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  1. Yes when it's year 2008. ^^ Ummm nothing really was back then.
  2. Heres the article I found on the new coaster. The Sign! I think this is a risky move for the park. But the guest's seem to like it......... Park Overview More Soon!
  3. Just read this in the local news paper. I can't wait I'm so excited! Heres some pics I took recently. So now that the park's under new management I wonder what they'll add. It all looks the same so far. Hey whats that entrance to? Could it be? Official announcement soon.
  4. Levi Jeans, Authentic Jeanswear belt, Nike Socks, Brown and White Nike Shoes, Brown Six Flags Magic Mountain Viper Shirt.
  5. It's 1906 and welcome to Hatside Park A recreational center with a swimming pool and a carousel. The Entrance. Recreation Center And Pool. The Carousel. More Tomorrow.
  6. Yeah it usually happens to me if it's not maintenanced well. Once even those two dueling looper's in Diamond Hights scenario crashed. It's bound to happen to every coaster with more then 1 train sooner or later.
  7. I rode the judge Roy Scream 64 times without getting off. It was a really slow day for Six Flags Over Texas that day.
  8. For me it's... Six Flags Over Texas Six Flags Fiesta Texas Silver Dollar City Celebration City Cedar Point Kennywood Kemah Boardwalk
  9. LOL you just pointed out my favorite flats at SFOT.
  10. Hey I saw that cat a few days ago it was white and black I wonder how it got into the park. And it didn't like me it saw me and ran to hide in the little pond area back there.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvDe1onzoLE Just made enjoy.
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