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  1. smells_like_team_disney wrote: I realize this is your first post, but for future reference, it's not good to speak for everyone. I actually do miss Windjammer. I thought it was a lot of fun. -kip-
  2. I rode Loop Garou first. I thought it was phenomenal. Awesome trains, smooth, air, everything. Sorta reminded me of a better Dania Hurricane. Rode Robin Hood shortly after and I was really disappointed. I don't recall it running worse, but the layout was just not as impressive at Loop Garou. Still, Robin Hood is loads better than a ton of other woodies. -kip-
  3. Looks like Coney and Morey's are both getting an ARM drop tower. My question is, a maximum speed of 30 mph?? Can that be right? At least it's not a Chance Slingshot. Now that is a POS! I rode the one in Myrtle Beach, and I think going UP the tower was more exciting than falling down. -kip- (who thinks drop towers that fall slower than gravity should be outlawed)
  4. A bunch of pictures I took last year. 250 feet straight down Phantomy Goodness "Walmart Associates Only!!" Slingshot at night Old Town Slingshot daytime Kissimmee's 300 ft Skycoaster Scary lady on MGM tram Big Ass Tree @ Animal Kingdom TGE Boomerang nestled in the trees TGE Steamin' Demon The Great Escape's Comet
  5. XXX baby! (Just kidding - well it would have been true 5 years ago) -kip-
  6. re: Greezed Lightnin' at SFKK Greezed Lightnin' is like bad sex. It could be better, but it's still sex. Ya know what I mean? -kip-
  7. I love Vekoma's restraints on their Flyers (Batwing, Xflight, etc). Soft vest and a lap bar. No headbanging! -kip-
  8. Oh my god. Vonzell *IS* Whitney Houston! She's just in time to take Whitney's place, too. Whitney and her cocaine have pretty much seen its day, no? I would have been disappointed with Carrie's performance, but she totally said in the interview (before her performance), she doesn't know how to dance and this kinda wasn't her thing. I still want to see one of the girls win, and I'm kinda leaning towards Vonzell - she just has a flawless voice, great personality, wonderful stage presence. Her one downside, however, is exactly what Simon said one night - she's a tad forgettable, and I don't know why. But, man oh man, Carrie knows how to work those vocal cords, too. -kip-
  9. It's not the fat person's responsibility. When a person walks onto a ride, the park takes responsibility for the rider. It's the park's duty to decide whether or not a person is too fat to go on the ride. How would a fat person at a park know if they're too big for the ride? Do fat people have ESP or something? C'mon now... ^Edit: I forgot this thread is about a disabled guy. I thought you were talking about all the fat people that have flown out of Intamins. Still, the moment a park denies a disabled person access to a ride, one phone call, and the ACLU will be running to jump in. -kip-
  10. I think he is ugly. If they wanna recruit more potential Catholics, they should have a good looking Pope. Michael Bolton should be the new Pope. He's old and semi-good looking (since he cut off the mullet). -kip-
  11. -kip-
  12. I wonder why so many parks are going with Intamin. Why not go with Premier Rides for a launcher? I'm guessing that Premier is way more expensive than Intamin? Premier has a better safety record, and they have a lap bar system for inverting coasters. I mean, I love Intamin, but they have always seemed a bit shady. -kip-
  13. Dude, that really pissed me off. The Vekoma looper had such a beautiful setting, over the water and such. Were they that pressed for land that they had to shoehorn that stupid S&S INSIDE THE F**KING COASTER? Bah. -kip-
  14. Okay, so it's not Sheikra... My friend did this on her cell phone
  15. pianojohn wrote: Kraken spaces the elements out? No disrespect, but what are you talking about? It's one loop after another. Plus, except for the last vertical loop, Kraken has that same old order of elements as many B&M's (vertical, dive, heartline, cobra, etc). Hulk at least throws a curveball at you. The inversions don't follow the previously-mentioned formula. Plus, you have the wicked beginning. My vote definitely goes for Hulk over Kraken. And I can't even try to throw Kumba in the rankings because last time I rode it, it banged my head so freakin' bad, it was horrible. And, I know the real Kumba is smooth as glass, I've been riding it since 1994. I dunno what was wrong with it when I last rode. Your mileage may vary, -kip-
  16. Re: Superman restraints: SFA's got the new stuff too. My problem with the trains is, I can only ride in the back rows of the cars. The front rows have these black boxes where your knees should go. Now I'm pretty tall, and a lot of my height is in my legs. Thus, today when I sat down in the front row of the back car, my knees had nowhere to go but up, and the lap bar couldn't really go over my knees. It was ridiculous. The attendant went over and talked to the operator, she came back and said I was going to have to exit the ride! I said "No, I just rode this yesterday, it's this box that is getting in the way. I can fit easily in the row behind me." So, we switched with the guys behind me, and bam!... I fit fine. See, the back rows don't have that big box for your knees to bump into. -kip-
  17. Kraken was cool, but not nearly the best, imo. Most of these big B&M's are starting to feel pretty much the same to me. My favorite is BKF/Dominator - it has a unique layout and a killer first drop. I'm really looking forward to Hydra also, because it looks quite strange. -kip-
  18. Kyle- I was fortunate enough to get out to Adventureland last summer. It's a strange park, but in a AWESOME way. I loved it - so many unique rides to do, such charm, it was so pleasant. My only disappointment of the day was The Outlaw. That was utterly retarded. EDIT: Ohmygod! I'm sorry. I loved the Outlaw. I meant to say that Underground woodie was stupid. The Dragon was, um... interesting. Fun, but really bizarre. Both woodies were great too. It's one of those parks that would be a wonderful home park. -kip-
  19. Aww, I love Robb & Elissa! Seriously, I have no idea why this dude is flying off the handle at me?? When did I say "Vekoma sucks" in every thread? R&E are correct, I actually like Vekoma rides and I do have the Mind Eraser logo tattooed on my leg And FWIW, I've ridden about 450 coasters and like half of them were probably Vekoma clones! -kip-
  20. ^My guess is the Booster Bike concept was in the works long before Vekoma went bankrupt, leaving the rights to Vekoma, and not Kumbak. Speaking of Kumbak, for a company coming out of Vekoma, I would think they'd be busier. I've only heard of one Kumbak project, and that was the complete overhaul of Space Invaders at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. -kip-
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