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  1. Valhalla High school marching band. yep...lots of school spirit have I. btw I'm the second flute on the right (good luck finding me)
  2. Valhalla high school band and colorguard blue sweatshirt....Valhalla high school PE t-shirt...blue jeans...white stud belt.
  3. I went to homecoming....and as a direct result of our mario bros themed homecoming show, I bought a N64 on ebay for 40 bucks eat that retroness! (course not as retro as atari, nes or snes, but I think any cartridge game can be considered retro )
  4. thank you Allison...I feel better now...Mom made me filet mignon (sp?) for dinner and baklava for dessert...
  5. HOMEWORK CAN JUST GO FRIGGIN DIE!!!!!! ESPECIALLY ESSAYS IN CLASSES OTHER THAN ENGLISH!!! now that I've broken the all caps law...I dont want to be 16. It used to be "are you having a party"? You tell someone your 16, whats the first thing outta their mouth: do you have your license? NO I do not have my license yet you terd! Maybe I'm not just a stinking steriotype. Goodness. Another thing is that I never have time to come on themepark review anymore..makes me sad.... There are a lot of things that are better in life than analyzing documents or writing a 5 part essay on every book you read, like seeing what's going on at themepark review. I still don't know what I'm gonna be for Halloween.
  6. man im sad...i love the mini and i just bought one in June....I think the nano feels a bit too small, not to mention it would be a lot easier to lose (lol). Has anyone seen the ipod phone yet? I was wondering when they would finally make a cell phone
  7. eh i wish..i need to dye my hair and grow it out and learn the dance moves better (that picture was way enhanced) here's the original: as you can see, quite washed out.
  8. ^well, that was kind of the point of my costume in that picture.
  9. ^ I know! It's like your whole life revolves around school. You explain you already spend 8 hours a day at school, and you think they'd just have you do work in class but noooo. Then they always assign the most homework on band practice nights...you try to tell them that, they say "oh what about all the other sports" when they practice straight after school and have all evening to do homework. even though band practices the same amount of time (3 hours), we virtually have less time to do h/w because practice is from 6-9. I get home at 3:45 and have to leave at 5:30...then i get home at 9:30ish and I should be going to bed at 10 to get my 8 hours but usually don't finish homework until 11:15 or so. So we really only have 2 hours to do everything, but teachers assign more than that usually.
  10. that's some mad photoshoppin i did the other day. for one of our band spirit days i dressed up as mj. Teehee.
  11. 1) I've gotten 6 hours of sleep every school night since school started 4 weeks ago, because I take 7 periods and have band. The one day i got 7 hours of sleep I felt like a godess. 2) I can't concentrate very well in school because of this and I spend the whole day falling asleep and wanting to get home when I should be learning. 3) Teachers don't understand this and continue to be picky and give homework every night and mark you down on the tinyest mistakes that you know you're going to make because you're tired 4) Falling asleep at night before you can finish your math homework and your math teacher deciding to make that assignment worth double the next day 5) Not having time to check TPR very often 6) For some reason I feel like kicking a tree
  12. The Mayan calandar is not the only one! according to the Bible codes, the world is going to end in 2012 by way of large comet. Woo we're doomed
  13. http://www.myspace.com/arrohed4life pretty much everyone in my school has a myspace, and most of them (inc. me) are under 16. Myspace sucks. who wants to see someone's stats other than to hit on them? I like Xanga wayy better...more of a journally feel..but I got majority'd by my friends into doing myspace
  14. The world will become horrendously evil, and the polar ice caps will melt dogs and cats will be having babies pigs will fly we'll get radiated from atomic bombs people will become wild animals there will be 10 hurricanes a year a giant comet will hit us and then God will say "enough!" and we'll all die in a large fiery explosion from SPAAAACE
  15. Cute pix! I started school as a soph. last Monday, and I miss last year ! these freshmen are annoying and pushy, and like a million other people transferred from our rival school, so its a total crammed zoo. I have to say though, the classes don't seem as hard this year (yet) for some reason...and theres more freedom ( i get 5th period off ). so far though, high school and middle school are/were a lot better than elementary school for me...kids were so mean to me! I got picked on, made fun of, left out, forgotten, ignored, etc., so i can't see anything being worse than that, lack of sleep/time or not.
  16. 1) 3 day weekend 2) school half-day on Weds. 3) I like my plastic party-city fedora 4) I get my letterman Weds. 5) I love marching band 6) I just watched Dennis' video 7) I'm listening to Michael Jackson 8) California doesn't get hurricanes
  17. well i will be 16 by then, but theres no way my parents would ever let me go anywhere (especially cross-continental) with "strangers". when i turn 18..oh yes.. Not to mention the morning of June 9 is graduation at my school and there's no way I can miss my best friends graduation
  18. ok, to get to school in the morning, you have to leave at EXACTLY 5 before 7...if you leave even one minute later, the line of cars extends all the way down the road to the stoplight...and the stoplight is really really long. SO on friday, we were late...so we get there and im waiting in this line of cars...so i just tell my mom "ill just walk to the band room from here". I get out, and the bell rings...so i start running, and my knapsack wasn't closed...so my cd player flies out and the top completely comes off and the batteries come out... great im in a bad mood by this time..I tell a girl in band, and she puts the player back together correctly...BUT fails to reconnect the connector ribbon for the controls. Now i have to retake the top back off, and I dont know how she got the damn thing back on because the top won't come off. I'm temped to throw it on the ground again to get it off but i don't want to break it more. So now im about to attempt to take off the bottom with screwdrivers and try to connect it somehow. AUGH! RC "maybe I'll just buy a new player" Dartarro Edit: YESSSSS SUCCESSS muahahaha take that evil connector of doom! ahem. Yeah that worked.
  19. I'm at school and about to go to lunch...tired..need a nap..listening to Michael Jackson on my ipod. w00t for me.
  20. well i have the area where i live around (need to find some pics of my house), i live up on a big ol' hill that unnerves even the most experienced of hillgoers . the west side of the hill is the ghetto-y slum area, and the east side of the hill is more well off. Lucky for me, we live on the slightly more eastern side.
  21. woot, go shirtless dude! and please, don't turn out like those preppy abercrombie dudes.
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