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  1. Are you serious! Not cool Universal I would assume thats maurer's rules. Everyones so quick to blame universal for all this but id blame 99% on maurer.
  2. MY roommate just got back from SeaWorld and said that employees were ridding manta today.
  3. My girlfriend and I are doing a Manta Ray night dive in hawaii next month. If it all works out we will get to ride manta right before we get on the plane to fly to hawaii.
  4. your voyage bashing is getting a little pathetic. looks like you guys had alot of fun.
  5. Phoenix during halloween with the fog machines and black lights. and hades for any other time of the year.
  6. with a fake limp ealking down the exit. if my 60 year old father can ride it 30 times I don't think its that rough
  7. I think its just a myspace rumor. I dont think GCI will install MF's on any coaster they didnt build.
  8. I will agree with you that the person who ranked El Toro that low was sandbaging it but some people also ranked voyage alot lower maybe not dead last but lower then what it should have.
  9. If someone can rate a coaster lower because its "too rough" why cant they if its "too smooth" Voyage people sandbaging El Toro and El Toro sand baging Voyage. I dont get how people can say Voyage is too rough so they ranked it lower yet Avalanche is way up in there polls.
  10. Is there a reason why its 992.69? I went on royal Caribbeans website and It says its 957.69 Is there something extra you get with going with you guys?
  11. I love how the intamin fanboys will complain a wooden coaster is to rough. but when it comes to someone thinking the prefabs are to smooth they jump on them.
  12. People sandbag Voyage too. I've seen a bunch of El toro number 1 and voyage below 10. I still don't get why it matters if other people like a certain ride people must hate it or dislike it. That goes for El toro and Voyage. Are coaster enthusiasts that immature?
  13. All these theme parks are about 30 min away from me SWO: kraken USF: Mummy IOA: Fire WDW: space mountain But Out of all of them Kraken
  14. I don't get whats with all the grudges againts coasters. So is it not "cool" to like a roller coaster alot of other people think is number 1? My top 5 is 1. Voyage 2. Boulder Dash 3. Phoenix 4. El toro 5. Hades
  15. Celebration Station Knucklehead's Mt. Olympus Timber Falls Riverview Park Lake Compounce Dorney Park Knoebels Hersheypark
  16. Can we all just admit that we would love to have either of the coasters at our homepark? voyage to me is the overall winner. But Toro has the craziest air I have ever seen.
  17. My girlfriend and I are heading over this sunday the 21st. lets see how HoS compairs to HHN. If the haunted houses suck atleast we can get night rides on the coasters.
  18. Does anyone know about this sign that was posted on screamscape? I called knoebels a few weeks ago and the lady had no clue besides seeing the sign.
  19. So Far ive went Friday, Sat, and Thursday. Thursday seemed to be the best day. We could have had all the houses done by 10pm and we got to hhn at 7:30. We are also going Sunday, next Thursday, Halloween and a few other non peak nights.
  20. I went last night too. I don't know if its because im spoiled with HHN's but it seemed like this year wasn't very scary. My girlfriend has butterfly's in her stomach from thinking about going. She went 2 years ago and said it was way to many people jumping out at you. when we went last night she said that it didnt have enough people out on the streets it seemed like they had "unofficial" scare zones with about 1/8 amount of people as normal scare zones. and she also made the comment about not enough people in the haunted houses. I'm hoping that maybe they just didnt schedule enough people for the first weekend and that it will get better as it goes on.
  21. I was planning on going this Friday for the AP party. Stay until it gets busy and then leave. Anyone else going Friday?
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