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  1. There seems to be a bit more to this story - it seems the main reason is actually to reduce their tax burden since they don't pay the typical "payroll" taxes on stock options. It is a great symbolic gesture though and I think a good idea.
  2. Er. Let me rephrase that - Disney pays above average for "Hospitality" type jobs. I have no idea about specific "Corporate" types.
  3. themeparkreview.com ... 50% less calories and 50% more donkeys than ACE.org
  4. It's still under rehab. From what I have heard it looks totally different. For previews they are bringing folks backstage through a side entrance. Everything past where the giftshop on the bottom floor was is walled off. If the rest of the pavilion has the same look as the Soarin' area - it's going to look AWESOME. The food area is going to be "Scramble Service" style - think food court area with registers as you leave (a la value or moderate resort food area)
  5. I had a chance to do all of these recently so I thought I would pass along some of my thoughts. Soarin': Wow. I forgot how much I love this attraction! I've only done it a few times at DCA due to the large lines and I almost forgot how amazing it is. The audience reaction during the previews is amazing, tons of clapping and Oohs and Aahs - it really is the perfect Disney attraction since almost anyone can ride. I *love* the que area and the entrance "travel agency" area. It's kinda hard to explain until you see it but it is a great effect and transition from the land pavilion esp. with the section that talks about the different biosphere's with the video screens playing trivia. It's hard to explain but it's *huge* and it looks and feels big. The lighting and colors are great and a perfect complement to the attraction. It's funny however when you are almost to the pre-show area there is an abrupt transition to Condor Flats themeing. It's kinda funny. Pretty much everything else is the same from the Cali version. I think it's a great addition to WDW. Lights, Motors, Action! - I had just seen this about a month ago at DLP so it is pretty easy to compare it. The pacing is much better in this version with less of the guest interaction and less dead space between stunts. The explosion at the end is much bigger and the 2 wheel manuver is done much better. It is pretty funny how similar besides that it is though. I hope they get the jetski segment in by opening - it was missing in the Paris version when I saw it as well. HKDL Preview Center - This is located next to the Circlevision movie in China in Epcot. It is quite a bit more elaborate than I thought it was going to be. Tons of cool concept art, tons of cool models, CM costumes, etc. It reminded me a lot of the 25th anniversary welcome center in the Magic Kingdom with all the displays - defiantly worth checking out!
  6. It's not really as much the cost of "magic" as the cost of working in the hospitality industry. Disney's pay is *very* competitive with other venues in the hospitality/amusement industry. The industry as a whole just doesn't pay that much.
  7. My first car was a 1977 MGB Convertible. It was rebuilt and in pretty good condition. I learned how to drive on this car with NO AC (in s. florida), a non-working convertible top, stick shift, no power anything. Needless to say - I can drive *anything* now! I then got a geo metro (ugh) and then shared a Dodge Neon with my g/f for a number of years until I got my Honda Civic EX in 2001 which I still have and love!
  8. I think it is just as good from a quality standpoint - it's just different. The art i've seen of the gardens and walk though areas rival some of the most beautiful at DAK. The theming in the shops and restaurants rival DLP and TDS in their detail. The entertainment will be fuller and more involved than any stateside Disney park upon opening. The only thing it's lacking is sheer numbers of attractions - but it's in no worse shape than DL, D-MGM, DAK or DCA when they opened. If the attendance warrants it you will see attractions going in there at light speed.
  9. You are right to a certain extent. People who have been to the other parks are going to compare it and are probably going to have that opinion. However this park is targeting a market that has not been to a Disney park at all and for the most part have very low expectations of what a theme park should have. If you look at DSP it is being compared to DLP which is a ornate and beautiful park - that is why it gets such a bad rap. If it was built independently in a market without Disney parks I have a feeling it would be received better.
  10. Age: 27 Middle Name: I don't use it Pet Peeve: Akward Conversation Color of your bathroom: White Best Movie of ALL time: Fight Club Best Song of ALL time: Weezer - Pink Triangle Best TV Shows: Currently: Lost, Desperate Housewives, Amazing Race, Iron Chef America, Good Eats ... EVER: Max Headroom, The Prisoner Favorite Band/Artist: Weezer and Nine Inch Nails (good year for me with both coming out with new CD's!) Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: WDW: Any old school omnimover DL: Pirates TDL: Anything at TDS DLP: Pirates/Mansion Yummiest Ice Cream: Good Mint Chocolate Chip If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Wil Wheaton Morning Person or Night Person: Night person Pets: Cat named Cody Favorite Color: Green Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Cruise Coke or Pepsi: Coke Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: Add some Bananas and we are talking! Best Vacation Spot: Japan or anywhere on a cruise Cook or Go Out: Go out! Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Mountains
  11. You seriously should try it.. I'm Aurora (a green cat). Let me know if you play it and what server your on - i'll help you get started!
  12. You so have to try and get on TV if you see them! Stacey and I have always really wanted to apply but can't since it's produced by Buena Vista .... Le Sigh.
  13. She actually gets more perks than regular College Program interns belive it or not - including better pay! The thing with space mountain was a special event just for Magic Kingdom College Program CM's - regular interns from the other parks were not able to go either - it's something that the MK does special. (just as an FYI - I realize we are totally off topic here )
  14. I know. I'm a total geek playing a MMORPG designed for kids but damnit...it's addictive as anything! I've been playing since Beta 2 and it keeps getting better - it's a good game for me since it is low stress and you don't have to devote a lot of time to it (perfect since i've had 0 hours of spare time recently). Does anyone else play? Anyone want to take down a few cog buildings? (3 day free trial BTW if anyone wants to try.. it is really fun once you get into it)
  15. Argh.. Silly clip show tonight! But atleast it's 2 nights of Amazing Race in one week so I can't complain! After watching the clip show Stacey hates Rob and Amber even more and I like them more.. They seem to be the only ones this season who understand that IT IS A RACE! BTW: What are everyones thoughts on the next season being "Family Amazing Race". I think it adds an interesting twist but I would rather see an All-Star version first. TAR addict since Season 1:Episode 1!
  16. Floral Area?!?! I'm guessing she must be doing an advance internship in Horticulture? Hmmm.. Well have fun!
  17. Hmm.. Sometimes I feel like I am in the minority - but I really didn't dislike the WDS. As far as HKDL goes it may be a bit lacking in attractions but it seems to be overall well rounded with entertainment, really decent theming (imho almost paris level of detail in some parts) and a few well themed resorts. Throw a decent starting mix of attractions in there and I think it will be a success.
  18. Next week? At WDW? Pretty slow for this time of the year. Try and avoid weekends if possible (as applies at any theme park). Where does she work?
  19. No. Ride op's have NO control over the speed of any coaster I can think of. The one bit of control would be those old woodies with manual brakes at the end - I suppose they could control if you slam into the bar or not.
  20. Um.. Good luck if they last the summer! This airline is very close to bankruptcy - a good deal if you are going to fly 3+ times quickly to ensure you get your moneys worth.
  21. It's a diferent market - the thought is guests will want live entertainment, walking/garden areas and more characters. If that does not prove to be the case, more attractions can be added easily. I'm hoping to visit it sometime next year possibly with a side trip back to Japan (I miss TDL already!)
  22. Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station rocks! I've had the shrimp noodle bowl and the shrimp pad-thai so far and both have been amazing. Very flavorful!
  23. Please scan them! That would be awesome! I still need to get some spare time to put together a DLP trip report.
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