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  1. I have my interview for the Disney College Program tonight around 8pm and I'm hoping everything goes well...I heard that the interview isn't to bad so I think I should be good.
  2. I just applied for the 2009 Spring program and am just waiting to hear back from my academic adviser to tell me my options in regards to taking next semester off to go work for the program before I schedule my interview. Hopefully this will count as a co-op and I am still considered a full time student so I don't have to worry about re-enrollment when I go up to University Park next year. I'm hoping and praying that if I get accepted I get into attractions or transportation or at least something somewhat related to my major which is Mechanical Engineering. Afterall, after this program I'm hoping to apply to one of the company's professional internships for engineering so hopefully everything works out.
  3. Obviously you don't pay much attention. CP has so much to offer and they only charge about $42. That is CHEAP compared to other parks like SF and Kennywood. Anyone who says it is expensive to get into CP is crazy. Kennywood cost $32, while it is lower than CP it is still overpriced. CP has a lot more to offer that KW does. First of all, your first mistake was that you are comparing a park that is run by a corporation to a park that has been run by two families for the past 200 years. Of course you're going to expect Cedar Point to have a lot more to offer than Kennywood, afterall they have a lot more operating profit then Kennywood and a larger source of income to fund such large investments whereas Kennywood has to rely on its own operating profit to fund any kind of investment they make. Sure, Cedar Point has the largest collection of mediocre roller coasters on the face of this planet, but Kennywood isn't just about the attractions in the park. The park afterall is a National Historic Landmark and there are a lot of things in the park people such as yourself wouldn't appreciate considering you seem to be very blinded by the quote-on-quote greatness of Cedar Point. I for one would rather spend a day at Kennywood, eating Potato Patch Fries and enjoying my day then wasting a day away waiting in 2, 3 even 4 hour long lines at Cedar Point riding sub-par roller coasters and wasting all my money on overpriced food and refreshments that are just okay. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people out there who would agree with me as well. Yeah, Cedar Point tickets aren't that expensive, but considering its very hard to get to everything on a summer day at CP you're bound to stay there a number of days whereas I can enjoy everything at KW in one day for less than $30. Suit yourself. I've never had a poblem with CP's food ever. Picky much? And cheese and bacon fies? Boy, if that doesn't make you quiver I don't know what would. Makes me question the crap Kennywood sells. It seems KW only sells food that is not healthy and just plain crap for you. Does KW have a great rib restaurant? A Hibachi steakhouse? A classy seafood place called Bay Harbor? Don't think so. In fact do they even have a sit down restaurant?? Yes, they do in fact have a sit down restaurant that offers pretty good food for great prices. On top of that they have the Potatoe Patch and a lot of other good varieties of food in the park. And the best part about it, is you can probably have lunch, dinner and dessert at Kennywood for the same price you pay for lunch at Cedar Point. And sure Cedar Point might have all those great sounding food choices, but I'd much prefer to go to an amusement park without having to spend a small fortune having to pay for meals.
  4. Candover is the company that acquired Parques Reunidos back in 2007...I was really waiting to see how long it would take Parque to put their bid in for the parks, considering they are trying to expand their market in the US. It'll be interesting if this acquisition goes through, especially after the Kennywood Entertainment deal being finalized.
  5. In case anyone wasn't aware on here, the Mon Fayette Expressway is pretty much DEAD...the road is about partially completed but there has been no progress on it for years. Even during the election for Mayor last year in Pittsburgh, both candidates both agreed that the expressway was pretty much dead due in part to no funding to complete it. So if Kennywood is going to continue waiting around for this road to be completed to start the expansion, quite frankly we're never going to see the park expand its boundaries...ever. The only reason the park said that the expansion was contingent on this expressway was because with the park having its own exit, it would open up its doors to many more visitors a year. However, this was all proposed under the family ownership and with Parque now in control, who knows what the possibilities for this park are. While some say Parque is going to be very hands off and allow the parks to run themselves off their own revenue, if Kennywood wanted to make a large expansion which could bring tons of new guests in, I don't think they'd expect the park to pay for it all out of pocket from their own revenue...but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  6. Not sure if you were aware of this or not, but three years back Kennywood purchased over 50 acres of land adjacent to the current property for future expansion. However, the expansion was contingent on the completion of the Mon Fayette Expressway, which has yet to be completed. But with the sale of the park completed and under new ownership, I really wouldn't be surprised if the park begins expanded its property, especially after the announcement of season passes for next season. So the park has plenty of room for such improvements, its just the park never had the means to fund such a large expansion, however under new ownership, its now possible. If you're interested here's a link to the purchase a few years back. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/s_350453.html There's also a few other links on Kennywood's press releases, just scroll down a bit. http://www.kennywood.com/media/in_the_news.php In regards to the season pass announcement, I would first like to make it clear that from what I heard from people I've talked to about this issue, this has been in the works well before Parques Reunidos came along, so its not like they forced Kennywood to add season passes or anything like that. And while we can expect there to be larger crowds with the addition of the season pass (just look what it did to Sandcastle), you can't really say thats a downside because that's just downright selfish...you can't blame the park for trying to bring in some extra profit. Second, for all the people who feel this is going to make Kennywood some "babysitting service" next year, let me remind you that the price of these things is $90 dollars. Now whilst that may seem like a bargain if you go to the park more than 3 times a year, I just don't see a ton of teenagers breaking down and paying that much money to go to the park when they could just as easily spend $17 and buy a Night Rider pass after 5pm. I personally have always wanted a season pass for Kennywood. I live 6 miles from the park and the main reason I didn't go to the park a lot prior to this year was the rising price of tickets. I now work at the park but that's a whole different story. I personally think this is going to open up Kennywood's opportunities greatly especially with the added revenue these passes will bring in. I just think that a lot of the locals who are big fans of the park are afraid of the park drifting away from the park being a traditional amusement park and becoming too much like parks owned by Cedar Fair or Six Flags. While I too would like the park to stay a traditional amusement park (thats what makes the park special after all), change isn't always a bad thing and there are certain things that need to be up to date in order to stick with the competition. Kennywood is a great park and I think this is going to help develop it into a even better one. I just can't believe so many people are against this because its going to bring more crowds...My question is, how is that a bad thing? So many people want to see a new coaster at the park, but how would you like them to fund it without more people coming to the park. We're talking about a park who considered a $2 million investment one of its largest investments in park history, and they want the park to add a roller coaster that is 3 to 5 times more expensive than Ghostwood Estate. Bringing in crowds isn't necessarily a bad thing when we're talking about park improvements if you know what I mean.
  7. You'll notice he has a fresh coat of paint as well...He's been in rehab the past few weeks. Pretty decent trip report, it sucks you got caught in the storm, luckily I was off that day. The weather has been pretty crappy the past few days at the park causing the park to close early several times including yesterday. By the way, the new ride is called Ghostwood Estate, not Manor...I don't know why so many people get that name wrong.
  8. What is the largest amusement park in the world if CP isn't SFMM & SFGADV r smaller & nothing in Europe or Asia come close except Blackpool in England which just puts coasters right on top of eachother also CP has the most coasters in 1 park with 17 so if there is another park that tops CP let me no because the record books list CP as the biggest & the best. Just pointing that out 2 u Wow, you totally just butchered the entire english language with that post... And while yes, Cedar Point does have the most roller coasters of any park in the world, that doesn't necessarily mean its the LARGEST amusement park in the world. Because in terms of acreage, there are plenty of parks that are technically bigger than Cedar Point.
  9. That is not true at all! For example, I hear that Thunderhead has had ZERO of it's track replaced, and it doesn't need to. I'm not sure who told you that fact or if you just made it up, but you're absolutely wrong with that statement. --Robb "LOL at 1/7 as the figure!" Alvey I can definitely believe that Robb...I know for a fact that Roar at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom received its VERY FIRST re-tracking after the 2005 season, and some say the only reason they did so was because the coaster derailed that season. The coaster was getting pretty rough around that time frame as well so the re-tracking came with open arms...7 SEASONS after the coaster opened in 1999. I'll have to take Robb's side on this and say that those statistics just really don't sound right at all, and even if they were, there's no reason that ANY wooden coaster should have to have thousands of feet retracked after only one operating season, let alone a few months after opening (Boardwalk Bullet's case). But I can assure you that not every coaster is retracked yearly, because the fact of the matter is, most wooden coasters don't need it. But past installations have shown that Gravity Group coasters get beat up a lot quicker and have to be re-tracked much more sooner than say, a GCI. I just hope this doesn't happen with RF2 because the ride really is perfect just the way it is.
  10. Well, considering both Voyage and Boardwalk Bullet (not sure about Hades) had to be retracked in some areas after their first operating seasons, it's pretty easy to say that the Gravity Group coasters aren't the best coasters in terms of aging. I just hope this doesn't end up being the case with my beloved Ravine Flyer II.
  11. Haha, my name's Kevin. Glad you had fun... We're all really excited for opening day... good to hear you'll be back. Haha my name is Ryan not John too but glad to see you there! Opening day was awesome... Can't wait to see you back there again to spin some more! LOL Ryan, you beat me to it. Didn't even know you were a member of the site.
  12. I also didn't find Ravine Flyer II overwhelmingly rough either. Was it aggressive? Hell yea. But it sure wasn't as rough as one of my most hated wooden coasters, Villain. I thought there really wasn't any spots where I could easily say were 'rough', there were a few bumps in some spots but nothing that was too severe to ride 52 times. I woke up the next day with a few sore spots on my legs and a bruise on my hip, but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm not a big fan of getting beat up on coasters and I can easily say that you don't get beat up on this coaster. You get thrown into the sides a few times, but like I said, nothing too intolerable. With the reputation that Gravity Group coasters have with aging, I really do hope this coaster can age better than Voyage and Boardwalk Bullet. I really would hate to go back to the park later in the summer and experience a much different and unpleasurable ride experience.
  13. ^ I believe I sat next to you on a few runs on Ravine Flyer 3.
  14. Looking great Robb, can't wait to see the finished product. Question for you Robb. Are you going to be making an actual DVD that can be purchased from our day at Waldameer or just a copy in general of the footage you took? I'm sure everyone else is wondering the same thing, but I figured I would be the first to ask. Also do you have any problem with us using any of these photos with us in them for our personal use, like uploading them to our facebook or something similar to that? Just wanted to ask to before doing something I'll later regret. lol
  15. So, did they even both repainting the supports or did they just throw them up and call it day? Because it definitely doesn't look like the received any new paint.
  16. Pretty much, there was a bird hanging out in the second tunnel after the bridge and literally on about 15 or so runs, the bird would get scared from the noise and fly away. But instead of it flying away from the train, it was literally playing target practice with our heads. There were a lot of close calls and I thought somebody was bound to hit it but luckily no one did. I actually just got home and was just coming on to thank Robb for the great experience. Ravine Flyer 2 was an AMAZING coaster and I'd definitely urge everyone to take a trip up to Waldameer this summer to experience it (just watch out for that damned bird!). Thanks again to Robb and TPR in general for making this happen, it was a great day and I'm really glad I was able to experience it. I'll try to get some pictures I took up later on, but right now I'm going to bed because I'm exhausted!
  17. King Kahuna has yet to open this season, I'm really not sure why. I noticed some mechanics working on the restraint system today, but other than that...nothing. I'm really not sure when its going to re-open. Another ride that's been having A LOT of downtown so far since the season started is the Turnpike...Working in front of the park, I've noticed that it's closed at least one time every day this season, some days even breaking down multiple times a day. Not sure what's wrong with it, but it seems a lot of the cars have been dieing lately.
  18. I'd have to say Villain is one of the worst, if not the worst wooden roller coaster I have been on in my life. I think the last time I rode it (granted I went to the park every season up until it closed) was 2004. The only thing I can really remember about it was I came off it with a horrible back spasm and NEVER wanted to ride it again (and never did actually). The sad thing is, I remember riding it in 2001 and 2002 and it was nowhere near as bad as when I rode it in 2004. I'm not sure if SFI or Cedar Fair are to blame more for the coasters terrible upkeep because the ride was really fun when it was not back breaking. I got the chance to ride Ghostrider last summer and I have to say I don't know why so many people think it is so bad. Was it a little rough? Yes, but I surely didn't think it was intolerable. I was actually surprised I liked it after hearing all the bad reviews of it, I really didn't think it was bad at all. Now as for Mean Streak, the last time I rode it was back in 2006 and I thought the same as with Ghostrider. I thought it was a little rough but nothing too intolerable. I wouldn't complain about the roughness as much as the ride experience itself because I just thought the whole layout was blase. Maybe its just where I was sitting on the train when I rode the coaster the past two times I've went to the park, but I didn't think it was THAT bad. I guess it's all in your personal preference I guess.
  19. One things for sure, Kennywood isn't Cedar Point! Even if its raining, they seem to be pretty good about keeping all the rides open. I mean, it's been pretty rainy the past few days and all the rides seem to remain open. The only time they really close rides during rain is if theres a thunderstorm within a 10 mile radius or something like that, so I'm pretty sure it stays open during rain. I don't see why it wouldn't.
  20. Woo, man am I glad I didn't work today because the weather really looked like it sucked! I worked 10 and half hours yesturday and I was literally freezing my butt off all day and I'm glad I didn't have to go through that again today. As for your report, it looked like you had a pretty nice day other than the crappy weather. Ghostwood Estate looks great and I still can't believe I haven't been able to ride it yet, even though I could technically ride it whenever I wanted...I'll just wait till the weather gets better. Nice report though! And just as a word of warning, you're probably going to have to resize your pictures which are really big. I think they are bigger than the size limits, but I figured I'd give you a heads up before the mods do.
  21. I think you're thinking a little too much about the what ifs regarding this acquisition. I'm sure that since current management will remain in place that they'll be the ones to pick their replacements. As I've said before, I think Parques Reunidos will run this parks very hands off. And what I mean about that is the current management will be the people making all the decisions but will have to go to the upper management to get the proper permission to do so. I highly doubt this company is going to make any drastic decisions that would make them step over the feet of current management, even though they have the power to do so. I really don't think Parques is going to make any decisions noticeable by the general public, but will be more behind the scenes allowing current management to do their job. Parques Reunidos has said they like how the parks are currently run, so I doubt that will change, regardless if people retire or not.
  22. While everyone else seems to want a GCI woody or B&M/Intamin at Kennywood, I'd have to say I'd really like to see a Gerstlauer eurofighter at my home park. I only say this because they seem to be very thrilling coasters all while being very friendly to the entire family, which is a perfect fit for a traditional family amusement park like Kennywood. My second choice would have to be either a GCI or Gravity Group wooden coaster that takes advantage of the parks natural terrain.
  23. Truly, I really don't think much is going to change about the park, if anything at all. Granted they keep the current management in place, like they said they would, I think Kennywood's philosophy of a traditional family amusement park will remain intact. You have to keep in mind that there are still family members who are not only shareholders of the park but also work in the park in management. I work at the park and I believe there are several Henningers who are hold management positions throughout the park, so even if this park is OWNED by a new company, I believe that there will still be members of the Henninger and McSwigan families who will remain in management and continue to run the park the same. In my eyes, I only see this as a financial decision, allowing Kennywood to have other more money to work with when it comes to making new investments for the park. FeeltheForce said perfectly, Ghostwood Estate cos around $2 million dollars and KWP talked as if this was some HUGE investment. Before that the park only spent a little over $2 million for SwingShot. You have to keep in mind that currently, this park is operated almost solely on park revenue. It's not like each of these 76 shareholders are multi-millionaires like Daniel Snyder. That's one of the main reasons we haven't seen a new coaster at Kennywood in quite some time, the park just doesn't make enough money each year to warrant a $6-7 million dollar wooden coaster, let alone a $15-20 million dollar B&M or Intamin. This sale is going to open up A TON of opportunities in regards to Kennywoods future investments. We're talking about a company who made $570 million dollars in 2007 at only 5 amusement parks and a ton of small entertainment centers, waterparks and zoos. Quite frankly, the possibilities of this sale at Kennywood are endless. The park could finally get itself a hotel and indoor waterpark, could finally start its expansion, could get several new big attractions in the next few years, all of which would probably take Kennywood Entertainment twice as long to do. So really, I don't see this sale being as bad as some people are making it sound. As long as the current management remains in place, I really don't see much changing at all, at least not stuff most people would recognize.
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