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  1. Latter Days sat in my DVD collection for well over a year before I finally decided to sit down and watch. While it wasn't bad everything just seemed to move WAY to quick and I felt there was no real way to connect to any emotion. I guess I am nit picking since it wasn't bad but when I compare to other 'love' stories Get Real was a much better example of how a film with this main theme could work in a 1.5 hour span. I recently watched the film adaptation of Jim Grimsley's Dream Boy and again I felt the same way as I did with Latter Days. I loved the book but the movie simply piled everything on within 2 hours when story-lines which were not as important should of been eliminated to allow development.
  2. My last concert was either the Pet Shop Boys or Coldplay. The PSB concert was during their Release album tour and it was very acoustic and laid back. It was a very intimate crowd and the venue (Music Factory) was very small). Coldplay was simply amazing. I don't believe I ever was at a concert with such an energy of enthusiasm. For me it was 3 hrs of non stop "hits".
  3. Well [REC 2]'s trailer is now available and apparently the original WILL be released via Reg 1 DVD later this year. It is, however, all on youtube with english subtitles. There is no doubting that [REC] was a much more interesting movie than Quarantine. [REC] had a mystery to it which was totally missing from Quarantine.
  4. Southland Tales I know there must of been a movie in here with a sensible plot. I felt similar after finishing Richard Kelly;s Donnie Darko and now that is one of my favorite movies. So I am hoping if I get 3 hours I will re-watch Southland and give its all star cast (and I mean all star) another chance to convince me that there is meaning to all the madness going on. I must say that Kelly can definately direct a movie though as ST looks amazing and is composed beautifully. Right now I would say 6/10
  5. ^They are going after that leak HARD. They said the sound company watermark is in one scene so they are investigating. I try not to DL movie unless I paid to see it first in a theatre because then i believe I own a right (almost like stock) but I am guilty of DL'in films that will never see the light of day (Mandy Lane).
  6. Adventureland was fantastic. It is not Superbad like the marketing is making it out to be but a sweet film with Dry humor. This article makes it very clear how I felt (9/10) http://joblo.com/index.php?id=25840 I compare it to the same way I did with Role Models Vs. I Love You Man One is LOL funny the other is a story with amazing chemistry and humor throughout that makes you smile.
  7. ^^From what I hear the heads at Lionsgate played a big part in making the movie into a PG-13 film and also editing scenes leaving auidences confused. However, if you head to blood-disgusting.com , the best horror site, it has decent reviews.
  8. I was in Abeline TX for an Apple conference and WORK believe it or not brought me to my first strip club. Being gay, and me feeling it is none of their business, I went. I could not believe how nasty it was with the moves they were performing. They piad 50.00 for me to get a boob in the face slap in the face (so weird). All I could think of the entire time was I have to pee please stop bouncing soon. To make it worse it was BYOB so we had no alcohol.
  9. Say I Love You, Man and totally enjoyed every minute of it. I think Paul Rudd and Michael Cera will be the risers out of the Apatow world even though both had careers before Apatow. I still cannot tell if I enjoyed Role Models better but maybe I am conflicted since one was LOL funny while I Love You was consistently cute and humorous.
  10. THANK GOD....spread the word! I just re-watched it last evening and may re-read the book. I hope the Amercian remake, renamed Let Me In (the US book name) keeps the general idea of the Sweedish film.
  11. I never would of even thought of Slumdog as a chick flick! Its simply the prefect movie for almost everyone!
  12. Stop Loss 7/10 I am not a big fan of anti-war movies or anything really preachy but overall the film is not bad and done in a matter where only the idea of a "Stop-Loss" is a bad idea. It is still not preachy and the mental problems after war are only briefly touched upon. I am not sure I recommend it but it is not a bad movie by any means. Next Up: Machinist, Seeker Recently watched 5x2 8/10 Let the Right One In DVD 10/10 Dead Like Me Life After Death DVD 7/10 Role Models DVD 8/10 TV Catching up on United States of Tara 9/10 Skins Series 3 8/10- getting better with each episode
  13. My only issue with the Langoliers was the heavy use of CGI, which was poor at best. The story is fantastic and the transition to film was fairly decent.
  14. Donkey Punch 10/10 If you can find it, see it. If you do not know the acronym look it up on wikipedia. I do not have time to write about a description right now since I am preparing for a flight from Tx back to Philly but it is a hardcore "mysterious" film that will never been seen on the general screens in the states. I know it is currently hitting the festival circuit but due to the extreme graphic content (which could never be edited because of the pure meaning of donkey punch).
  15. I always use the one above "gay as a three dollar bill" OR "gay as a football bat"
  16. The Dead Like Me Movie DVD arrived today and I enjoyed seeing the story continue. Daisy was the only weak point. The new actress just tries too hard but her screen time is minimal. The story line is much more serious in tone than many of the series episodes but still contained some witty lines. Overall they did a great job introducing Kane and removing Rube. I would love to see the series continue and the ending allows that possibility. 8/10
  17. Good to know. I am a huge Friday fan and busted open my DVD set last week. I was able to finish up to part 6. Enjoying this kind of movie is relative though as there are not many positive reviews from even those that love the series and followed from pre-production to release (bloody-disgusting.com). I plan on seeing it but I believe Bay was a poor choice for a small forrest movie with no transformers. BTW: As time goes on I have noticed many more horror fans defending Zombie;s reimaging of Halloween. It took me several viewings but now I enjoy it. Then again I founf the original boring. Descent 2 Trailer is out -- but Lionsgate removed it already
  18. I love the show and catch up on BBCA. It is very obvious that he cares for those he is trying to help and the language is no more than a boot cam attitude. Just like the language ridden Bourdain, he has a very strong level of humanity. I ma not be fond of his "f-Word" show but it reminds me too much of the voted off the island reality plagued shows.
  19. ^ Nick and Norah was great fun and so much better than the book. ^^ One Hour Photo was also great. Robin Williams is a great dramatic actor and that was proven in What Dreams May Come (even if you hated the movie). 8/10 I ventured to see My Bloody Valentine 3D and found that the 3D was amazing. Of course there were gimmicks but for the most part you were just immersed in the town. There were also noticeable differences to allow it to stand on its own legs. Man that dryer scene was still great in this version. 7/10 While not perfect it definitely was fun. Now I am catching up on Friday the 13th (6th now and the best next to FVJ). After MBV I am actually looking forward to Friday the 13th. Pt 6 9/10 FVJ 9/10 Oh forgot Postal -- So wrong on every level. There were a few great chuckle scenes and if you can get past Uwe Bole being the producer/director I have to say give it a go. Dave Foley is great in it. 6/10
  20. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is out on DVD and that was a fun movie. B+ Donkey Punch - a bizarre but supposedly great horror movie comes out tomorrow in the Philly area Landmark (Ritz) Theaters. Fanboys - Suppose to be hilarious will be playing at Landmark Theaters in Philadelphia tomorrow. I didn't see a thread for TV But two tv shows have caught my attention of late The United States of Tara - I find the show to be picking up steam and it has become a truly emotional series from Diablo Cody (sp). Skins Series 1 and 2 are on DVD and Series 3 just premiered in the UK. Series 3 is not as good as 1/2 since they dumped the entire cast from Series 1/2. But it is starting to turn into the same addicted show it was only after 2 episodes. Last but not least all Dead Like Me fans can look forward to the Dead Like Me: Afterlife film due out on DVD Feb 17th. I look forward to seeing this despite the loss of characters.
  21. B:TR is the only coaster of late where I have had issues. There are a few points two years ago I cannot even recall. Hypersonic had some grey areas but I think that is because it knocked me out.
  22. Great Adventure made a big comeback by 1995. I believe that year Viper was introduced was the largest crowd in their history. It seems recently they have been hovering around the 3mil mark.
  23. An interesting 90's brit movie was on IFC tonight named Afraid of the Dark. I missed the first 10 mins but I was able to get the gist. The flick was very odd and unlike many movies I have ever seen. If you have patience for a slow and evolving psychological thriller I definitely recommend seeking it out for a view.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc3H35ekEK4
  24. Maybe Medusa had to get some replacement track during its refurbishment???
  25. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane- All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is another Weinstein Brothers acquired film that will probably never see the light of day in the US. "A group of high schoolers invite Mandy Lane (Amber Heard), a good girl who became quite hot over the summer, to a weekend party on a secluded ranch. While the festivities rage on, the number of revelers begins to drop quite mysteriously" It takes a good 35-40 mins before things get rolling. At first the movie really does seem like a teenage romp fest with its nudity and high drug use.. When the movie does kick into gear it is ls loaded with fantastic deaths (not overly gory) and a fantastic ending that made me laugh with how clever it actually was played out. If you can get to see it I strongly recommend a viewing. It is legally posted on youtube somehow as mandylandmovie as the registrant. Apparently the directors are doing this to fight against it wrongly collecting dust. 8/10 Creepshow 3 - OMG I love both of the first two Creepshow films. The first was actually my first experience at an indoor theater ever since our town had the drive in. The second was equally as good as part 1 proving that Romero, King and Savino make a great team.... Then comes the godawfulness of Creepshow 3. The movie has no ties to any in the former group.... If you have more interest in any of the Creepshows seriously check out the review team of deadpit.com on youtube or the website. They are hilarious and the Creepshow review is GREAT! I laughed until I cried. Their opinions of the pure awfulness that is Creepshow 3 are dead on perfect. The tie in sequence with the creep from the first two movies is replaced by what appears to be the flash animation of a 2 yo! From imdb.com "There are five new tales of horror and suspense in this follow-up to George A. Romero & Stephen King's 1982 horror anthology classic. In "Alice", a snotty teenage girl gets her just desserts in the form of a demonic universal television remote. In "The Radio", a security guard is driven to the very brink of madness and eventually murder thanks to a possessed radio. Next up, in "Call Girl" a murdering, cold-blooded prostitute accidentally hooks up with a vampire client. In "The Professor's Wife", a demented professor with a taste for pranks tricks his two best students into believing he's getting married. But there's something rather sinister about his new bride-to-be. Lastly, in "Haunted Dog", a cruel miserly doctor kills a homeless man by purposely giving him a contaminated hotdog - a tale of savage revenge from beyond the grave." 1/10 and it gets the one because of the homeless guy stalking the doctor saying "do you want a hotdog" ... I kid you not
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