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  1. Dear Nintendo- First of all I wanted to thank you *VERY* much for making a new console. Frankly it has all of us Nintendo fan boys very excited and I think even the general public will love the retro games and the return to some of the classic characters we love. But... sigh.. and it pains me to say this Nintendo since you have been such a great friend to me over the years... but you have gone over the edge this time. I feel like we have to have an intervention... I *know* you want to be unique and I *know* this is your mid life crisis - but a name change? It is very artsy and everything.. and thats cool... but people LIKED the revolution name - there was no issue with it. People are making fun of the new name... could you have least run it by a few test groups for us? They would have told you that it probably was not the best idea. Look Nintendo...since I like you so much, I will give you a hint sheet for any future name changes you might want to make. 1) Does it sound.....hmmm... 'Ghey'? - This is probably a bad idea if the average 14 year old would say the name "Sucks" or is "Gay". Try again. 2) Do you have to write a press release to explain the many meanings of your name? Some kinda odd and philosophical? Good if you are naming a new species of bug you found...bad if its a FRIGGIN VIDEO GAME CONSOLE. 3) Do other meanings for your name involve taking a piss? THEN STOP RIGHT THERE. Sigh. I'll know you will get on the right track Nintendo..and I will buy you anyway.. but this is from a friend .... to a friend.
  2. Wow! Is it just me or does X look kinda rusty and ghetto?!? Eh.. but I can't wait to ride it anyway!
  3. Neither work for me in Safari with the latest versions of Windows Media Player and Quicktime. But I personally prefer downloading and viewing in full screen quicktime glory..
  4. It seems to me that Six Flags is trying to go in the opposite direction and almost position itself as a pseudo-premium regional product. Thus the increase in entertainment, signage, rules, etc. I would highly doubt it would go anyway except up!
  5. Heh. It's funny you mentioned this. I saw this in my RSS feeds this morning and despite my better judgment I clicked on it. I then saw the "Join our discussion...blah..blah..blah" and got pissed.
  6. I think they need a nighttime show - but the name IMHO is horrible! "Universal 360: A Cinesphere Spectacular," - WTF?!?! Illuminations, Wishes, Fantasmic, Sorcery in the Sky, those all sound good and are easy to remember. What is this going to be called for short? Universal 360?
  7. Apparently Stacey and I (for those of you who know us) are in it quite a bit.. I've got it on Tivo and I will watch later! Yae!
  8. Heh. I remember hearing the horror stories about this place in the late 80's and early 90's. My parents would never let me go there. Here is the Wikipedia entry on Action Park - Seems a little biased but interesting reading about all of their crazy attractions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_Park
  9. Keep in mind you will not know your specific location until you check in down here in FL. Even then you will just know you have (for example) Adventureland/Liberty Square Attractions - you could then be placed in any attraction in that area. You would find out your specific location once you receive your training schedule. The College Program is a lot of fun and working in Operations is great no matter where you work. Just go into it with an open mind and be willing to work in any operations area and you will be fine. PM me if you have any more specific questions.
  10. Argh. Many of these parcels around WDW were purchased after Walt was already dead.... So please stop the hypothetical Walt argument. These decisions that Walt may or may not have made would be based on how he acted over 40 years ago in a much different business climate. Plus - These parcels of land were separated from the main WDW property block by other property that WDW did not own and pretty much useless.
  11. OMG. Most. Insane. Night. Ever. The stories will live on in infamy forever of the 3/18/2006 TPR meet....
  12. If you are staying that long most guests would buy an Annual Pass or Premium Annual Pass. The length of stay often confused folks since they expired upon checkout regardless of how many days you used.
  13. Stitch is a large scale version of what was in innoventions at DL. NOT SGE from WDW.
  14. It's a bit odd (much like the original..) but very addictive! http://katamaridamacy.jp/qa_data/katamari.html
  15. Woah. That is pretty bad. We went and drove all the way there and took pictures of it for RCDB but decided it was too much credit whoring for us and played some video games instead...
  16. If we are talking theme parks in general I would have to say the fire F/X coming out of the Caldera at TDS or the fire F/X during HHN at IOA on top of the buildings and on the lake. Strictly attractions? - Fantasmic at D-MGM.
  17. It looks amazing and if it is anything like the detail at the MiraCosta - I can't wait. I'm excited because I heard Disney Vacation Club members can use points for stays at the MiraCosta in a ratio that makes it a very good deal - I'm actually considering it just for that! TDL Resorts = Amazing
  18. Meh. I saw it today and thought it was mildly entertaining but the coaster part was perhaps the least interesting in the whole movie. As other posters have said the coaster part is VERY unrealistic - even for someone who is not into coasters. In contrast to other posters I actually found the f/x to be pretty bad cgi - lots of obvious green screen f/x. But hey, it's a fun popcorn movie and I didn't expect anything more!
  19. I good way to see if a McDonalds offers the free WiFi is to go to the NintendoDS site. Most corprate owned McDownalds do. The one at the corner of SR535 and Hotel Plaza BLVD (just a few blocks from Downdown Disney in the Crossroads shopping center) does.
  20. Oriental Land Company issued a press release today about a new attraction coming in 2009 URAYASU, CHIBA - A new attraction inspired by Disney’s presentation of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. will open in "Tomorrowland" in "Tokyo Disneyland Park" in Japanese fiscal year 2009. Guests experiencing the attraction will be able to participate in a game of hide-and-seek at the Monsters, Inc. building with the little girl Boo, Mike, Sulley, and other characters featured in the movie. The attraction will capture the warmth and charm of Boo and the monsters, and is sure to be a hit with kids and grown-ups alike. This seems like a bit of a large lead time for a new attraction - hopefully it will be amazing. I'm assuming it will be in the old "Meet the World" building (where they distribute seating tickets for special events now). They also announced a closing of one of the most unique attractions at a Disney theme park. I'm glad I got to ride it when I was there! URAYASU, CHIBA - The Fantasyland attraction "Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour" will be permanently closed, with its final day of operation on April 5, 2006. The tour began in 1986 as "Tokyo Disneyland Park's" first "walkthrough" attraction, and has been enjoyed by numerous guests in its 20 years of operation. Plans for the use of the space currently occupied by the "Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour" are still in development. Hopefully it will be a new walk-thru attraction in its place!
  21. I'm sorry - pet peeve. You can get a burger and fries (or carrots) at any counter service restaurant on property for around $6. Usually WDWs food and drink prices are less than fast food at most chain theme parks and most other group outings (sporting events, fairs, etc.). /rant over
  22. The reason why FL residents get a discount is they help keep the parks busy during the off season. It also helps to maintain good will among locals who vote on issues that are important to the parks and also helps to attract locals who might not normally attend parks (you would be surprised how many people in orlando have never been to one of the theme parks and have no interest in going..). IMHO it is no different than a six flags offering a discount when you bring in a Coke can - while anyone could bring in the can the promotion is designed to target those who purchase those marked cans on a daily basis and tempt them to come where they normally would not. The average theme park goer (and if you read message boards about theme parks you are not average!) would not know to get the can for the discount or even think about it.
  23. It didn't seem very short to me. There are a few parts which almost seem as an homage to the matterhorn. I think the village area is great - without it the story line would not be as full, and that is what I love about Disney attractions. The lifts seem *very* fast .. not sure why. Lets see .. excruciating tiny detail.. I'll give you two.. 1) Fastpass and Standby lines merge at the load platform which I thought was interesting. 2) The tour booking office that you first walk into in the Fastpass and Standby ques are almost identical except the computer on the desk in the fastpass line is a Mac and the standby has a PC... Oh.. you wanted details about the ride?
  24. All I can say is... WOW. Today I had the opportunity to be part of a filming for the travel channel about Expedition Everest that will air later this year. We reported at 9 am this morning to Asia at DAK and signed wavers and were told that they were going to do some filming around the village and que first - it is almost an attraction in itself! With E:E the que tells the pre-show story and it is incredibly detailed, some sections feel like a museum and it was very special having Joe Rhode there explaining what many of the artifacts are and how the locals in Nepal use them. The fastpass and standby que are very similar in what they contain but the standby has an amazing "museum" section that is worth walking through. We then proceeded to do some exterior shots with Joe and the film crew and then proceeded to wait for the next 6 hours while they fiddled with the camera equipment again and again until we got a chance to ride.... It was TOTALLY worth it (and I never thought I would say that after a 6 hour wait!). We got to ride 2 times and the second time Stacey (for those of you who know her) had the POV cam right in her face - so she has a good chance of making it on the broadcast! I don't want to ruin the ride for anyone (i'm very glad I didn't know much about it before riding) but if you think the mountain is big from the ground wait until you are inside it! The effects are great - the backwards segment ROCKS and it is VERY smooth. The train has a cool smoke effect (first coaster with onboard special effects?!?!) and the Yetti BLEW ME AWAY!!! (Think bigger than the largest animatronic in Sinbad for those of you who have been to TDS). The attraction is not going to impress someone who wants just an extreme thrill ride - it is SO much more than that - it is a bit more thrilling than BTM or Space Mountain from a coaster stand point but the story and effects make it an E-Ticket like WDW has not seen since Splash Mountain. I can't wait for all of you to experience it - I haven't felt the high I felt when I got off of it in a long time. It's friggin amazing! (or mebee it was just the excitement of having a credit that Robb and Elissa don't have for a while.. )
  25. We *loved* DLP in the winter. We were there in march of last year and there was CRAZY snow the entire time we were there. It was an amazing experience and very enjoyable. If you do fly from lon-cdg I recommend taking the TGV from the airport to DLP. It is only a little more expensive than other options but only takes 15-20 min instead of an hour. Worth every penny if time is a premium.
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