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  1. If you consider those coasters themed coasters, you have to be on something. For one, the only things relatively themed on either TTD and Xcelerator are their stations and trains, but quite frankly, their stations have absolutely no relation to either of the coasters themes. I also don't see how you can consider Sierra Sidewinder to be themed, I just rode it this past summer. I'll admit that TTD and Xcelerator have small bits of theming, but I don't see how you can considering Sierra Sidewinder to be theme...just because it's in a themed area doesn't mean it's themed. As for Maverick, maybe it would have been a themed coaster if Cedar Point would have actually come through on their plans that were shown in the original concept photo, but as we know now, Maverick has nothing but a bunch of rock walls. And from what I understand, Ghost Rider wasn't even designed by Cedar Fair, so even if you consider it to be a themed coaster, that wasn't the work of Cedar Fair, because as you know that was the year they took over the park. So yeah, Cedar Fair does a few things of theming here and there, but compared to other parks out there like Busch, Disney, etc., Cedar Fair fails in the theming department. Most of the time they just throw a bunch of generic objects in random places to make something looked themed, and usually it doesn't add anything at all to the ride experience.
  2. I remember seeing awhile back that Kennywood was actually in the running to buy the park until Cedar Fair outbit them. I'll have to look around for the news article, but this was awhile go that I saw this. But I definitely remember seeing it. And yes, I do think Kennywood would have done a hell of a lot better job at running this park than Cedar Fair and wouldn't have given up on the park like they did.
  3. Here's what would have happened if Geauga Lake wasn't taken over by Cedar Fair...Kennywood would have taken over the park and actually took the time and effort to improve upon the rides side before moving onto bigger and better things like a new waterpark. They would have done a lot more than a few paint jobs on a select few rides, an addition of new games and picnic pavilions. Hell, it's been four years now and I could easily have seen KWP investing in new rides as well. So quite frankly, the park would have been a lot better off not being purchased by Cedar Fair. Because quite frankly, it would have been taken over by a much smaller company that ensures that ALL of its park receive equal attention year in and year out. But of course, this didn't happen and now we no longer have a park. It's not Six Flags' fault people. Yes, they left the park in shambles and attendance at a low level, but other than the waterpark, what did Cedar Fair do for the park that actually contributed to the improvement in the overall park atmosphere? A few paint jobs and some picnic pavilions is NOT going to bring people into the park, so in all seriousness, I just don't think Cedar Fair EVER had any plans to fix up the rides side. Because if they had given some attention the rides side when it needed it, I could easily have seen attendance rise somewhat, especially with the addition of a new ride that they could have marketed.
  4. I highly doubt the closing of the Geauga Lake rides side is going to help Cedar Fair get out of over a billion dollars in debt. It might be a start (a small one at that), but I doubt they'll get more than 100 million for the land if indeed they sell all the land. I was looking at the property assessment of the land the ride side sits on, and the declared value of the land is only $30-40 million or so, and yeah they're going to be saving some money on operating costs as well, but in the end, I really don't see the closing of Geauga Lake being the solution to Cedar Fair's financial problems.
  5. I just don't see how Kinzel can continually say that Wildwater Kingdom is recognized as one of the finest water parks in the country. I mean, you don't have to be a avid water park enthusiast to see that Wildwater Kingdom doesn't even come close to some of the other water parks in America. Not to mention there are very few attractions as it is, so it'll be interesting to see what the park has planned for next season. But like you said Robb, the park definitely has a lot of work and additions to go before it can be compared with the likes of Schlitterbahn and Blizard Beach.
  6. From my understanding, Cedar Fair never owned the animals so technically it wasn't their decision to take the animals out. When Six Flags sold the park to Cedar Fair, the animals weren't included in the deal thus they were sent to other Six Flags parks. I just don't see how Kinzel can continue using this as a excuse for the park's failure since 1) it wasn't their decision to take them out and 2) attendance was already declining in 2002 and 2003 even with the animals. If Kinzel and Co. really wanted the park to improve, they would have spruced up the rides side along with the waterpark, it just seems like they never once had the intention of doing anything with the rides side.
  7. When did Cedar Fair officials ever lie about what they were going to do with Geauga Lake? Never did they once ever promise Geauga Lake would continually remain an amusement park. You just assumed this on your own. Nobody lied. It's all in your head. When people get angry and upset, they start pointing fingers and blantantly accusing things by making things up in their head so they have somebody to blame. Actually, I remember seeing an article back (I'll try to find it), where Falfas clearly said that the park had no intention of giving up on the park and they had a 3-5 year goal to turn Geauga Lake back into a traditional amusement park. Now we know that this was never the park's intentions. That in my opinion is lieing to your customers, and something Cedar Fair is really good at. And to add on to what I said about me thinking that Wildwater Kingdom won't survive as a stand alone waterpark, I found a few interesting stats that might surprise some people. As it stands right now, there are only three waterparks in the entire United States that average over 1 million guests a year. Also, in the top 5 highest attended waterparks in America, 4 out of the 5 parks are located in an area with relatively hot climate. 1. Typhoon Lagoon (1,914,000), Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Fla. 2. Blizzard Beach (1,778,000), Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Fla. 3. Wet ‘n Wild (1,340,000), Orlando, Fla. 4. Schlitterbahn (917,000), New Braunfels, Texas 5. Water Country USA (697,000), Williamsburg, Va. http://www.waterparks.org/otherArticles/Generalfacts.pdf Also if you notice, only 4 out of those 15 most visited parks aren't affiliated with any amusement park nearby. Obviously that's going to help their attendance out tremendously, and that's something this waterpark will no longer have. So quite frankly, I just don't see how this park is going to survive, but we'll have to wait and see.
  8. Could we stop with this already. Six Flags World of Adventure failed! They failed to be a viable competitor to Cedar Point. Why do you think they were so eager to sell after all the capital they invested in the park? Umm, it wasn't failing in 2001 when they installed X-Flight and reached 2.5 million visitors, slightly behind Cedar Point's 3+ million. I actually think if SFI held onto the park a little longer, Shapiro would have been able to turn the park around.
  9. I just really can't see Wildwater Kingdom surviving as a stand alone waterpark without Cedar Fair investing several more millions of dollars into a decent sized expansion for the park. Right now, I really don't see people going to the park for two slide complexes and a wave pool. I certainly wouldn't drive 2 1/2 hours for that. It is true...If you watched the interview with Kinzel at the beginning of the year, he mentioned removing the parks larger attractions and said people can go to Geauga Lake for the waterpark and they'll let the coaster lovers go to Cedar Point. Obviously there were other reasons to closing GL besides their mediocre attendance, especially allowing Cedar Point to finally take over the entire Cleveland market. http://www.freepowerboards.com/geaugalaketoday/geaugalaketoday-about201.html (Watch Part 2)
  10. The only thing I'm really pissed about this announcement (not really made the park is closing since I can go to Waldameer, Kennywood and Hersheypark instead), is the fact that Cedar Fair waited till the end of the season to announce this. They did the same thing when they took out X-Flight and Steel Venom and if you knew you were removing the rides side all along, why not tell people so they are able to ride certain rides for the last time? I just really don't like the way Cedar Fair goes about running their company and that's one of the reason I probably won't be going to another Cedar Fair property anytime in the future.
  11. I guess this all shows us just how greedy Dick Kinzel is and that he'd stop at nothing to get attendance at Cedar Point to increase. I know for a fact attendance was up this year, so I can only take it that Kinzel saw this as a threat to his future plans for Cedar Point. I'll be the first to admit, Geauga Lake was once one of my favorite parks and I guess it's kinda disappointing they're removing all the rides. But the fact is, Cedar Fair did nothing at all to try to improve the rides side during the 4 years they've owned the park now. The rides side has turned to total crap over the past few years and it's obvious that Kinzel never had any intention of getting the park up to Cedar Fair standards. It's quite obvious the whole objective of taking over this park is so Cedar Point can control the Cleveland market. All I know is I probably won't be visiting any Cedar Fair parks in the near future. This announcement has really made me lose respect for the chain considering they just flushed over 100 years of people's memories down the drain. I have a feeling this news won't sit well in the stomach's of Aurora's citizens.
  12. It was the dark ride that was next to the entrance to the Thunderbolt...
  13. Markers can mean just about anything, so let's wait for an actual announcement before we start jumping to conclusions.
  14. How did I know you would eventually find your way onto these forums... If it ends up on the upstairs, it'll most likely be another crappy dark ride like Garfield's Nightmare.
  15. Well there's a rumor that the park might actually salvage the upstairs of that building and install some sort of new ride in it...I really don't see how it would work, especially considering they'll have so little to work with. They've started construction pretty early so I can only assume its gonna be a semi-large project. I don't know, hopefully we'll see some sort of announcement soon.
  16. Well I certainly don't think any type of ride will replace it unless of course the park decides to make more room. Like I said, I have a feeling that entire buiding that houses several games may be on its way out this season. I just don't see how they could put any new ride in that area unless this happened.
  17. Well, as we are all already aware of, Gold Rusher at Kennywood Park ran for the last time this season. Even though the ride closed down last month, I didn't think any work would begin on the ride until the offseason, but when I stopped by the park today, I was shocked by what I saw. It looks like Kennywood has already begun on whatever they have planned for the 2008 season at the site of the late Gold Rusher. Seems like my original idea that a new dark ride would just replace the Gold Rusher in the existing building has been proven false considering they have already ripped out a majority of the building. One thing that really caught my eye was that they stopped all the demolition once they reached the structure of the building that the games sit in. I have a very strong feeling that this whole building might be on its way out to make room for whatever the park has planned for next season. The park has already shown us that they aren't afraid to take some of the games at the park after taking out the building to put the 3-point basketball game in. The only thing I see actually staying in this area is the bathrooms, considering they just put those in a few years ago. But that's just what I think is going to happen. Anyways, here's the pictures. Sorry for the crappy quality of some of them, I took these with a 1.3mp camera phone.
  18. Aside from the old waterpark which needs a lot of attention to fix up, I don't see any other areas that need large amounts of attention. I think Headspin could of course use a paint job, Raging Wolf Bobs needs to be fixed, and Villain needs to be totally revamped (full retracking maybe some new trains). Other than that, the park is in a pretty good position. If the park plays their cards right and attendance improves next year as well, I could easily see them putting more emphasis on fixing up the rides side which will give people and even better reason to go to the park.
  19. Why does the park need a hyper or a giga...I think the park would do just fine if the company invested in a nice spinning coaster like Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's Berry Farm. Not to mention a few more slides for the waterpark.
  20. But it's not the only reason people go to Geauga Lake...your proof is below. Who says Geauga Lake can't bring in the crowds anymore?
  21. Source please. // I have never seen a park that looked more like it was circling the drain. The difference between last year and this year is staggering. It's just from what I've heard through people who work for the park and from others who know people who work at the park. Just wait and see, I'm sure Cedar Fair will be releasing attendance numbers soon considering its almost the end of the season. And yeah, attendance is useless because most of the people go to the waterpark. Last time I checked, Wildwater Kingdom was Geauga Lake's main draw, so does it matter if people are going to the waterpark or rides park, the park is still bringing in people.
  22. I don't get what the fascination of wanting to take all Geauga Lake's coasters out is...Steel Venom and X-Flight were taken out due to the cost of maintainence, not just for the hell of it. Besides, if you didn't know already, Geauga Lake's attendance is actually up this season so I don't know why they would remove anything else from the park. If anything, the park will get something new, not keep taking things out.
  23. Well considering I found those pics and sent them to Screamscape this is kinda old news for me, but I must agree with everyone this coaster looks absolutely amazing. It's been so many years now since I've been up to that park and I never really had any intention of going back for Steel Dragon so its great that the park is getting something worth me going there again. I'm going to do everything in my power to either go to media day or opening day for this coaster because I have a feeling its going to be really sweet. I'm just glad Waldameer got everything sorted out and this coaster is finally getting built. Two thumbs up for another Gravity Group in America.
  24. I've been thinking about going one of these trips for awhile now and it seems I might just do so next summer. The only problem is, I can't decide between Texas and East Coast. Not to mention I'm starting my first year of college next week so I'm really not sure how much spending money I'm going to have from now until next year. I think I'll probably end up doing the Texas trip just for the fact that half of the parks on the East Coast are less than 6 hours from me. I can't just get up one day and decide to drive to Texas, if you know what I mean. Right now fincances aren't really good for me, considering I still have books, school supplies and other junk to buy for school so I might just miss my chance to go on the East Coast. So whenenver the announcement for the Texas trip is, if I have the money I'll definitely be putting it down.
  25. Yeah, they shortened it but it wasn't modified. The only thing that the back spike doesn't do anymore is hold you with the brake, but from what I believe that had nothing to do with the modifications. From what I've heard, the park doesn't use the holding brake because of computer problems. At least thats what my friend who works there told me.
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