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  1. Sounds cool. Is this the Silver Park that you posted on the Ataricommunity??
  2. Oh god noooo. It was the same thin with Kvasten here in Stockholm.
  3. On the Thursday evening Vilda Musen, which is a Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster stopped.It's not the first time that it gets stuck. It was really bad weather when the teenagers rode it and when they got stuck they sat there in 1 hour. Then the park staff got them down on the ground with a skylift. The three teenagers, which was two boys and a girl, did not get hurt. The park will inspect the ride closely.
  4. Looks good Steffen. Will you finish this park and release it for download??
  5. What happened to this great park?? I want a download. Pleease??
  6. green color... And then some genius made all of the parks made in RCT3 real...
  7. ^Nope, i won't be surprised V Loved Maverick
  8. ^I live in Aspudden which is a part of Hägersten. Where do you live?? PS: Is it OK if i add you at msn??
  9. Then Walter ran to Robb and Elissa's house and hired them as test riders...
  10. There was actually a thunderstorm in Stockholm today but of course i forgot the camera. Stupid Me.
  11. How did you get those hyper coaster trains on Troy? Just wondering. Looks amazing anyways.
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