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  1. Ok i need some more help. I've just installed RCT2 and i'm trying to download some rides from Amazing Earls site. But where's the objects folder??? I can't find it anywhere. And yeah i can't find some RCT2 folder either. Please help me.
  2. Since i live in Stockholm, Sweden my local park is Gröna Lund. But i prefer Liseberg.
  3. Eeh.. No. Do you like the heavy metal band Lamb Of God?? They're awesome.
  4. Ok i'm gonna play RCT2 again and i have to download some of Amazing Earl's rides. And now i need some help with the download. After i've clicked on the download i'm not sure. Which folder should i put it in??? Please help me.
  5. too make an angry mob and kill Snoopy which came to the heaven and there he found out that...
  6. Yeah i know but unfortunely my western pack dissapeared I have no idea how it did. But you guys can come with name ideas too.
  7. Hey again. Here's a new update with the new ride Mystery Mine. It's not the real version. Sledgehammer has also been removed. Yup, that's Mystery Mine. This will soon be the indoor part. It looks awesome, right. That's the station. Everyone love Timber Wolf. Hands up! Hope you liked it. Comments welcome.
  8. That's an awesome coaster. Can't ride this one but i will most likely ride Bon Bon Lands new spinning coaster Han Katten.
  9. Hey there ???. Great park. Were you Silver Park on the Atari Forums? I am Tobias13 there you know.
  10. This is my first park called ''Six Flags Kansas''. Hope you like it. This is V2-Vertical Velocity. This is the carousel. The wooden coaster is called Timber Wolf and the giant frisbee is called Sledgehammer. That's the logo for Timber Wolf. This is a signature shot. I would love some comments.
  11. Spider Man 3 10/10 It was really good and Tobey Mc Guire rules as Spidey. It was my favorite movie in the trilogy.
  12. Yay. Another coaster. Robb, you and your friends must go there in 2008. I will.
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