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  1. thanks to many coaster videos online, I have started to take a liking to many techno songs (and adding them to my collection). I've also added rock dj by robbie williams (found on the alton towers video) to my ipod.
  2. I'm not too much into dark rides..it actually depends on what it is. If it's a dark coaster, i dont do too well (makes me sick ), but if it's a walkthrough or simulator or something like that, I love them.
  3. I'm tired and I haven't posted in a while. ingrown toenails aren't fun to have removed. At least now I can finally dance
  4. awww that was awesome! I was just listening to epcot welcome music...I remember it very well from our tour..I felt the same magic as when my mates and I walked up to the entrance for the very first time. I think the composers of this music are geniuses.
  5. too bad im broke..live in california...and have marching band competitions/practices on all those dates someday i shall go to a meet with you guys! someday!
  6. ^ likes to talk about feet < maybe I'm not like any other human you've ever known V is either a male or female
  7. that's the coolest thing I've ever seen!
  8. ^ Oh, that's a tad harsh. Basically, religious groups (and myself) are against it because since so many young kids read it, they may want to believe that you can actually cast spells and fly (you know how little kids are). A lot of kids have converted to wiccanism because of it, which is against Christianity. I think it's pretty ridiculous when religious groups are like "oh you must burn the books or burn in hell!". Personally, I'm just not that interested in it anyway.
  9. "..like the time i put out that grease fire with my FACE...yeah everyone was pretty jealous of me after that"
  10. ^ I somewhat agree, I wish it could have a few more rides that are like big thunders or splash mountains...although i guess orange stinger and golden zephyr are targeted more towards the kiddies..I guess I dont like it as much because it's more for little kids. It just doesn't quite seem to have the original charm that DL does.
  11. Ahh, no wonder I hate Space Mountain. I thought it was very jerky. I don't know how much different the orig. BTM and FL version are, i just know i liked the one in FL.
  12. if they say why, why?...tell em that its human nature, Why, why?...tell em that its human nature
  13. myspace.com/arrohed4life I think Xanga's better...
  14. Doesn't anyone at least like it here for the weather? That's the thing that I think will ultimately keep me here for a long time (despite prices). I'm a wuss and I cant handle the cold.
  15. I think everyone on the trip (and in my school for that matter) had issues.. esp. with their parents. Except for me. I'm a happy girl.
  16. Every year at the Del Mar Fair without fail, a ride or two always breaks down. I remember 3 years ago going with my mom, and we got stuck on the sky ride ski lift things for about 30 minutes. I actually thought about trying to jump down a few times, but alas, we were at the highest point. When we finally got down we went on the Ferris Wheel before going home, and about an hour after getting home, the news showed that the Ferris Wheel had gotten stuck...for about 3 hours (they had to bring in a crane to rescue the people). The next year I went with a few friends and we went on a lot of rides, but somehow I just didn't want to go on the flume log ride (even though i love it)..didn't have a good feeling about it. Once again, a few hours later the log ride had gotten stuck mid-chute, and the all people flew out :o . Point in case, if you don't have a good feeling about a ride, don't go on it..because you might fly out into dirty, yucky ride water!
  17. I always thought it was the way they built their track that made them bumpy...is it just the restraints?
  18. I guess in some ways thats true, but I grew up my whole life with more hype on DW and everyone talking about it..and for some people who's dream place is DL, my dream place was DW. Guess I take DL for granted since I'm pretty close.
  19. I'd have to say Disneyworld. It's pretty much the best place for anyone, has a lot of parks, good theming and rides, not to mention it has MUCH better upkeep than DL (I dont know about you, but I don't really want MY BTMR to kill me )
  20. * Don't throw food (especially candy) at each other in line.* While waiting in line for POTC at DL, some kids behind us decided to throw nerds (that had been in their mouths! ) at each other. One kid missed, and it landed on my friend's mom's cheek...needless to say a long lecture broke out. *Don't stick your arms and legs outside the vehicle* Especally when there are TREES less than 3 feet from the car. Some kid ended up with a bloody hand after being stupid. and please, for our mental well being, *If you are over 300 pounds, please, PLEASE do not wear a speedo to a water park* Especially if you decide to play frisbee with your child :shock:
  21. Just leave him alone, mb. He's just looking to get a rise out of you.
  22. Well I didn't notice this thread before I posted in other threads, so I guess I shall do it formally now. My name is Aria and I am a 15 year old female from San Diego, CA. I am very protective of school marching bands because we take a lot of crud, especially stemming from the media. But many of us work harder than a lot of other sports (not to mention we get the highest SAT scores )
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