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  1. Quite ambitious there, O Mighty Mike! Aside from the Eurotrip, I could join you at some of the CA parks.
  2. Awesome official update! Thanks again! Robb, I think your caption writing is getting better/funnier. and it's B-e-a-tleBen (as in the band, not the bug). Just to clear up any confusion.
  3. What's In A Brain? Disc One: What more can be said? Well, I guess a little more. I did enjoy it and it was a trip. It's tied all together by Dr. Phil which helps make more sense out of the film. The film is set up as a psychiatrist appointment. A lot of the film is very Python-esque so if you like them, I suggest getting this DVD. I think my favorite segments would have to be the 4th Dimension and the Ballad of Mr. Six. Great stuff! Disc Two: I'd have to say I enjoyed the second disc a little more just for the POV's and Guy's "Backwards POV's"! Extra cool bonus points go to Guy for using the Beach Boys (my favorite band) "California Girls" in the California Screamin' POV!! I nearly creamed myself when I heard those first chords. Coaster Expedition Volume 9 (From a Spain Trip participant's point of view) Disc One: Another fantastic edition of the Coaster Expedition series! It really captures all the fun and good times we had. It's got some really good, tight editing sometimes syncing with the music. I also appreciate the little nod at the end. Disc Two: More awesome on-ride footage which is top notch coming from Robb's duct tape cam. If you enjoy boobs, you'll enjoy this disc as well. There's plenty to be had of that through various POV's. The bonus segments are fun too and also bring back some great memories!
  4. Hmmm, I might have to rethink attending this event. It's starting to grab my interest!
  5. Y'know, I too regret not staying awake long enough to crash that party. I could've gotten lucky with some lovely Spanish senorita!
  6. So that's what that sculpture was sitting on your coffee table. I didn't bother to turn it around and see what it was.
  7. Wow, that was one of the best days I've ever had at SFMM! It was way more than I expected which was a plus. I had a great time being there and catching up with some friends. Thanks again, Alveys!
  8. Thanks for another TR of the best trip I've ever been on! Good times, good times.
  9. Besides what is on the official site, are there currently any other SFMM discounts out there? Also, does anyone know what SFMM's ride rehab schedule is?
  10. You have me sold! I hope to see some of my other trip peeps there.
  11. I personally feel that this is a great move and a step in the right direction for Cedar Fair. Maybe KBF will get something cool (other than a coaster)?
  12. ^ It is the normal log ride with water and monsters are scattered throughout various parts of the ride.
  13. ^ I hope to see/scare you there Jim! I'll be lurking somewhere in the Log Ride (Pyromaniax).
  14. I remember the pig! It was great getting to hang out with you again and finish my credits. Hope to see you sometime soon again! Also, I just saw your Tripsdrill video and I didn't realize how funny that wave was.
  15. "Running 1 train on an 8 minute ride: Stupid." Smart when the park is that empty, adding trains would be pointless and only slow down operations. It's either that or they didn't have the staffing at the time to add another train.
  16. Yay, a Whip photo of me! Enjoyed your funny photo captions. It was nice to finally meet you and other UK peeps too.
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