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  1. It has been released and is available for download here. Here are the final stats: Paradox is a b&m twister made in 1995. It was originally built with 4 inversions but for its 2003 season the original drop was removed and the height was increased and a fifth inversion was added, the never before seen Jo-Jo roll as well as a taller and steeper drop. Modifications were made to the dive loop in the 2004 season as it caused a plague of problems with the wheel assemblies and was the roughest part of the ride due to its haphazardly quick transitions and the increased speed of the 2003 modification. It also received a magnetic brake system that year. The ride now runs smoothly and only closes for the occasional problems every coaster has. Opened=1995 Manufacturer=Bolliger and Mabillard. Height=145ft Length=3450ft Inversions=5 2 8-car trains Capacity=1,500 per hour Elements Jo-Jo roll (1 inversion - added 2003) 125ft drop Vertical Loop (1 inversion) Inclined Dive Loop (Modified 2004) Inclined Loop Cobra Roll (2 inversions) Wraparound Flat spin (1 inversion) 540 degree helix
  2. If they relocate Flashback i say get it some b&m hyper trains and it would be 10 times better.
  3. I have greatly modified the ride. It now has five inversions and a different first drop. The new inversion is a jojo roll similar to hydras except improved. Paradox
  4. The track has been repainted and the trains have been textured to fit the color scheme. The ride has been named paradox as suggested. Paradox
  5. I am probably going to do 3ds but i have never done them before. Any one have hints.
  6. Can be downloaded here. http://www.nolimitsdevcenter.net/p2842 If anybody could recommend a name that would be great. Height: 130ft Length: 3281ft Trains: Two 8 car B&M sitdown trains Inversions: 4 Elements 120ft Drop Vertical Loop Original Dive Element (needs Name) Pic of Element The element all of the way to the left. Inclined Loop (not inversion) Two highly banked Turns Cobra Roll Banked Curve Wraparound Flat Spin 540 degree Helix This track has been heartlined and it is 100% custom supported
  7. Here is a Batman the ride SFGADV recreation i have been working on the past couple of weeks. What do you think? batman the ride
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