could imagine people beating up ushers on the way out.
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