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  1. I've been getting a lot of white ghost glitches in my park recently. What's the easiest way of getting rid of them. Sometimes just right clicking them will make them disappear, but I've gotten a few that won't clear out, even when I zero clearances. Any help?
  2. If I was to send my park to someone, would you be able to make my huts invisible for the one ride I have in it so far. It's really important I get it done or else the ride is just going to look silly. I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer.
  3. Does it also hate Windows XP Mode? Because I just tried to make the track invisible in XP mode as well and still no go. Is there another version of 8 cars that I can use, I'm currently using 1.32?
  4. Does 8 cars not like Windows 7 because I'm doing exactly what you're telling me to do, but the track is still not going invisible for whatever reason.
  5. 8 cars doesn't seem to want to make my dummy track invisible for whatever reason...I'm assuming that's what my problem is.
  6. When you say in step 7 to place a block underneath the massive green tile, what do you mean. I've been able to make the track invisible and have lowered the land back down, but the huts are still there every time. Could you show a picture of what you do after you make the ride invisible?
  7. So I have a problem that I'm hoping someone with hacking experience can help me out with. Basically, I'm trying to build a tram down the main street in my park much like you would see at a Disney park like California's Adventure. The only problem I'm having is making it seem like it is actually part of the walkway. Also, I was hoping someone could help me with the entrance and exits because I was hoping to make the stations look like tram stations, but the buildings for entrance and exit aren't helping very much. I've attached a picture to show you what I'm trying to do and hopefully someone can help me out.
  8. Thanks so much for letting me know about this! I didn't have any of the standard gardens selected and I just added one to it and I'm no longer getting the error trapper!
  9. So I'm not exactly sure what I can do about this, but I just finished editing what I needed to edit in the scenario and everything seemed to be working fine. I just saved the scenario and was going to start working on it in the park editing and I'm now getting an error trapper anytime I try opening the saved scenario. I went back to one of my earlier saves on the scenario editor, and its still gives me the error trapper. I did use a little hacking to get a pathway under one of my buildings to work, but I didn't think something like that could cause an error. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue, or am I going to have to start the park over from scratch again?
  10. Also, can someone explain to me how I can set my park scenario objective to Have Fun...I remember I was able to do this with one of my older parks, but I can't seem to remember how to do it. Thanks.
  11. Could someone direct me towards the diagonal plain gray tarmac? I thought I had some diagonal paths, but I guess I don't...
  12. Could you direct me towards some of the other benches available? I'd love to check them out.
  13. Would you say that this is the best bench to use...I see that there's others out there as well? And what do you mean guest problems?
  14. I'm currently starting a new park in RCT2 and it's been quite awhile since I've made a park from scratch. My question is, what are the best scenery sets to use. It seems like a lot of people on here seem to pick the right scenery when it comes to building their buildings and whatnot. I have almost 4,000 scenery items so I was wondering what would be best to use to make realistic buildings and overall a realistic ride. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  15. Any more custom rides? Also, does anyone have the scenery objects for the glass shop doors and the fake merchant stand with a scenery person inside it?
  16. Thanks for going through everything and trying to put it all together, I know just how much work is involved with doing that. But... You guys have seen the way I post objects and such when requested with a picture and then the download, Would you all rather have the rides set up the same way so you can pick through them all and basically shop for what you want or just in one big folder? If we do this right it can be a place to link new members to so they can find what they need for months/years to come. This could be done in a night or two and be a great resource for the entire RCT2 community here at TPR. If you could include thumbnails, that'd be awesome considering we may have some of the rides already...like the Amazing Earl ones. Also, if you have any custom roller coaster trains, could you include those as well? I've seen some parks that have updated Intamin trains and even a train that looks like the Maurer Sohne X-Car train. If you have these and could include those, that'd be awesome!
  17. That would be awesome! Thanks. Also if someone could point me in the direction of the .dat file for the glass door that people usually use for gift shops and buildings that'd be awesome too.
  18. Could anyone please direct me to any custom rides you may have...I have all the Amazing Earl ones, but I know there are others out that that people have. If you have any custom rides, could you please send them my way? Thanks!
  19. I've been looking into getting back into the realistic RCT2 park scene and was wondering if there were any new rides created by fans of the game. It's been quite a few years since I've touched my copy of RCT2, and the only custom rides I know of are the ones made by Amazing Earl. Have there been any new rides created recently? I know the minds overy at NE probably have came up with stuff and was just wondering where I could go about getting some if they're out there.
  20. There is a reason why the park has now put height sticks by the queue gates in rows 3, 4 and 6. I'm not positive if they are denying people over a certain height to those rows, or if its just a precaution so people know that they won't get the most pleasant experience if they ride there. Kennyweird is right though, if you're tall enough the back of car one can tap you in the knee if you're sitting in row 4. I have heard of some tall people experiencing this and the car doesn't "bonk" you in the knee, its more of a love tap, if that. So don't expect to see any lawsuits being placed against Kennywood for this because obviously they give taller people enough warning to NOT sit in those rows.
  21. After they took down the fin on the first drop today the first few tests it had a lot of speed going through the whole course, but throughout the night it was slowing down. I have a pretty good feeling that they are gradually reducing the launch speed to try and lower the speed it is going at the top of the first hill. So like I said the other day, even though the coaster was technically done they are still making a lot of adjustments to the ride before its open to the public.
  22. They gave ACErs 1 lap each, the ride still won't open for another week, so obviously something's not ready. Rumor has it that the park wasn't willing to open the ride to the general public with only one train being operational because of the obvious capacity issues it would have, although I have no way of knowing for sure. I realize that the ERT was very limited, but the point was that it happened. My point this whole time was that I didn't want ACEr's to give up hope. I knew how badly the park wanted to have the ride open for them and how likely it was that they would get it to happen at all costs. I'm just glad they were able to deliver. It's riding just like its old self again and possibly even better! For the record, the ride still isn't "ready" by any means...there's a reason why it's not opening until next week and it's not just because they have to get the other train ready. There's also a very good reason why they were only given one ride too. All I can really say is that the experience is going to be slightly different (and probably better) when it opens to the public.
  23. If all goes as planned, the second car should be delivered on Wednesday. This is yet another reason why the coaster won't be open for Coaster Con, this train will also need to complete a certain number of test runs before it can be used for the public. I really don't think the park is planning on opening this coaster to the public with only one train. Yes I do have a way of knowing that for sure, and it WILL NOT be open for Coaster Con. While they have sent the train around a handful of times, there's still a lot of adjustments that need to be done before the coaster opens to the public. But I do just love how you think that you know all that needs to be done to a coaster before it can open to the public. It's a lot more than just tweaking the launch programming and adjusting the trim breaks. Also, you fail to realize that the queue line isn't even done nor is any of the exit ramp other than the footers, and the two staircases for the station and brake run still need to be installed as well. If you think all this done is going to be done before Sunday, you're crazy. And if you think Kennywood is going to open the ride earlier when all this stuff (especially testing) isn't done just so a bunch of coaster enthusiasts can ride it, you're even crazier. Kennywood is all about safety and if you really think they're going to only do less than two weeks of testing just so ACE can ride, you're going to be very disappointed come June 20th. And how long do you think it takes to install a couple prefabricated staircases and a Que? I would say 3days and i have been in the business for 25yrs. As far as the testing goes unless you live in the park how do you know they havent been running it at night? Coaster con runs at Kennywood until the 23rd and they could have the ride open if they have everything scheduled right. While the spiral staircases for the brake run and the station may be prefabricated (I don't know for sure as I don't think they have been delivered yet) the handicap ramp most certainly isn't. The only work that has been done on this so far is the foundation for the ramp so I would say it's going to be another week or so before this is finished as it is a lot bigger than the other staircase that has been built and that took about a week to install. Also, the park HAS NOT been testing at night as the people who are doing the testing right now are the workers for Premier. They ceased testing around 5:00 o'clock yesterday and this has been the case almost every day so far. Also, only a handful of FULL tests have even been completed so far as most of them have been rollback tests. I would assume that from here on out only full tests will be done, but that might change once the new car comes in. Once again, I wouldn't hope on Sky Rocket being open by next week.
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