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  1. I just got done ridin a few coasters on Scream Machines! But most the time Im playing Second Life!!
  2. YARRRGGGG!!!! Them Disney scalywags better be makin thy proper changes sez I!!!! Im fully with the changes!!! Disney is everchanging for good or for bad!!! But I definetly believe this is for the good. POTC will once again come alive and bring in the crowds and will usher in the newer generation! I know there are Hardcore Disney fans that think its taboo to change the Disney Rides around such as POTC!! But I do hate to say that it is getting outdated with all the changes going on around it. It is definitly in need for an update!! Get with the times and make the changes. But thruthfully overall I would be happy either way!
  3. lmao!!! That video is great!!! It completly reminds me of peep bowling!! Thats where you line up the end piece of your coaster track onto the walkway aiming at all the peeps. Let ya coaster ride and then watch all the peeps fly when the first car slams into them just like on that video!! Also thanks datman for all those cheats!!!
  4. Newborn kangaroos are the size of a lima bean. They emerge from the mother and crawl into their pouch and suck on a teat for 7-8 month. At this point they emerge from the pouch to live an active life outside of pouch only to return to feed! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!
  5. Good ol Amber Bock!!! Drank some saturday night at a birthday party after I drank a dales pale ale with dry hops!! Boy dry hopped ale sure has flavor and likes to bite ya back!!
  6. Ya the hashpipe would be great on stratosphere except add a bit of excitement to the thrill of being 900 feet up...TILT IT!! Tilt it or lean the track a bit sidways so it hangs out over the edge!! Just modify the train so when its time to load the train it flattens out from tilt mode to flat mode and then back to tilt mode to ride!!!
  7. Or if you are into ghetto (and have kids) choose Adventure City
  8. I was around 7 or 8!! It was at Disneyland and I rode the Matterhorn!!!After that, instant fanatic!! Then I went to Magic Mountain and conquered that!!
  9. I know something that I have in common with you Ellisa... We both like roller coasters.... . . . ......and most likely the rest of the registered people here at TPR
  10. HEHEHEHHEHEHEHE! Now ya getting it!!! But seriously PhishyBrewer. You really think this coaster isnt all that good
  11. I have a request of ultimate high priority!!!!!! Can you leave mine just the way it is??
  12. This can be a good moto... SAVE A COASTER RIDE A DONKEY!!
  13. Just because its not big doesnt mean its not good!! Remember its not the size that counts, its how the coaster rides!!!
  14. lmao!!! Many many more!!! There are so many of me I plan to take over the worlddddd!!!!!!! ......BUAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....COUGH....COUGH....COUGH....cough.....cough!!!!!.....AHEMMMM!! But anywayyysss....its funny that you mention that because my old boss said to me once"Everytime I see you, you are a different person. Your are the man of many faces!!"
  15. The latest install at your nearest Amusement Park!!!! Redneck Freefall!!!
  16. Alright everyone here are some pics of me!!! The many faces of Mike!!
  17. Looks like they are gona have to start passing out catchers masks on every coaster now!!
  18. Hi everyone this my very first post ever on tpr!! Boy!!! Im happy to start out posting about this coaster Avalanche!!! My dear God this looks like the most intense wooden coaster since Harry Travers Crystal Beach Cyclone!! When I first saw the off ride shots of Avalanche, Cyclone was the very first thing that came to mind. Watching Avalanche fly around those turns and hoping over those bunnyhills at that speed and never letting up reminded me of the old footage that I saw on Cyclone! If there is ever a coaster wooden or steal this is the one on this entire planet I want to ride before I die!! Btw..... I like rough coasters!! Lets put it this way... I very much like Flashback at Magic Mountain!!!
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