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  1. Knocked Up --3.5 More sincere that 40 yo virgin and it was great to see the Underclassman backin action. It was one of the most intelligent gross out comedies. Next up Superbad for Apatow.
  2. The project will be specific to the industry. Try typing comet into google.
  3. For many months now I have had a tough time getting back into the professional workforce. In order for me to keep my skills such as ASP, .NET C# VB.NEt, php, html, and css skills handy I have come up with a monstrous plan to create a one stop shop so to speak where you can go to any particular interest bu selecting websites that interest you, search those websites for interests that you might have and have eveverything FIFO on the screen for you to read in one location. As part of the site you will also be able to browse to current sites which are a part of the portal, many of which you may not be aware of currently. This is something that will be free to use. You will be able to have personl accounts in the portal which maintian inforation for log in/stats and even a coaster counter that you can refernce without having to browse to another park. I am asking for help if anyone is interested. I am not a graphics man so design for front graphics would be cool. Unfortunately at this stage I cannot offer money for help but if you want to join in for fun please contact me WinfieldWatson@gmail.com Plus in the long term you will each be a part of the portal ACE will have a section where alls in members can be viewed as wekk as coster zombies. I am open to additional ideas as this a day one project.
  4. I just finished Session 9 on Starz and found it to be very entertaining and creepy. I would put it up there on my list.
  5. I have been suffering with depression, anxiety for most of my post-college life. I was diagnosed bipolar and while taking tons of medication I have generally lived a normal life. Good luck with everything but you will be fine.
  6. 1) El Toro - GADV 2) Magnum - CP 3) Wildcat - HP 4) Nitro - GADV 5) Drachen Fire - BGW RIP (still the most unique in my book) 6) Ice Dragon - IO 7) Kingda Ka - GADV 8 ) Superman ROS 9) Lightning Racer - HP 10) Apollo's Chariot - BGW
  7. The Descent - The scariest movie I have seen High Tension - The goriest movie I have seen 28 Weeks Later - The most frightening movie I have seen .... and Cursed for the most all around enjoyable horror/comedy movies I have seen since Scream.
  8. ^^ Kingda Ka shakes at the end of launch and at the bottom of the "drop". It is not that bad in the front but as you move further back it gets worse.
  9. ^ Exactly. I am well versed in soccer, tennis, ice hockey and golf though ...
  10. The back of kingda ka is THAT bad. This is coming from someone who never had an issue with Viper/GASM/Drachen Fire. I honestly must say that I felt as if my head was going to explode from pressue. When I rode the back seat two seasons ago I sat down for almost two hours just to recover.
  11. I do not think many people believed that the last row of Kingda Ka would make you feel as if your head is about to explode but it sure does! Intamin rides are not all cozy.
  12. I have been on three Stand Ups 1) Shockwave PKD 2) Shockwave GADV 3) Mantis Of the three I give the nods to the Shockwave at PKD. I do not mind "Togo Roughness" and felt that the forces applied on the PKD version were much more eventful than those on Mantis and Shockwave(GADV). I really enjoyed the helix at PKD and the bunny hops. I do wish that the bicycle seat were a bit more padded. Hopefully the installation remains.
  13. I always like the "straight as a football bat" quote to describe myself.
  14. Gosh Viper at GADV only received a sign like that after I was tired of cleaning blood off the restraint and even then it was not a requirement. The only ride I ever remember requiring this was Batman and Robin pre lap bars as Robb said before. It is never a good sign if this rule gets enforced.
  15. 28 Weeks Later - 9/10 Easily the best horror of the year and ALMOST as good as 28 Days Later. Hot Fuzz - 7/10 Quite long with its 40 minute close but still funny and as good as Shaun of the Dead. High Tension - 10/10 Odd ending but the unrated version of this movie with Subtitles is crazy. The gore is non stop. Alexandra Aja is going to be one to watch out for after the success of the remake Hills Have Eyes.
  16. It never happen on SFGADV's Viper because it was very well maintained. I worked on it for three seasons (96-98) and it ran very well. A cable did snap once but engineers did not see a problem with the structural integrity of the ride and it reopened within a few hours. The ride's valleying issues were because of grease on the trains that GADV used which was not the approved weight Togo recommended (hence why SF lost the lawsuit). Its a good thing that was torn down and scrapped before anything happened. I hope this coaster meets the same fate.
  17. I must say Disturbia pleasantly suprised me during its second half. I most definately enjoyed it!!!
  18. Drachen Fire did have Airtime on the hump out of the inversion into the batwing. They removed a corkscrew to attempt to smooth out the transition into the loop. They added a long brake run to that area. I did not find the ride rough at all and believed their reason for removal from an outsiders perspective to be assinine(sp) and there has still not been a decent multi looper built since its demise.
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