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  1. school band hangin out in Italy...in Epcot. Im the blonde girl looking at the camera. Hooray for Epcot! I'm the only one smiling. haha my favorite picture...@ MGM
  2. Why must the media make marching bands look like idiots? We really are 100x more brilliant than football players.
  3. at least earthquakes dont rip the roof off your home. its more like a rumble that wakes you up at night, boo hoo.
  4. I just remember going to Disneyland when I was younger, and the castle never looked like it was supposed to. I didn't think it was tall enough. Well, duh, since all the Disney Channel used to play back then were shots of DWMK.
  5. At least we dont get a jillion hurricanes a year in Cali. Although we do get plenty of fires.
  6. AAAAHhHh!! *slightly disturbed face* I've had friends tell me about how posessed their furbys were. One furby continued to talk even AFTER the batteries were taken out. o_0 Whoever created the furby was on drugs.
  7. San Diego Cali is great...I pretty much love living here. Except for the undeniable fact that 700,000 bucks is chump change for a home now. Every other state is foreign...whenever I leave Cali I'm kinda like "AHH! Where'd all the mountains and sun go?" So i don't think I'll be leaving soon.
  8. I'm in San Diego, so I'd have to say Sea World (sucks!) and Belmont Park. To Disney& Knotts: 2 1/2 hrs. To USH: 3 hrs. To SFMM: 4 hrs.
  9. I'm going to Knott's in a couple weeks...I'd say Knott's, mostly because it's not packed with people like MM is. I like the atmosphere much better and it's a more family oriented park. If you're more into the huge supercoasters, then you'd probably prefer MM, just as long as you don't mind enormously long lines.
  10. I think Space Mountain at Disneyland. Gah.. I hate that ride...and dark rides in general.
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