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  1. I'm probably going to try giving them another chance, i might go on silver bullet soon.
  2. Hello, i'm new to these forums, one of the reasons i made this account, but not the main reason, was that i would like to have some advice on roller coasters, mainly fear of them. If you are going to call me a wimp, noob, or say any comments that are not useful, please do NOT Post on this topic. Here is my story: I am currently fourteen. WHen i was younger, i had almost NO fear of roller coasters, except for being upside down. My brother (who is also on the forums, but i wont say who he is) was afriad of ALL roller coasters. One of the the only things he would go on was Jaguar at Knott's. I had gone on the Desparado, at the state line near Las Vegas, and I went on Ghostrider. When I went on those, I wasnt afraid on the lift, basically, i was barley nervous throughout the whole ride. The only time I would be scared, was the airtime on the Desparado. It was, i think only a seat belt. I felt like I was going to fall out. On Ghostrider, I had the time of my life. (The last time i was at Knott's was during the construction of XLR8R.) Just recently, I was at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I went on my first looping coaster ever, and the first actually big roller coaster my brother went on. He loved it. He went on Tatsu, Viper, Riddler's Revenge, and Batman. I went on Viper. I loved Viper, but when I went on Viper, I was EXTREMELY scared on the way up the lift. When we got to the top of the lift, and started going, it all went away. . Then, we went to Riddler's Revenge. When I saw it, how big it was, and the fact that you were standing up on such a big coaster, I decided that I was too scared to go on it, and chickened out. I ended up doing the same thing with all of the others, waiting while everyone else went on the rides. My brother is always saying how fun they are, and how i should give them a second chance. The thing is, that for some reason, after Viper, I developed a big fear of roller coasters. I went to Six Flags, anticipating going on all the rides I could, saying that X would be the best, for some reason Viper just destroyed my liking of roller coasters. I want to have fun, I know that they're fun, but I need help getting over my fear of them. I dont want to have to wait all day and get nothing accomplised again. All actaul help will be greatly appericiated. There's my story. Once again, please do not reply if you are going to call me a wimp, noob, or say anything that is not useful. THANKS! -GMAN962
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