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  1. LOL! I love it when people who know nothing about the amusement park industry make statements like this. I would take a fairly educated guess that your "little" addition would have probably put another $5 - $7 million onto the price tag of that coaster. Keep dreaming..... So your telling me that it costs as much as an entire batman the ride (6.5 million) to build an additional 600-800 feet of track (thats not even as tall as batman). I have a hard time believing some more track segments, landscaping, and hills would have costed that much. There's no additional trains required and nor is there any extra braking hardware or electronics needed.
  2. Short? Levi doesn't seem short at all. I just quickly timed the POV from Leviathan against i305. From the top of the lift hills to the beginning of the final break runs were as followed. i305-44 seconds levi-55 seconds Levi is not short. I305 is a fast paced forceful ride that never lets up. It doesn't have to be long, it has the wow factor. In comparison Leviathon has some pretty slow parts. Nitro at great adventure is 55 seconds just from the first drop to its midcourse breaks. Its about 75 seconds total. Those extra 20 seconds really add to the experience. There is a lot of airtime on those final few hills.
  3. Why would I need to make those calculations. If the ride costed about 28 million adding another 600-800 of track feet of low to ground track would not have added cost anywhere close to what the rest of the ride costed (5400ft). Also nowhere did I state that my design is exactly what they should. It was simply a concept drawing. I didn't specify any constraints or dimensions.
  4. Very interesting! Approximately how much more would it cost them to do this? How little is "very little"? And the return on this investment would be what? The return on the investment would be that instead of being a mediocre Giga thats far too short timewise it would be an all around great ride. It wouldn't cost much in comparison to the rest of the ride because the amount of steel required for it is nothing compared to the rest of the ride. It also requires less steel for supports as it is shorter and traveled at a lower speed. To the person saying they prefer rides that are fast till the very end then they could have finished it more like goliath at SFOG which unlike this seems like a complete ride. Everybody here knows when they watched the pov video when they first released the details of the ride that they were shocked when they saw this midcourse brake simply just feed into a ridiculously long final brake run. This is especially a problem since in the same park there is a similar coaster that is a full ride.
  5. It was just a quick idea of what they could have done. I don't get b&M lately. They put mid course brakes on their hypers and then put garbage after them. The early Hypers like Nitro and Apollos Chariot had great second halfs. Behemoth and Intimidator have terrible after brake sections and Leviathons is the biggest joke of all. Its obivous that they originally had designed a different ending at some point. The entrance to the final brakes was once an MCBR in the design process. On a separate note, riding one of their rides like Kumba and then riding one of their new wingriders is depressing. Kumba is so intense and fast paced. I love it. The wingriders are lame in my opinion. Even riding on of the newer floorlesses is tame compared to Kumba. They made much more intense loopers in the 90's. Chang/Green Lantern is one of the last ones before they started stretching out transitions between elements and making them even more oversized. I am actually glad my home park got a used older B&M instead of the new one.
  6. I made this in photoshop. How the ride should have ended. It would have costed very little in comparison to the rest of the coaster to do this as it doesn't require much extra track.
  7. Wouldn't running bizzarros trains backwards require all the floorless station hardware too be removed and reinstalled backwards. It would have been cool but I have my doubts that it was actually tested. The anti rollbacks on the trains would have to be reversed as well.
  8. ^ don't waste your time asking for a cheetah hunt. I thought it was very underwhelming when I rode it back in November. I thought just about every other coaster there was more exciting than it. As for Chang being a gimmick, I disagree, even if it wasn't a standup and was a sit-down its still much more forceful than bizarro and the pacing is so much faster. (more like batman/kumba in this respect) Its a great ride on its own. I strongly believe that B&M made its best loopers in 90's. Around 98-99 they started to tone them down a lot. The cedar fair B&m loopers seem the tamest of them all. The difference between Bizarro and Kumba which share most of their layout is huge. Everything on Bizarro is enlarged and taken much slower.
  9. The initial start of the freefall on these still gets me better than any of the new style freefalls. The 100 ft ones of these are better than the new style 400ft towers in my opinion.
  10. No drop tower does it for me freefall wise better than the good old now rare Intamin 1st Generation freefalls. That initial shock on those is so unreal.
  11. ^El Toro is Perfectly fine right now. If you think its rough then I hope you don't plan on riding the white wooden coaster next to it.
  12. The problem is the hand on your forehead actually reduces the visual scans effectiveness (it reduces the field of view and blocks anything above the employees head. Not to mention its so ridiculous that no one really does it correctly or take it seriously.
  13. ^its not. Chang actually usually runs a little faster than that. Watch offride videos of it from Kentucky Kingdom. Its before B&M starting toning down their rides which was around the time Riddlers Revenge was built. Riddlers revenge has more drawn out entrances between its elements compared to Chang. Rides after Riddlers have this ever more so. A good comparison of the new style vs old is Bizarro at Great adventure compared to Chang.
  14. ^yes they are in school still at that time. Usually finish around 15-18.
  15. That corkscrew has a record for most color schemes. It had three at kentucky kingdom as chang. Then was painted green then painted yellow before it was put up and now its back to green. Thats 6 already. No to mention the one piece in the middle has had a lot of changes too. Crazy.
  16. ^That trim didn't work most of the time anyway. They were always working on it with cranes.
  17. ^ they definitely need to tweak that. I was there today. This system would beat out the 4 station system if they unloaded in the back station and didn't wait for the next train to dispatch to launch the first train.
  18. Having ridden both I found Chang to be infinitely better and smoother. Not sure Why but I found it to be one of the smoothest B&M's
  19. Lift hills only about half done actually, look at how many supports the lift had when it was Chang. This is a pretty tall lift over 150ft tall.
  20. They should make Ford GT ride thats even faster, whoops ferrari doesn't like to think about that car. I think theres nothing to worry about for this park at the moment.
  21. Unlike Behemoth, Diamandback, and Raging Bull, Hypers like Nitro and Apollos chariot don't always use their trims and their trims are very light compared to the others, especially Nitros. The speed of a coaster is very dependent on the weather conditions and the amount of time it has been running for that day.
  22. They launch the trains on KK a bit faster than on the other accelerators, and then have a trim on the top to take away that extra speed. They have done a close inspection on the train that stalled, but they didn't found anything wrong with it, sot it's back up and running... I just guess that it took so long to push it back down, because they haven't had this problem before, next time it will be dealt with a lot faster. Unless they do something to prevent this from happening again, like speeding up the launch... Yup, thats why its extremely rare for Kingda Ka to rollback with a load of passengers compared to other rockets .
  23. Three trains on Millennium Force doesn't Help much because of the CAble lift and the lack of a Midcourse brake. The only reason its slower without running three is because of the exit station. If it ran two directly through the station then three trains wouldn't make it faster. Other rides like Nitro or Apollos chariot cycle three trains extremely well and without stacking.
  24. I agree with you about Dominator. It certainly does not have the best airtime, but there is that moment of insane air off the MCBR. I know exactly what you mean. I love those older B&M straight drops off the mcbr's before they started using magnets on the mcbrs. Nitro, Apollos Chariot, and Raging Bull all have insane air off their mcbrs.
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