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  1. LOG COASTER at Gulliver's Matlock Bath If I am right and I am sure that I am. Someone else can continue posting a myster coaster pic. I dont have a program that has all the fun things ya can do to a pic!!!
  2. Round of beers or tasty alchoholic beverage of your choice for everyone over 21 or of legal age in their country! 8) For me I will take a tall glass of GUINNESS!!!
  3. Redo the pic so its easier to see so that no one is pointlessly guessing!!
  4. I say put in Island Kingdom! The extra efforts in adding it will be worth it when you finish it all up!! It will look much better because it will look closer to the real thing!!
  5. This isnt a loop stall but a valley. Almost just as bad without being upside down! The Texas Tornado at Wonderland Amusement Park in Amarillo Texas valleyed between the drop and the first loop due to a near thunderstorm gust that slowed it down when it just came off the lift. Reports of it stated that it seemed like an hour for it to stop as it rolled back and fourth between the lift hill and the first loop!! :shock: Here is a picture of Texas Tornado but not of the acual valleying. Picture from RCDB
  6. waterviper


    Welcome to TPR Jellylegs!! Hope you have a wild and fun time here!! There is many things to explore here and with many friendly and interesting people to meet!!! Try out the chat room sometime when people are on. You get to know them pretty fast there. Its a pg-13 chat room aswell so we try to keep it decent! There are also scheduled chats in the chat room on Wednesday nights and Sunday nights. Get registered, become one of us and start posting away like mad in the forums!! My favorite section is all the videos TPR has to offer thanks to the one and only ROBB ALVEY and his wife ELISSA ALVEY!!! ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!! I know I have so far!!!
  7. It also was a maintainence nightmare!! If you notice the track on the turns arent banked as much compared to suspended coasters now. Which in turn swings higher which also means more wear and tear on it!!! Here is a good link about The Bat! http://coasterglobe.com/features/lostlegends-thebat/index.cfm
  8. I dont think thats a mohawk. I belive its his tail behind him thats mohawkin! Oh and speakin of squirrels. The other day when I was walkin outside this squirrel ran up and stood on a rock that I was passing by.... as if he came up and said "WHATS UPPP!!" to me!! I found it rather cute!!
  9. Quote taken from the Discovery Channel brief on squirrel speak "The team of zoologists focused their analysis on alarm calls of the Richardson's ground squirrel, Spermophilus richardsonii, which is the most common ground squirrel in Canada." huh huh uh huh uh uhuuuh uhuuhuh hhuhuh huh huh huhuhuh huh!!! He said sperm!!!
  10. Totally agree here!!! They are JUST WRONG!! Feels like it shouldnt be happening but it does! It amazes me how solid ground can move like that..SOLID GROUND I TELL YA!!! I dont remember what earthquake it was but one time after the quake hit I ran outside and saw the pool sloshing side to side and water was going everywhere. I know I hate earthquakes but I kinda want to be in a pool when one hits. Surfs upp!! DINGY BONGWAAA!!! Hey Soeren here is a tidbit of info about earthquakes that will help you understand them more. The closer you are to the epicenter the more violent the shaking is. Very sharp jolts occur up down, side to side and you think the world is coming to an end lol. The further away you are its more of a rolling motion with slight jolts. Even further away its more of a swaying feel!
  11. In second grade I belive I got hit in the head by a pole on a swinging metal school gate! We were all running out for reces and this stupid girl in front of me grabbed the the gate and swung it just as she passed by. I didnt see it swing till it was too late then BONK right on my forehead. With the speed of my running and the swinging of the gate pole flyin at my head I got a big goose egg on my forhead!! Needless to say I could of been in an "Apperance competition" with the elephant man!!! I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!!
  12. Hey Elissa I think I found the perfect man for you!!
  13. The only thing thats ever good anymore at carnys or fairs are the fun houses.. walk throughs or ride throughs!! I wont go near any carny rides anymore specially when one tiny R pin is holding your carny ride car together!! There was one really interesting fun house ride through called Palace of Tong!! You sat in a rickshaw that took ya thru this evil palace and it was multilevel. Just as you enter into it a loud siren went off and made ya def for the rest of the ride!!
  14. ^ AWWWWW!!! The Wacky Soapbox Racers!!! Oh how I miss thee!! Id take WSR over Xcelerator any day!!! Especially Brain Jammer...errrrrr Wind Jammer!! Great to see so many responces here!! Ya get to know just a weeeee bit about some people because some of the names have meanings behind them, and so far some have been really interesting!
  15. Well watch the video of New york New York's Manhattan Express that Robb put out here and you will see AND HEAR his opinions on the coaster!!
  16. Logic is wreath of pretty flowers that smeellll baddd!!
  17. Well I acually made mine up when I was around 18 or so. Me and my buddies all had cbs in our cars and we would drive around everywhere talkin to each other on them. So waterviper is what I came up with because I like waterparks and I like rollercoasters. Water for the waterparks and Viper at SFMM for the coaster!! Ive been using that name for sites ever since!!
  18. Im single too and I am utterly and completely with ya there..... welll now that I think about it....ehh not as much as I thought!
  19. I would say Psyclone at SFMM! Specially on that first turn after the first drop!! I have a lil story here to tell you why!! I was sitting on the left side and my bro on the right front seat!! Just as we slammed into the first left hand turn me and my bro literally caught some serious airtime and bounced violently sideways, me into my brother and my brother into the side of the car as we were both off our seats!! That airtime slam was soooo rough it knocked my bros glasses off his face and onto the ground!! We both thought his glasses were gone forever!! But after the ride we went to a ride op and said his glasses flew off his face! To our surprise he called a park attendant to assist us in looking for his glasses!! So we went to the spot where that turn was and the park attendant went in to find his glasses. Low and behold there it was a bit bent up with one lens that fell out. The lens wasnt to far away from the bent up glasses either! We sat down for about 10 min as he fixed his glasses succesfully!! Neeless to say he always puts his glasses away on every coaster now!!
  20. Wow very good point!!!! I never thought about this being timeless because of disassociation!!! You may be right about it getting old!! But then again think about it! Have all the other rides that were accociated gotten old yet. Like for instance Indiana Jones and the Temple of the forbidden eye? Or Startours? Well not to me because those movies that they associated them with were big hits such as POTC the movie!! I believe it will last for the rest of its operating life!
  21. Ditto^ but im a big drinker and loveeeeeee beer!! Specially Hefe-weizen! Watching you drink that Hefe-weizen Phishy from that ice cold goblet just makes me wana drool! :shock:
  22. First I would as others said would give some money out to family and friends( make sure they are secure the rest of their lives). I would buy a nice house or a ranch with a large pool and a few big waterslides!! Would put the money in a bank(like duh!!!) Then I would spend the rest of my life planning Coaster Trips and inviting as many people as I can (from tpr of course) so I can meet all of you people aswell!!! I would treat those who ever came to many different restaurants too!!
  23. ^^ That Foamy sure is a form of therapy!! Just watch him once and all your frustrations and troubles just seem to fade away. Now you can go about your day not geting pissed off at everything!
  24. Yes!! mmmmm Starbucks!! Are you a screamer? :o ................................. :shock: I mean on coasters or rides??!!!
  25. Lots of Disneyland things: Old school tomarrowland dammit!!! America Sings PEOPLEMOVERS( hell of a lot better then rocket rods!!) Motor Boats Adventures Thru Inner Space Oldstyle monorails SKYWAY!!!! (GRRRR!!! That got me almost as mad as when they took out PEOPLMOVERS!!) Videopolis( Sure was a great place to cut a rug during them night hours ) oh ya and Captain Eo!(Pre ugly alien face of MJ . For some reason I liked this much better the Honey I shrunk the Audience) hmmm I think thats about it.... well at least as far as Disneyland goes!!
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