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  1. Another busy movie weekend: I was able to finally find [REC] with subtitles. Now I have never seen Quarantine but I heard the American remake is very similar to [REC]. There were some changes I heard from other people who saw both movies (somehow they added 15 mins in Quarantine) such as a shakier camera, a more "dumbed" down newscaster and that wonderful poster which gives away the ending. So onto [REC]. First perspective camera movies have been all the craze ever since Blair Witch (since most missed the Last Broadcast). They can either fail miserably or succeed like Cloverfield. [REC] was very effective in providing a truly effective shaky cam horror film which was believable. I do not want to give to much away but all I can say is after 18 mins the movie is non stop scares and the ending "twist" was nothing I even saw coming from a movie which at first seems like a poor man 28 Days Later. If you get a chance the movie is shown in 8 parts on youtube. It seems as if Sony will never release the film in the US. 8/10 - There were glaring plot holes keeping it from that 9 The Poughkeepsie Tapes - Another rare find since MGM has pushed the release date back so far about two years. I can see why at the mid-point. It is pretty awful. An intriguing premise is destroyed by the terrible acting and film quality. One would think a serial killer who wants to document all his kills could afford a better camera. 4/10 - I hope it gets better but all signs point to "No" Eagle Eye - It was OK. No point it talking about plot. I can just say it was fun and harmless. 7/10 The Strangers - It was no Ills but if I came in knowing that it is not a remake and not a torture film so I actually found it to be very effective. I was digging it and the open ending (which Ills did not have) made it better. 7/10 Eden Lake - Nothing original here but extremely well done! A couple goes on a weekend romantic excursion and end up in a terrible situation. It contains scenes of torture and death, however not exploitable but necessary for the plot line and its characters, and in that way not too strong or too long. This movie was mean! 9/10 I started getting into Dr. Who (10th Dr) and found the episode Midnight to be flat out amazing. I am also spending time catching up with good old Penn and Teller's BS! Good fun!
  2. In the Philly area I enjoy Bucks County Coffee. I cannot stand Starbucks coffee but I do not mind their espresso.
  3. Hanson at the House of Blues in AC and right before that Coldplay at the old Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ. I do not care what anyone says about Hanson, they have matured into a bad that can truly entertain. They play their own instruments and have always written their own music. the tune the Walk is just one if the best tunes with a great waltz beat. What is also good about Hanson is that they have not forgotten their roots. They still play Mmmbop and This Time Around. These tunes sound like the 3 Car Garage Recordings which are rock influenced and not the pop sound the were "forced" into by a record label. Check out The Walk album if you need to be convinced. Coldplay needs no explanation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1XMovyyXzQ
  4. Let the Right One in was the best movie period this year! It is a shame that Magnet Releasing has limited budget resources so the releasing was VERY limited. Fox Searchlight is able to slowly release Slumdog for Oscar buzz bt at least LTROI is not going unnoticed. It is on many best of lists and while it may not get the oscar nod those involved in the film at least know they made a loved and well respected movie. That is not often said about book->film translations. I know the composer Johan Söderqvist and is is interesting how he made the score work with the chilling atmosphere. If Michael Bay messes up the 2010 remake I will be very upset. If you go to blood-disgusting.com you can see the interview with the selected director who talks about the re location to Colorado for filming but it is VERY obvious he never read the book and if he did the brain power he has prevented him from comprehending that it is not a vampire movie. He sounds like an idiot and repeats "Its a great book" 20 times in a two min interview.
  5. Busy movie weekend.... Ghost Town 9/10 - I was so happy to see Rick Gervais did not dumb himself down to perform an American comedy. He ma play similar characters in every movie/tv show but it always seems to work. Special mention should goto Greg Kinnear and also Tea Leoni(sp) as well. The entire cast worked perfectly together. I cannot imagine someone not having fun with this flick. Dirty Love 7/10 Many consider this the worst movie every made. With an all star cast it was doomed from the start but if you go in with an open mind looking for dumb comedy (it is gross and outrageous) you may just enjoy yourself. I laughed many times with my friends watching the film. Give it a shot and simply have fun. I may be biased since I think Jenny McCarthy is a good person. Her work with Autistic children is inspiring (IMHO). Hearts in Atlantis - 8/10 Not the best Stephen King adaptation since it only contains one of the short stories from the book and the modified the "bad" guys to make it easier to follow for those not familiar with the Gunslinger series. The performances make it remarkable and like every King movie of late, the idea of friendship is represented flawlessly. Pet Semetary - 8/10 I have never read the book but I did buy it after viewing the movie. I rmember seeing this as a child and thinking it was the scariest movie ever made. I may back down from that claim now that I am 31 but I enjoyed it throughly and it did scare the hell out of my friend watching it with me. Gage is just creepy. This was when King did write horror but throughout the movie there are still those human dilemmas that King has involved into his newer amazing books like Bag of Bones, Lisey's Story and Duma Key.
  6. God I love the Arrested Development reference!!!!! Not sure if this is allowed but if people have no idea what we are talking about take a look.... www.hulu.com/watch/1296/arrested-development-fire-sale
  7. I hated Gremlins 2 as a child / teen. I re watched it the other week and loved the humor. I found it to be a great parody of the original. The original was not very well liked by the majority of people (not saying pt 2 was) but if you read imdb, the comments generally favor part 2 with critics.
  8. Slumdog Millionaire When Ram Mohammad Thomas, an orphaned, uneducated waiter from Mumbai, wins a billion rupees on a quiz show, he finds himself thrown in jail. (Unable to pay out the prize, the program's producers bribed local authorities to declare Ram a cheater.) Enter attractive lawyer Smita Shah, to get Ram out of prison and listen to him explain, via flashbacks, how he knew the answers to all the show's questions. Indian diplomat Swarup's fanciful debut is based on a sound premise: you learn a lot about the world by living in it (Ram has survived abandonment, child abuse, murder). And just as the quiz show format is meant to distill his life story (each question prompts a separate flashback). Let the Right One In Synopsis: Oskar, a much bullied 12-year-old schoolboy living in a Stockholm suburb, notices that his next-door neighbor, Eli, has some peculiar traits: Eli only comes out at night, smells like death warmed over and is of ambiguous gender. Eventually, Eli reveals he's a vampire who survives by feeding off the neighborhood lowlifes. Occasionally, his bite accidentally turns victims into undeads who, unaware of their vampirization, go on rampages that end in spectacularly gruesome fates. As sweet as the pure and wholesome friendship between Oskar and Eli may be, it's the gory set pieces that propel the plot. The Long Walk Synopsis: This annual event is summarized as follows: 100 boys start walking; if you walk under 4 miles per hour, you get a warning; after 3 warnings, if you slow down again, you are shot dead. The winner of the Long Walk is the last boy left walking. AND my current all time favorite book in the vein of Catcher in the Rye without the language is Spud Superficially Spud is a superbly paced, quick witted insight into the life of a late-bloomer confronting the transition into adolescence in a stuffy but eccentric midlands boarding school. The crazy eight, Spud's cronies, are laugh out loud hilarious in their antics. This aspect of the novel alone will win many people over
  9. It was actually a tough year with a number or great releases so I will try m best: 1) Let the Right One In 2) Slumdog Millionaire 3) Son of Rambow 4) Role Models 5) XFiles 2 - I Want to Believe I am not an XFiles regular so maybe that is why I enjoyed it.
  10. Finished XFiles 2 this evening and as a person who rarely watched the show I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the way that you did not need to follow the many years of the mythology and simply were allowed into the movie depending mainly on the chemistry between the two leads. There were plot holes, there were movie where the drama was a bit heavy but if you can look past that and enjoy the credibility of Mulder and Scully you might enjoy yourself. Mark Snow also did a great score to the movie which matches up to the dark and snowy atmosphere.
  11. Rollercoaster 1999 In pursuit of fantasy, five teenagers hop the fence of a now defunct amusement park. It is a very deep and depressing movie filmed at the location from the coaster in FD3. The wooden coaster at the park plays the most prominent role.
  12. UMUMUMUMUM Role Models has nothing at all to do with Judd Apatow. I believe Paul Rudd is the closest tie to any Apatow movie. It is not a low brow comedy it is an intelligent comedy. Of course there is some nudity but not much at all!!!
  13. I finally was able to get to the theater to see Role Models. While this movie is a formulaic comedy their is one thing that separates this from every other comedy, this one is FUNNY. I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. Despite the by the numbers story line, Paul Rudd, William-Scott, and Christopher Muniz hold this film together like gorilla glue. There are so many scenes that I just would want to re-watch over and over. There is one scene with ambien that made my friends and I die laughing. My reaction to that medication is the same as seen in the movie to a tee. Even though I do not fight the medication to stay awake, the effects before I fall asleep are trippy. My friends have heard me this way thats to yim and the telephone. They all just pointed at me!! If it is in the theater go see it. If it has left get the flick on DVD. 9/10 best comedy of the year.
  14. ...but on this style of ride how many people will wait over an hour for a 30 sec experience? I know that this is the problem Kingda Ka has with 3-4 trains. I bypassed TTD simply because of the line being close to two hours.
  15. I re-watched Boyle's Sunshine yesterday and most definately enjoyed the film despite several viewings. While it is not my favorite Boyle film it still ranks as one of my favorite Sci-fi movies (it is not my genre). I did find the tone switch mid-film to be a bit strange but since I enjoy both character studies and some horror element it satisfied me in the end. I do recommend the movie for anyone who enjoys good atmosphere, great music and high-end acting. 8/10 --> On the Boyle scale I rate his movies: Millions 10/10 - just amazing from beginning to end Slumdog Millionaire 10/10 - deserves best picture of the year (LtROi deserves Best Foreign) Sunshine - 8/10 Shallow Grave - 7/10 Trainspotting - 7/10 The Beach - 6/10 (though I still enjoyed it I have no desire to re watch the film) Now this could be good...the Discovery Documentary scares me to this day... http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/bdtv/Player.php?id=2240
  16. Well if the ride is anything like Hypersonic I will have to proclaim "worst ride ever" again. I hope for the best but S&S doesn't have the most acclaimed coasters out there for starters. Ka and TTD are short and I enjoy them ... I am just biased after Hypersonic and my local j2/Hellcat or whatever it is named now.
  17. Another award ceremony down and both Slumdog and Let the Right One In have taken top prizes in their respective categories. Slumdog was given best picture for the second straight event and similarly Let the Right One In has received best foreign film for the second straight event. I hope to finally get my Hollywood fix this weekend and see Role Models before it leaves. I have been so busy catching up to the indies I was afraid of missing and forgetting about major releases. I hope for a nice, laid back Christmas season. Does not look like any good horror movies for the rest of 08
  18. The Vortex and the DD queue were the only WOWs I had during my visit to IOA. I found the park to be unremarkable to say the least. However, I did enjoy it more than most of the parks in the Orlando area. I believe they are making a mistake by removing this effect but who is to say that this doesn't mean there are future plans for the ride....only time will tell.
  19. What are you talking about, Aliens (1986) is one of my favorite movies. I think it was Bill Paxton at his finest and Ripley just kicks arse. Aliens is a franchise about aliens so it cannot be in the same class as an Indy movie that has an alien theme. That would be like comparing Sunshine with Slumdog Millionaire. Two different animals. I just see two movies that were dissed because they strayed from formula and went the alien route...Indy and AI.
  20. Surviving in a runaway coal mine train over hot lava is not over the top??? ^ I am so glad someone else saw Let the Right One In. Amazing movie! My favorite of the year right above Slumdog Millionaire.
  21. Yes, I fell that AI was an amazing movie. Most people hated that movie because of the alien ending. I find mostly Spielberg cannot make a good ending to save his life. AI, IMHO, was an exception. What I was trying to say is that I believe people disliked Indy was because it was about aliens.
  22. Why did everyone rag on the new Indy movie so much? I just bought it and throughly enjoyed it. I mean it was different from other Indy's but I mean isn't a diversion good? I think many people diss on alien movies. It was done with AI which I consider Speilberg's masterpiece. While definitely not better than the Last Crusade, I laughed and enjoyed almost every scene for what the movie is...fun.
  23. There is nothing wrong with liking a movie few do...hell I like The Village. The difference comes in when you see movies like Let the Right One In and can see how different and how well a vampire story can be told. Not all vampires are depressed and emp.
  24. It is a shame that movies like Twilight will reach much more of an audience than amazing vampire films like Let the Right One In.
  25. Slumdog Millionare proved Boyle can do very little wrong. If it were not for seeing Let the Right One In recently this movie would be tops. A+
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