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  1. I've never been on a cruise. So seeing these cruise updates definitely raises my interest in doing a TPR cruise one day!
  2. And now a postcard of the classic Calico Mine Ride from the good ol' days at Knott's Berry Farm!
  3. I see Wind Jammer but there seems to be a distinct lack of Wacky Soap Box Racers.
  4. The Park Californians Call Home, The Friendliest Place In the West...oh the good ol' days of Knott's. I'm really enjoying this look back at what used to be one of my favorite theme parks in the world.
  5. It's funny. I've never thought of traveling to a place like China before. But by checking out the TPR updates, it seems like they have some wacky stuff that would interest me in taking a future trip there. Lovin' the updates!!
  6. I'm so jealous of you guys. I REALLY wanted to go to Coney Island!
  7. Erik, I really am enjoying your 'natural, in the raw' videos.
  8. Definitely enjoying your humorous Europe trip report! Caught the Monkees reference, very cool. I also enjoy the random Angus interjections.
  9. Man, I really wanted to go to those two French parks but my body was just not cooperating. Oh well... Great TR so far!
  10. Dear Title Fairy, can you please change my title to something like "Such a horndog." Thanks!
  11. I don't look too sure about those Toverland Tea Cups. Great work, Bill! Definitely enjoying this old-fashioned trip report.
  12. Enjoyed the update. I grew up watching Thomas the Tank Engine a lot. I still have a bunch of the tapes. I'll have to make a trip out to SFMM soon to relive my childhood. Well that, and to try out X2 and the Sky Tower Museum. Also, the video is kind of different for TPR. It's catered for a younger crowd and I liked it.
  13. I really like that poster. Are those available in the park?
  14. Very cool concept for an RCT park! Hope you finish it as I might want to download it some day.
  15. That video made my day. You're awesome Erik. BTW, great photos Will.
  16. Cool! Thanks for letting me know since I got some weird error message when I sent it. But it looks like you still received the email.
  17. I am interested in joining the Behemoth/Ravine Flyer trip now that I have the money for it. Are there still spots open for it? If so, what shall I do next? Thanks!
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