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  1. You can always park in the ghetto and take the bus in. -kip-
  2. My first car was a hand-me-down from my mom. It was a blue/green Saturn. I thought I was "the sh*t" because my car had a sunroof, leather interior, and a phone - but in the end, I was still driving around in a Saturn, lol. Now I drive a 1998 red Civic EX (which I bought in 2001) I want a dark grey Mini Cooper convertible!
  3. KENNYWOOD Phantom's Revenge - A; tied for my all-time favorite coaster, amazing Exterminator - A; the theming and atmosphere are wonderful Thunder Bolt - D; grossly overrated Jack Rabbit - B; incredibly fun, classic woodie Racers - C; haven't ridden in years, but I remember liking more than Tbolt. DORNEY PARK Talon - N/A; never bothered to ride it, looks blah Steel Force - B; last tme I rode, there were no trims on Thunder Hawk - C; trims really take the steam off this ride Laser - B; fantastic Schwarzkopf Wild Mouse - N/A; have not ridden, I hear it's lame, though. HERSHEY PARK Storm Runner - A; another tie for my all-time favorite Great Bear - B; solid B&M invert Roller Soaker - A; for what it is, its awesome, do not ride if you want to stay dry Comet - D; trims absolutely kill the second half Sooperdooperlooper - A; I'm a sucker for terrain coasters Edit: The lines after each coaster are dashes, not minus signs, btw. -kip-
  4. Good: Saturday is opening day for my home park, Six Flags America Good: "My" coaster, Mind Eraser, is being repainted yellow and orange Good: My father really keeps me from going off the deep end, a lot Good: My dad's cancer hasn't come back since they removed his prostate in 2003! Good: Lisa Marie's Presley's new album is REALLY good. Bad: Having no luck quitting cigarettes Bad: My meds work for the extreme highs and lows, but my normal Bipolar "ups and downs" are still hard to deal with. Bad: I hate having to take tranquilizers and sleeping pills in order to sleep at night (and not stay up for days) Bad: I don't have any gay/bi friends. I'm tired of sitting around with straight guys watching them drink beer and listening to them talk about titties. There, that's a few things going on with me right now. -kip-
  5. Melimonkey- your avatar is making me want to stab my eye with a fork. -kip-
  6. Oh yeah :? I forgot about that. I guess that's why idolonfox.com hasn't been updated yet. Hah. I'm special (and I wear a helmet too!) -kip-
  7. Who were the bottom three tonight?... and who got the boot? I completely missed it! Hurry up, someone respond! -kip-
  8. Jesus! I must be slacking. I've been looking for pictures of this custom Ultra Twister for YEARS. Never been able to find any, period. BTW, this was the only one made like this. Mmm, want. Made my crappy night a little better. P.S. I read the title of this thread and I thought Robb was talkin' smack to me! P.S. again - Robb, you know I'm way more messed up than this Ultra Twister! 8) P.S. yet again - I didn't even see the sub-title. Duh. I need to stop posting now. LOL! -kip-
  9. I think the fastest RIDE acceleration goes to the G-Force Dragster next to Old Town. When I rode, if I remember correctly, I got my car from 0-117 mph in 1.8 seconds. It was a helluva rush, but definitely NOT worth the money.
  10. I'm all about Gerstlauer trains! Personally, I really dislike PTC's. I wish every woodie utilized G-Trains. -kip-
  11. True, Cornball is crammed in tight; but, that doesn't make it a fantastic coaster. While, the first drop is awesome and the next two hills are good, I think the helix is stupid, and the run home doesn't have enough bunny hops. IMO, it's an average coaster, at best. I'd rather be riding Lost Coaster. -kip-
  12. I thought Federov looked really hot last night (surprisingly)! His voice is not that of a pop star, however. He has a pure voice with a heavy vibrato, he belongs in musical theater. I want the Top Three to be: Carrie, Vonzelle, and Nadia. The guys can kiss my ass. I don't like any of them. Nikko is too "Whiney R&B", Anwar looks like a Black Fabio, and his voice is annoying. Constantine thinks he's the $hit, but he's not. Bo needs a haircut. I was sort of sad to see the No-Neck Porn Star go (Jessica), she had a really good voice. Vonzelle, honestly, she sounds a lot like Whitney Houston. Everone is assuming Carrie is gonna win, but Vonzelle could pull a ninja sneak attack. Nadia, I just love. She has the personality, style, and the voice. If she doesn't win, I hope she gets a record contract anyway. Same for Vonzelle. Carrie has a great voice, but she's a bit too twangy for my liking. -kip-
  13. I had been warned that Sledgehammer's bark was bigger than its bite, so I wasn't underwhelmed. I thought it was a very fun and relaxing ride. I rode it a bunch. Cliffhanger was nuts. It gave an insane cycle, it got you wet, and the whole thing shook like it was going to collapse. Awesome! -kip-
  14. I've never seen a coaster shoe-horned into a small park so beautifully. I absolutely love how steel-structured woodies look. Great photos! -kip-
  15. Spike wrote: Just because a guy is gay doesn't mean he's automatically a pansy. I hate when people say "straight-acting" (as in masculine). Some gay guys are femmes, others are macho. In fact, it only seems like all gay guys are flamboyant because you never realize all the gay men you encounter every day who "act straight". -kip-
  16. Carnage wrote: Yeah, but I'm pretty sure a fence means "NO" in all languages. -kip-
  17. Elissa, I'm with you. Imagine shoulder bars on a rapids ride! Hell no! I would never set foot on a ride like that. If the tube capsized you'd be held under water, unable to swim up for air. As for the person who asked about getting stuck upside-down with just a lap bar - it's happened and passed the test with flying colors. Walibi Belgium's Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop got stuck upside-down for TWO HOURS and all the riders were safely held in by just a lap bar. -kip-
  18. First, naked marathon on Nemesis, now drag queens on Rita. I'm starting to get the wrong idea about John Wardley. -kip- (Freaky-Deaky)
  19. Round of applause for Six Flags, ruining another brilliant coaster. Hip Hip... Hooray! -kip-
  20. Dude, you're almost 30 years old with a daughter, and you're sitting home on a random night getting smashed alone? Not cool. You're playing with fire.
  21. Robb- Pretty much everyone seems to be in agreement that there is no way Tsunami can operate like it did at the end of last season. The coaster would have simply torn itself to pieces. Rumors are ranging from trims to actually chopping and redoing parts of the coaster. However, I don't think they have the money to do major work on it. Don't forget, Clementon is FOR SALE... -kip-
  22. Any word on how Cheetah's running now, aftering the trackwork? I'm going next month and I'm really excited about this woodie. -kip-
  23. J Man, what was ghetto about Castles 'n' Coasters? I thought it was a small, fun, quirky park. I would be happy to go there again. -kip-
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