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  1. Magnum's brake failure was more of a weather related issue than a mechanical failure due to poor maintenance. I have seen more than 10 arrows operate fine in the rain. including Tennessee Tornado which hits it brake run at very fast speeds and Scream Machine at Great adventure, especially the MCBR. And it hit brakes going at a slow speed on magnum. The brakes should have work as designed but they clearly didn't.
  2. ^ This wouldn't be the first time that Cedar point has had things break because of lack of maintenance (Magnum's Brakes) or the first time a cable snapped on an Intamin because of lack of maintenance (Kentucky Kingdom).
  3. This cable lift has been a lot of trouble for this ride. The motor breaks, the cable snaps, or it won't catch onto the train. Maybe at that size cable lifts aren't as reliable I am guessing.
  4. I am torn, I love El Toros banked turns, but I also loved Wild Ones final helix.
  5. Anyone notice the pic Rob posted is actually Chang at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom from the same trip. Only noticed cause I have been to Kentucky Kingdom. Obviously Rob knows this since the photo is called kentucky Kingdom. On a side note, I 100% agree with Rob's comments on the ride. Edit: Obviously Rob knows this since the photo is called kentucky Kingdom.
  6. Does the mcbr forcefully pop you into the restraint in the back row on the drop following it like it does on Apollos chariot and Nitro? Thats one of my favorite parts of those two coasters. I love that part on Nitro because its far into the ride so most of the general public towards the back think the ride is over, and then all scream really loud when they get popped out of their seats.
  7. Great American Scream Machine first rider for 20th season auction, whose in I bet they can raise more than Cedar Point.
  8. Yeah but Diamondback has less supports previous B&M hypers on its drop, and I believe that Manta actually had additional bracing added to its drop already because of shaking problems, so its not out of the question that supporting could be an issue.
  9. ^ they should have followed Nitros Hiddeness a little more then. Its almost impossible to get Nitros whole layout in one Picture.
  10. Those must be counterfeit TPR pens. The real TPR pen never stops working.
  11. "Given the fact that the second drop is nearly 200ft and where the ride will reach its top speed over just over 80mph... I don't think its a strange place to put the on-ride photo at all." Ummm Nitro's Onride photo was also at the bottom of its second drop when it opened till about 2006.
  12. Nitro needs that pause in it for the some people cause its helix prior to it is notorious for causing people to black out. Compared to other B&m hypers it trims very little off as well. Also, in the back row the drop following is one of the best parts of the ride. the same goes for Apollos Chariot's MCBR.
  13. It looks really good, now if only they could run Behemoths midcourse brake like that .
  14. I am pretty sure on Nitro they send a train around and then another, stop the first one on the transfer track, then stop the second one on the block brake, next send the third train out and stop it on the lift, and then lastly do the transfer for when they are going from three trains to two.
  15. Not as many as Top Thrill Dragster or Kingda ka? It doesn't pull as many as you would think, its the length it pulls them for that makes some grey out. A few times when its been hot I have started to grey out on Nitro at Great Adventure and on Batman the Ride. Also recall greying out a bit on Two Face at Six Flags America after about 3 rides. Surprisingly I didn't black out on Goliath SFMM at all.
  16. I think its on a per ride basis, because even some of the BTRs have one set of stairs (SFGAM) while others have both (SFGADV). Two Staired B&M's are much sexier!
  17. Do you guys mean the kerchunk noise that lifts like arrows and Vekomas make when disengaging and sometimes when they engage?
  18. I agree. Rides like Nitro and Apollos chariot look and seem a lot longer than it. I think this looks great but honestly now after seeing pics, it doesn't look as impressive as I thought it would look.
  19. ^ I don't know if you have, but if you see it in person its clearly green. The colors look off in most photos and I was surprised when i saw it this year, how much worse the photos made the paint look than it actually was..
  20. What i'd like to see is B&M bring back the twisted hills that are on Apollos chariot and Nitro. I really felt those are what made the ride unique in a way was having hills morphed with overbanks and other types of turns.
  21. ^ Me too, but I think I would have like the supports better if they were all yellow. I think the lift looks better than the grey.
  22. If its anything like Nitro, which it seems closest to, it will most definitely be better than Millennium Force.
  23. lets just hope it keeps that streak going SO is Nitro and Apollos chariot lol. Millennium Force isn't the god of coasters. Its not even in my top ten. Its good but its just boring after the drop.
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