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  1. OMG, Ramses is truely a messed up ride. Awesome Photo TR, btw. And Robb. Thank You for the Hoffman Girl video.
  2. I haven't been on so many coasters but here we go.. 1: Balder, Liseberg 2: Daemonen, Tivoli Gardens 3: Kanonen, Liseberg 4: Lisebergbanan, Liseberg 5: The Scenic Railway, Linnanmäki 6: Jetline, Gröna Lund 7: Kvasten, Gröna Lund 8: The Mack Coaster, Linnanmäki 9: Mine Train Ulven, Bakken 10: Vilda Musen, Gröna Lund (so evil )
  3. Hey Sören. This is an awesome park, no doubt. And i discovered it for just 5 minutes ago.
  4. Haha, this picture was so funny. C:\Documents and Settings\Tobias\Mina dokument\Mina bilder\madrid_13_dave_192.jpg
  5. OK, here's a little game idea i came up with. The rules are like this. I say a Simpsons character and then you say a TPR member that could replace this character. Then you say another character. Does everyone understand? Good. I begin with... Homer.
  6. OK, this is from one of the movie trailers. Homer: Did I save the day? Bart: Actually, you doomed us all. Homer: D'oh!
  7. Awesome Photo TR. The SLC looks fun, especially with the extra helix. Oh yeah, what happened with The Hoffman Girl??
  8. Hey, there's already a thread about this. No offense, but post your pics in that.
  9. Awesome TR, Robb. Can't wait to see more. PS: Thanks for all The Hoffman Girl photos.
  10. Easily Mc Donalds. Burger King is teh loser!!!
  11. OK, this is a stupid question i know, but i live in Sweden and i'm pretty unsure about the pics. You know, we don't have the same time. So, when are you gonna post the pics??? Sorry if i don't have patience.
  12. Dangerous fire thrower and he burned Infusion and saved Lou. Lou said......
  13. The 40-Year Old Virgin. It's an awesome movie. But here in Sweden small kids can see it. I mean, they say f*** a lot so it's pretty strange. But i give it 9/10.
  14. Were going to TPR land where you can find beer rivers, Nicole clones and loops. And Derek said..
  15. Great Photo TR, Bob. Oh, BTW, The Hoffman Girls are very pretty.
  16. Can't wait. Oh and BTW, you've got my award for ''The Best Floorless Coaster made in RCT 3''.
  17. I hope you enjoy Furious Baco. I will follow this trip, no doubt.
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