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  1. I have a simple question. How do i post pictures? Can someone say if there is thread with that.
  2. Can someone post some pictures of La Ronde.I want to see that for me unknown park.
  3. I don't understand how you can get those billboards.I have tried with everything and nothing has happened.Please help me.
  4. Lisebergbanan had a longer line then Balder because there was a few breakdowns that day.And yes,that's true.
  5. Hello everyone. Now i'm gonna tell you about my trip to Liseberg. I was pretty lucky because it was so short wating lines. Balder-15 minutes.Of course it was damn fun. Kanonen-15 minutes.Fun coaster.I ove the loop. FlumeRide-30 minutes.The only ride with a long waiting time. Kållerado-10 minutes.Fun ride,but too long duration of the ride. Top Spin-I didn't ride it.Looked to intensive. Lisebergsbanan-20 minutes.I love this coaster.Lots of airtime. Cirkusexpressen (the kiddie coaster)-5 minutes.A funny little coaster. Parserhjulet-walk on.It's always fun to ride ferris wheels. Höjdskräcken-20 minutes.I was screamin during the whole ride. Then it was time to go home.This is always making me feel sorry.
  6. Hello there,i'm new here and i just want to say hello.Robb Alvey,you are my idol.
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