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  1. Wow, I never thought of making V2 that way. That looks really cool. I will post picture of Zonga when I get back to my computer. I'm out of town now so. And the layout isn't right. I'll probably redo it using the same technique for large loops. But keep it up. Its lookin good.
  2. So has anyone built their own versions yet. I would love to see what some of you come up with.
  3. I built a version of Zonga myself. I found a way to get large loops for the shwartzkopf looper. They look reall cool. I'll get a picture up if you want.
  4. Yes I would love to see more pictures of Zonga. I love how the first drop turned out. It looks perfect from the angle on the first picture.
  5. I would defiently hit up SF Over Your Mom. I'd ride every ride there, because you know that at Your Mom has the cheapest rides ever. Well that was weird, I couldn't help myself.
  6. I just right click the picture and open with microsft pic manager and edit it and click on compress picture and then select web pic. Or something like that. Now about the park, I like the first 2 updates. But at soon as Cedar Fair got it I think it lost its feel. I liked the small woodie and merry-go-round. But after that I think it lost the small park type feel. Thats just me. I mean, dont get me wrong, it looks good but, I just like the smaller feel to it.
  7. Custom supports can be found here. http://www.vodhin.net/RCT3Community/download.php?view.125 Heres some pictures of ones I've made. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21225
  8. All you should have to do, once you've put it into the right folder is start up a new game and it should be in there.
  9. Well on that link I gave it should have instructions as to where to put it. Then it should be under the normal scenery, but its just in the miscellanious (sp?) Hope this helps. Oh yea, Has anybody made any custom supports yet. I'm going to go in and make some for the inclined-loop. I'll probably make some realistic ones and fantasy ones.
  10. Just zoom out farther to get it. And yea I will try to build some supports for the inclined loop.
  11. Heres a picture of a ride I was starting, then my computer went all weird and it didn't save. Oh well, I'll just make a new one. Heres what I had so far.
  12. Are you possitive he built this?? I've seen it on another site.
  13. I would have to say that Talon is defiently up there. I love most B&M coaster colors. I would have to say The Patriot at WOF is looking cool to. Talon
  14. ...Wow... When I saw the ship. My jaw just dropped. That thing is amazing. Must've takin a long time.
  15. Yeah I know that I put in way to many peices on some of them. I could make realistic ones if people wanted those to. The large overbank reminds me of Millenium Forces. I dont know why.
  16. It fixed tunnels. Thats all that Wild did. Installing this will make loading more quicker. Thank God...
  17. Heres some custom supports I've made using Pumpers SteelWorx. I think its fun trying to make all these different supports. Adds some more to the game. Took me close to an hour to get all of these made. Note: I will have a park with these in so you can save them but not at the moment. I want to see what all you can make using these supports. Post pictures on here. I think it would be cool to have some kind of competition for best supports. If you have any other suggestions of things to do. Tell me and I'll try to get around to making some. Or you can just build you own. So tell me what ya think!! Large Overbank. The largest of the supports. My favorite one. Took almost half an hour just for this. Batwing. One of my favorite supports. Small Corkscrew. Supports are great head chopper effect Large Corkscrew. The supports are great head choppers Just a normal turn. Simple design. Cobra Roll with 'Ghetto' supports.. lol..
  18. Thats what its supposed to do. It usually records at 1 FPS. This way, when your done capturing video, it all runs smoothley.
  19. It doesn't matter if you use rides or scenery from Soaked and/or Wild or not. If you even have either one of those installed on your computer, the person who downloads it needs them to, even if you didn't use rides or scenery.
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