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  1. Like i said i couldn't tell from pictures. And plus if you want to have lots of ppl in line it all will work now
  2. So I've spent many hours working on this today. I feel that it turned out fairly impressive. I'm not so happy with the last half of the ride but i feel it'll work. I've never been to Great Adventure so I used a few pictures and the TPR video. getting pictures of the station was the hardest part. I'm sure thats wrong but it'll work. I really like how I got the feel of a steel coaster down like Intamin I feel its a sign that I have recreated a very decent version of this beast because the amount of air-time was 6.66 .. so when i saw that i was like, alright. haha so let me know what you all think!! El Toro.SV6 SCR13.BMP the over view of El Toro!! SCR12.BMP The magnificant turn-around that many trees gave their lives to make SCR11.BMP El Toro's station and second hill!
  3. oh my bad, thought you were talking about the rollercoaster itself. gosh i'm a n00b
  4. Yea so i'm sure this has been discussed but wow, i'm very interested as to how you made Troy. What pack can you get wood coaster peices, or how did you make it? Anything would be helpful!
  5. I wouldn't mind. If everyone else is cool with it i suppose.
  6. haha thank God i love fish. how are we figuring out if your park was the smallest anyway??
  7. i dont think we should have trainers.. what do you guys think?? I'm thinking after we get at least 5 entries we'll start judging.
  8. I really like your park. Everything looks great. Excited to see what the rest of you can come up with.
  9. this could be.. thee best effing root beer i've had in my entire life.
  10. well first i'd like to see if the interest is there. Anyone else think this sounds like a good idea??
  11. how about... after a certain date we take all the parks that ppl have finished than have other ppl vote on which one they think is the best?
  12. I'd like you to meet with different companies and actually have a peice of paper which is actually like the coaster designer to design the ride you want to build. once you ok that and have it finished you go back to the park where you would be able to see trucks driving in and the roller coaster actually being built normally wiht ppl working on it and cranes and the suports being put up. And some advertising and hype would be awesome as well.
  13. I think it'd be fun to see who can create the best 600 park. For those of you who dont know what a 600 park is it's the smallest map the game allows. I have been working non-stop all day and have created a fairly decent one I believe. But lets see what everyone else can come up with. SCR10.BMP And the overview of the park. SCR9.BMP another veiw of Roughrider SCR8.BMP Rattlesnake, the corkscrew coaster. and Roughrider, a B&M mini-floorless. SCR7.BMP This is one of the many eating establishments throughout the park. also you can see the mini-golf SCR6.BMP Wildcat. an over 4,000 ft twister. very compact and very popular.
  14. Oh and as far as the 'beginner' comment. yea, no. I've been playin the RCT games for years. I could put up some of my RCT3 stuff and its no beginner.
  15. well if you read in my first post i say that i plan on doing more themeing. Believe me, i know.. haha. And i plan on making the park larger, so Cleopatra will look normal than. This was intended as being a test to see if i still knew how things worked. Thanks guys.
  16. So this started out as my re-entry into RCT.. (my computer has been down for about a year and a half so) threw this together today and part of last night. I plan on doing much more themeing and well.. pretty much whatever you guys want me to. so tell me what you think so far.. SCR5.BMP Overview so far.. SCR4.BMP Cleopatra.. the maverick style coaster SCR3.BMP Guardian. Rocket coaster.. lacking on themeing i know. SCR2.BMP Comatose. B&M compact floorless. SCR1.BMP Pharoh's Revenge.. mine train coaster around a pyramid.
  17. definetly should put this up for download very soon! I love it so far. Very accurate as far as I can tell.. Keep it up!
  18. This is prbly the greatest topic ever.. Its gone from stomach acid to detailed vomit to broken info kiosks to employee's not eating and to stomach ulcers... it leaves me wondering where on earth we'll end up next
  19. Yea I made this many months ago, back in Augest I beleive. I just wanted to get done. I had just got back from Mt. Olympus and wanted to make sure I got some of the details down before I forgot. I plan on going back in and fixing up some things. And make a new video using the A.S.E. I have a video thats justlike the TPR one, only RCT3.
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