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  1. Any word yet how the operation of Gwazi is going to be with the new trains? I haven't been to the park in awhile, but they didn't even make an attempt to dispatch both sides at the same time so that they actually dueled when I was there last. Has this improved since then?
  2. I did the College Program in Spring 2009 as a Monorail Pilot and just got back for a Professional Internship in engineering. I'll be working with Animal Kingdom's Engineering services team and so excited for this awesome opportunity. I have my Traditions class tomorrow and officially start at my job Friday morning.
  3. So after two tries, I have FINALLY conquered the Santa Claw! Decided to stay up a little to give it another go before bed and it paid off! I was going after one of the clear balls, but as the claw was going up, it clipped onto one of the purple balls and luckily held on for the win. I really thought the ball was going to fall out when it hit the top, but I got really lucky! Here's a picture to prove my victory!
  4. I'll try to break it up a little more, but I don't want to take away the effect of it being a street...like you would see at Disneyland or Magic Kingdom. I'll see what I can do, but I probably won't change too much. Right now I've hit a bit of a standstill on the park because I'm not exactly sure where I want to go next with the park. I definitely need to start building some flats but I'm trying to come up with another big attraction I can build and then build flats and other buildings to fill the remaining space. If anyone has some suggestions I'd be willing to listen.
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Brad Smith and I am the Public Relations director for Thrillspot USA. Today I was able to convince my boss Dan Sharp to allow me to release all new pictures of the progress of San Diego's newest amusement park. Progress has steadily been made on finishing up the park's main street plaza and structural work on the buildings lining the street should be finished any day now. Work on our second roller coaster is also now coming to a close. The folks at Great Coasters International did a great job on our first wooden coaster, Thundercat! Enjoy these two pictures of the progress going on over at Thrillspot USA and we look forward to you visiting us in the near future! Brad Smith PR Director Thrillspot USA
  6. Looks like the park's Main Street Plaza is starting to take shape, it should only be a little while longer before businesses start to move in in preparation for the park's opening.
  7. I've been trying to replace the banked turn after the two inversions with standard Arrow track, but for whatever reason right now I can't get the merge to work. When I check the merge, it will work in reverse, but in the direction of travel it doesn't. I'm really not sure why this is happening, but if I get it fixed I'll post an updated picture. And I do agree, it does look a little better when only the big inversions are the B&M track. EDIT: It's been fixed. I agree, it looks much better and I was able to hide both the merges fairly nicely.
  8. Oops, haha...I kinda forgot about that. It's been fixed for realism. haha
  9. Today, Thrillspot's Public Relations director appeared on a news broadcast to announce the winner of the naming contest the park held for its newest coaster. The coaster, which will be the first steel coaster at the park is said to be announced in the next few days. "We've come to a unanimous decision to name our first steel roller coaster, Wolverine. Everyone at Thrillspot would like to thank all those involved in the contest, and we hope to see you all at our wonderful new park in the near future," Brad Smith said regarding the announcement. A small teaser shot was also revealed during the afternoon news and it can be seen below. Look for a full announcement for the new coaster and other Thrillspot USA developments in the near future.
  10. The results have been narrowed down for the announcement coming soon...The park is letting its fans have a say in the naming of its new coaster so all future guests are urged to participate. The finalists for the naming contest are: Banshee Sabretooth Night Hunt Wolfsbane Wolverine Submit our vote now!
  11. I have a quick question. When you merge tracks, is there no way of having more than one car on the track? I know with the boat hire hire you can only run one and the same with powered launch mode. It seems you cant have a powered launch with blocking unless the coaster is a complete circuit. Can anyone answer this for me?
  12. Preliminary details have been discovered about the new coaster. Sources have claimed that steel roller coaster track has been spotted on park grounds. Also some land has been cleared by the entrance of the park, but a lot of trees have been left intact. It would seem that this coaster may be taking advantage of the parks natural forestry terrain. More to details when they arise.
  13. Thrillspot USA is holding a naming contest for its newest coaster which should be announced within the next few days. Anyone is eligible to enter and the winner will win the first ride on the coaster when the park opens to the public in Spring 1999. The only stipulation is it cannot contain the word CAT, but there is no word as to why. More to come when it develops.
  14. Sid single-handedly won Canada a Gold metal in the Olympics...Canadians should worship him regardless, because without that goal USA would have won for sure. That's what I don't understand about the people up North, all the Canadien fans hated on him in the playoffs last year only months after he won the gold for his country. People need to stop hating on him because obviously his stats back up everything people say about him. And oh yeah, I don't see the Caps with an 11-game win streak right now. Just saying... Anyways, you guys aren't saying my buildings are blocky are you?
  15. Construction has been progressing on the park's "Main Street". Several buildings have been built along with a theater. At the end of the street, is the park's iconic ferris wheel. The ride should offer a very photogenic asset to the growing park. (I'm having a hard time deciding where and what I want to build next so I've been focusing my attention on getting the shops and restaurants along Main Street finished. Any suggestions are welcomed!)
  16. Decided to trash the Schwarzkopf...I'm currently thinking of ideas on where to build next. This is always the hardest part for me.
  17. Construction has started on the parks second roller coaster. It looks to be a custom Schwarzkopf looping coaster incorporated into the parks natural terrain. Looks exciting! (Note, the terrain still needs a lot of work. Mountain tool sucks in this case and I'm still working on making the terrain look nice.)
  18. I apologize for not releasing any shots in awhile, but the RCT2 file I was working with got corrupted and I lost all my buildings I made on the main street. I'm slowly rebuilding buildings and also finding out where I want to put my next ride. I'm not really sure what type of ride it's going to be, but any suggestions would be good!
  19. Yeah, mass doesn't have an effect on the speed at all. This goes back to the whole dropping an apple and a book and seeing which lands first (they both do). This can be explained by simple energy principles, potential (mgh) and kinetic (1/2mv^2). Setting them equal, and solving for velocity, the masses cancel out and you get an equation sqrt(2gh) which states that the velocity only depends on the gravity constant and the height you're dropping something from. Now this neglects friction and air resistance, so as mentioned earlier, they also have a factor on the final speed as well. Also, different areas of the Earth have different gravity constants which may affect the speed as well, but the difference is negligible in most cases. Hope my elementary physics lesson helps. This kinda stuff gets etched into your brain after four years of engineering studies.
  20. Hey everyone! It looks as if the first coaster for "Thrillspot USA" has been leaked by one of the interns over at Great Coasters International. Several teasers for a new wooden coaster were posted to the GCI Facebook page last night, but were quickly removed several minutes later. Luckily I was able to save the pictures before that. The post mentioned something about a new park in the San Diego, so I can only assume that this coaster belongs to the new "Thrillspot USA" park. So there you have it folks, it looks as if the first roller coaster for this new park in San Diego is going to be a new GCI wooden coaster! Leaked photo #1. Second leaked photo of the new GCI wooden coaster.
  21. I'm just curious why the park didn't just rename the new coaster Cheetah Chase and rename the current Cheetah Chase something different. I mean, it's not like Cheetah Chase is heavily themed or anything. And in all honesty, do you think the GP would even know? I think it's going to be confusing enough having two rides that start with Cheetah as it is. In my opinion, Cheetah Chase is a hell of a better name then either Cheetah Hunt or Cheetaka.
  22. Document sketches filed with the county of San Diego. Labeled "main street buildings 1".
  23. This park requires no expansion packs. Also, the trolley supports are gray, not green. It looks green in the picture but they are gray to help blend in with the tarmac.
  24. Hey guys, Another piece of concept art was released for the park today. It looks like this is the main entrance to the park. The trolley in the picture looks very intriguing, I wonder if some of Dan Sharp's Disney Imagineering background influenced this design? --More soon! Concept art for main gate.
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