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  1. The Worrying Kind - The Ark If you don't know what song that is i can tell you that's the winner of the Swedish Eurovision.
  2. Looks awesome. Glad to see your back. But what happened to Busch Gardens West??
  3. then they became zombies which became members of TPR.
  4. When i'm old enough i promise you this: i will follow you on a trip then. But i'm really looking forward to your trips this year. Have fun.
  5. Yeah i'm a true Guitar Hero. I can really rock!!
  6. Crap! Here in Stockholm, they closed our big freefall ride, Fritt Fall. Sigh. Let's just hope that it opens next week.
  7. OMG, i'm glad that those accidents never are in Sweden. Poor girl.
  8. Stupid ride operator. He must be fired. Glad to hear that Kidtums is OK.
  9. Rutschebanen or as you call it Scenic Railway at Tivoli Gardens The powered coaster at Linnanmäki. Linnanmäkis wierd circus ride.
  10. Here's my trip report (no photos, sorry) I came to the park in the early morning and i were really excited about the park. First up was Oronga, the floorless coaster, which i really liked. 10/10 Although, Peregrine, the dive machine had a 2 hour line, so i did'nt ride it. Tidal Wave was next, and yes it was an awesome coaster. One of the best i've been on. 10/10. Of course Tantalus was fun too. It was a great wooden coaster. 9,5/10. Zhambi Sidewinder was closed, but it looked fun. Tropicana Tower was also very,very funny. But here's my ride count and my rating for the rides. Red Zone, Mount Hersey Rapids, Kaena Point Falls, Tango, they were all fun to. Oronga - 2 times - 10/10 Peregrine - 0 times - 0/10 Tidal Wave - 1 time - 10/10 Tantalus - 1 time - 9,5/10 Zhambi Sidewinder - Closed Red Zone - 1 time - 6,5/10 Mount Hershey Rapids - 2 times - 8/10 Kaena Point Falls - 1 time - 8/10 Tropicana Tower - 2 times - 9/10 Hawaiian Swings - 1 time - 7/10 Tango - 1 time - 8/10 Shipwreck - 1 time - 6/10 Twizzler Turnover - 1 time - 8/10 Yeah, i had a great day. The park gets 9,5/10.
  11. ^Yeah, you're right, Wes. But my dream would be reality if you came to Gröna Lund. Of course my dream is to meet you guys
  12. Please Robb, come to Gröna Lund on your Mainland Europe trip. I would love to meet you there.
  13. 1: Master Of Puppets-Metallica 2: Ozzy-Bark At The Moon 3: AC/DC-Whole Lotta Rosie 4: Quiet Riot-Metal Health(Bang Your Head) 5: Guns N' Roses-Sweet Child O' Mine
  14. Oh yes, he's back in business. Great Photo TR Tom. Oh, BTW your friend Taylor looks very good.
  15. OMG, they did it again. This time Gröna Lunds coaster Jetline, made by Schwartzkopf, stopped at a big height. The people that rode it became scared (i can understand that) and some of them was going to the parks nurse, but no one died. I don't have so much information now but it will come more soon.
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