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  1. Yes I do have a way of knowing that for sure, and it WILL NOT be open for Coaster Con. While they have sent the train around a handful of times, there's still a lot of adjustments that need to be done before the coaster opens to the public. But I do just love how you think that you know all that needs to be done to a coaster before it can open to the public. It's a lot more than just tweaking the launch programming and adjusting the trim breaks. Also, you fail to realize that the queue line isn't even done nor is any of the exit ramp other than the footers, and the two staircases for the station and brake run still need to be installed as well. If you think all this done is going to be done before Sunday, you're crazy. And if you think Kennywood is going to open the ride earlier when all this stuff (especially testing) isn't done just so a bunch of coaster enthusiasts can ride it, you're even crazier. Kennywood is all about safety and if you really think they're going to only do less than two weeks of testing just so ACE can ride, you're going to be very disappointed come June 20th.
  2. LOL, no it's not an illusion at all...the seats really are small especially the back row. If you're tall, you'll probably have to stick to the first row of one of the cars because the back is really tight and the front has the most room of any of the rows. I think tall people and overweight people may have some problems with these trains.
  3. The copper fins on the mid-course trim are going to be adjusted. I heard some may be removed because it shouldn't lose that much speed going through this area. When I was leaving the park today there were workers up on a manlift looking at the fins, so many some of them ended up being removed. Guess we'll find out whenever the next round of testing begins.
  4. I'm not exactly sure how the testing schedule looks, but over the last week or so the people at Premier and several people from the maintenance department have tediously been working on checking clearances with the LSMs and trains. Basically they are checking that the magnets on the train have enough clearance on each side of the LSM motor going through each stator. This isn't as tedious on the straight section of the launch considering every stator is in line with one another, but since there are several LSM's on the curved approach up the lift hill, it becomes pretty tedious in that area. I forgot what the term for it is, but since you have a straight section of magnets going through another straight section of LSMs on a curved track, obviously you can't just set all the stators straight and hope they work. The LSMs are required to be staggered so that in no point in this particular section will the top of the channel that the LSMs go through on the train rub on the LSMs. So they've basically been raising and lowering one side or another on the channels that the LSMs are resting on to ensure there is enough clearance on all points of this curved section of stators. The other day I noticed that the first car of the first train was no longer at the end of the launch and is now waiting to be hooked up near the beginning of the launch. I believe early this week they are going to hook up the train and pull both cars through the launch to double check all the clearances and then they would be able to torque all the bolts down. I'm not sure if any other testing is required, but I believe after this is done they should be able to start launching the train. I have also heard they are NOT doing a full pull through and I'm assuming this is all for the sake of getting the ride open as soon as possible. There's no areas that the train really comes close to any of the track anyways so I'm not sure its even necessary... While the coaster seems to be almost done, theres still a lot of work needed to be done on the miscellaneous things on the coaster. Queue line rails still need to be installed, asphalt needs to be poured for the queue going up towards the launch and station, the exit ramp needs to be built, the team member stairs need to be built, and all the fencing going around the ride also still needs to be done. If all this stuff was done already I'm sure we'd see this thing opening really soon, but there's still quite a bit of work to be done even though the coaster is just about ready for full operation.
  5. Okay, it did not take all week for them to build those stairs. I said it CAN be done in a week, not WILL. I NEVER lied.* DO NOT CALL ME A LIAR! That being said, I would not be surprised if the queue is built over a span of two weeks. The queue does not need to be complete until the ride has completed testing. Oh, I'm sorry. Only 90% of the ride is surrounded by a fence. My bad. You see it from the road on the way to work. I see it from inside the park. Hmmmm... It's funny you should mention that, because that's almost the exact meaning of "architecture" in Greek which is the language the word is derived from. Coincidentally, I've been studying to become a certified architect in school. It is okay to express your OPINION (keep in mind that's all it is), but there is no reason to be as RUDE as you are. You tend to be too quick to shoot others down. Again, barring any unforeseen circumstances, Sky Rocket will most likely be ready for ERT at CoasterCon. *This post is meant to express the individual views of the poster and is not supposed to be taken as fact by the reader. First and foremost I would like to clarify that I didn't mean to be rude, but considering you were very snappy in your last post and shot everything I said down like you knew everything, I had to shoot you down instead. Secondly, it pretty much did take the whole week for that staircase to be built as I regularly walk over and check on the construction site when I have some free time and they just finished that up a day or two ago and just started on the ramp up to the station TODAY as I saw them putting up the first posts for it. In terms of the queue area, NOTHING else has been complete other than land preparation. Also, the platform they started a few days ago was STILL being worked on today. So like I said, that is all they have done in terms of queue line and miscellaneous work. So once again, don't expect them to be finished with the queue in a week. Also, I'd like to repeat that the only Turnpike fencing left is the fencing along the old Turnpike entrance, everything else is TEMPORARY. Also, there is no fencing surrounding the ride by the photo booth and onlooker area, so this is yet another thing that needs to be done as well as fencing in other areas in the next few weeks. I'm also assuming there will need to be fencing somewhere around the second drop as the queue line is in this immediate area. If someone would hop the fence they would be in danger if there was no fencing stopping them from going in that area. Also, nothing I said was an opinion except for me saying I don't think the coaster will be done by Coaster Con. Everything else I have seen with my eyes or heard from very reputable sources. But once again, I guess you know more since you're in architecture. I won't even give you the satisfaction of going into what I'm in school considering it means absolutely nothing in this case...
  6. You obviously are looking at a different construction site that I see with my very own eyes every single day at work. Yeah they're in the process of building the queue, but the only part they actually have built is the stairs leading up to the station on the hillside behind the photo booth. All the handrails for the main queue need to be built not to mention the entrance and exit ramps from the station. I guess I should trust you though because you must be the master of construction. The carpenters at the park have been working on the queue for over a week now and all they have to show for it is that one staircase, and it doesn't even have to go up 11 feet in the air like the entrance and exit ramps do to get to the station. So saying they will get this whole queue done in a week is a complete lie. Also, the entire ride IS NOT still surrounded by the original Turnpike fencing. The only fencing that still remains is the fencing along the pathway next to Garfield. Everything else is either temporary or non-existent, like the fence that will be around the turn out of the station. Also, if you think they're just going to keep the second drop area open with only that Turnpike fencing, you're crazy. That's a total safety hazard considering how close it comes to the ground. Anyone would be able to take a stroll through the ride area and take a chance of getting hit. The park is aiming for a June 19th opening, but as of right now testing for the whole coaster probably won't even start until next week. They're cutting it really close but in my honest opinion I don't see it opening in time for Coaster Con.
  7. I wouldn't get your hopes up just yet...In my honest opinion, I don't see this coaster opening by Coaster Con. I see Sky Rocket everyday while going to work, and while the coaster should be up and running by next week at the latest, the station ramps and queue line are nonexistent at this point. There is absolutely no fencing at all surrounding this ride anywhere. With the queue line going directly underneath this coaster, theres going to have to be some kind of barrier from guests accessing the second drop area as that comes very close to the ground and someone could definitely get hit by a train if they had access to that area. Also, the only part of the queue they have done is a staircase leading up to the station. You also have to keep in mind that they're not just going to test this thing for two days and say its good. I'm not positive if they are doing a pull through or not with the coaster, but testing is going to take at least a week I'd think. All I'm saying is, while it seems like Sky Rocket is almost done, there's actually a surprisingly amount of work that still needs to be done before they can open this coaster. I'd say the park is going to be tight trying to meet this deadline they've set for themselves.
  8. Not really sure if this bugs anyone else, but due to the ascent not being completely vertical and the drop being vertical, it gives the allusion of the hill being tilted to the one side. I see this everyday at that park when I'm working and for some reason it bugs the crap out of me. Also, I have to say the first hill is really oddly shaped. I really don't know why Premier didn't just take the Intamin approach and use a real top hat for the first hill instead of just a 90 degree drop.
  9. Superman at Magic Mountain also has I-beam track. Its the loudest coaster I have come across.. If I'm not mistaken, I think the LSM motors have a lot to do with the noise S:TE makes.
  10. They have one piece installed for the first hill thus far, however, the first hill is going to be the last element that will be built as they have to get the crane out of the construction site before they can complete it. Also, one piece of the pullout is also installed before the entrance to the top hat. I'd look forward to work starting on the first hill later next week sometime.
  11. In other news, I watched the Phantom test several time today and I must say, I think they did a really good job on the new rail they installed. the train no longer whips from one side to another like it did last season, so I'm sure it's going to offer a much more enjoyable ride this season. For those who rode it last season will know exactly what I'm talking about.
  12. They're not my pictures, but I just wanted to let you know that it might be best to ask for his permission before posting them. I just know sometimes people get angry about this kinda stuff so I'm just watching your back for you.
  13. ^ I understand you are trying to keep everyone in the loop, but I might advise that you might actually want to ask the owner of those pictures (Myself) before you start posting them around on other forums.
  14. Those are extremely old pictures...You really should check out KPConnection.com, they've been posting new pictures just about every day. They have just about half the track up already and from what I've been hearing most of coaster, with the exception of the first hill and barrel roll should be up by Tuesday. I won't be surprised if this whole coaster is up by the second weekend the park is open, which leaves the station, queue line and other remaining stuff to be built, testing and of course training to do by the time it can open. I'd say that an opening in the first or second week of June is highly likely at this point.
  15. Another update was put up over at Kennywood Connection. The turn up to the MCBR and second drop are now complete and it looks to me that they have just about all the supports up now with the exception of the first hill and barrel roll. Also the LSM motors are now installed as well. You can check out the update below. http://kpconnection.com/cu427.shtml Work has started on the second drop supports. Overview of the construction site from outside the park.
  16. I think someone said the Auto Race received a face lift this year and the CoGo's sign would be going there. As for Sky Rocket, there's a rather big update posted over at Kennyood Connection. Check out the full update here: http://www.kpconnection.com/cu423.shtml
  17. The Co Go's sign should be making a reappearance on another ride somewhere in the park from what I've heard.
  18. Eh, it's better then the one Premier provided, but its still not very accurate. In other news, Kennywood Connection just put up some new pictures, including pictures of the almost complete launch. Check it out: http://kpconnection.com/cu419.shtml
  19. Not particularly...Phantom's transfer track is not part of the station. Sky Rocket's transfer track is INSIDE the station basically and the track that the train sits on while it loads is the same track that will be utilized for the transfer track.
  20. Work has continued on Sky Rocket's station area and the track for the station/transfer track as well as part of the turn after it are now installed. Kennywood Connection has put up a new update, while you're there, take note of the interesting use of the station track as the transfer track as well. Looks like they took a page out of Mr. Freeze's book. See the full update at: http://www.kpconnection.com/cu414.shtml
  21. That crane has been on site since the first week before supports started going up...the fact that its no longer on site and no steel has went up in over a week is hardly a good sign. I don't think this has anything to do with the footers either because there is a piece of track sitting on site that could have went up so I have a feeling this problem is bigger than we all think. While some of the footers in other areas probably aren't fully cured, the footers in the area of the surf curves were all poured at the same time so there should be no reason why they couldn't continue on. But like I said, this isn't a good sign considering they really wanted to get this thing open as soon as possible. You're being very optimistic with your expected opening. Two weeks to finish the rest of the track? I doubt that. Considering it took almost two weeks to put up everything they have up now, two weeks to finish more than half the coaster (including the the four tallest elements) is really really optimistic. Then you have to factor in the amount of time it will take to get the station, queue and everything else built, not to mention all the electric work and what have you. You also have to keep in mind there is so many hours of testing they will have to do once the coaster is finished, which sometimes can take almost two weeks. So in all honesty, I want this thing to open as much as anyone, but if this stand still continues into next week and beyond, a May opening just isn't looking very good.
  22. I'd be very surprised if this thing opens by Memorial Day...construction on the actual coaster seems to be at a stand still and they haven't put anything new up since before Easter weekend. You have to think it took them about a week to finish what they have now, and that is a pretty small portion of this coaster. They have yet to even start supports on the tallest parts of the coaster so they still have a long way to go with this coaster. I really don't think you have to worry about this thing opening by opening day, because like I said I'd be very surprised if it even opened by the end of May.
  23. No new track has gone up since the Friday before Easter weekend...my sources say that the crane is now off site as well. Things aren't looking good and a Memorial Day weekend opening is getting farther and farther out of reach. They have however began work on the station and the transfer track rails are now installed. As for the "cliffhanger" element, my sources also say that Sky Rocket's brake on the first hill is merely a trim and is not going to completely stop the train and hold you like the B&M dive machines...sorry to those guys who wanted it to be that way but supposedly it's not going to be. I however think this was a very good decision as a complete stop would completely ruin the pacing of this coaster.
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