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  1. Oooh a bump! I think it was around 2000-2001 and I was browsing sites such as SCCC, Goose's Realm of Insanity, Westcoaster, and Beary Tales. Found TPR thru Westcoaster around the same time period. So I've been following the site for years now but only recently became a member. A thing I like about TPR, like Westcoaster, is that the photo captions in updates are funny unlike other coaster sites where they just plainly tell you what is seen.
  2. Definitely liked the nod to Michael Nesmith's Elephant Parts. I'm surprised someone else has seen that video. I even own it. Quite possibly one of the funniest videos ever!!!
  3. So I've been looking for Nintendo DS Lites for awhile now. I cannot seem to find them anywhere. They seem to have gone mysteriously out of stock. Does anyone know where I can find them? Does it have something to do with supply and demand?
  4. Brought the topic back... Anyways, that was hilarious! Favorite bits were the use of the Jackass music in your Vekoma stair coaster and what Steel Phantom did to you. The dinner scene was good too.
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